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DC Photography Contest #39

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Thanks for voting for me! Here is the theme for this weeks contest: Fruit!

Fruit is healthy and is readily available for great pictures.



The Rules:

- One entry per person

- Picture has to be made by yourself and can't be just a reproduction of someone's work. If someone else's work is in the picture, there needs to be something extra.

- No manipulation besides basic photo adjustments (contrast, exposure, cropping, color balance, lighting, etc.)

- No text or framing in the photo. A signature/watermark is just fine, but it's preferable if you don't have "O Hai Eye Hav3 T3XT" (or something similar) present in the photo.

- When voting, please don't select your own image. This will ensure fairness.

- You are free to submit an old photo; you don't need to take a new one just for this competition.


Closing date: August 29th

Good luck to everyone.


Previous themes:

1: Beginning anew

2: Simplicity

3: Summer

4: Wildlife

5: Black & White

6: Food

7: Macro

8: Farewell

9: Light and Shadow

10: Urban

11: In the home

12: Travel Photography

13: Pets

14: Red

15: Coupled Animals

16: Clouds

17: Green

18: Water

19: Scenic views

20: Invertebrates

21: Sunrise/Sunset

22: Purple

23: Out of Context

24: Snow

25: Flowers

26: Mountains

27: Old

28: Birds

29: Inanimate Objects

30: New Life

31: Play

32: Road

33: Leaves

34: People

35. Books

36. Statues

37. Nighttime

38. Candy


(I hope I did this right...)

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Ah, I was going to buy some fruit to shoot, but of course I forgot it completely xd.png I'll have tro try to remember it the next time I go to the store - I definitely want to participate ^^

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Is it okay to enter a picture I used in a previous contest? I entered red currants with the Red theme, but the photo did not win.

Otherwise i'll go for the raspberry.. I don't have the chance to take a new picture, I am ill and most of the fruit from the garden is allready gone.


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Nothing from me I'm afraid.

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Otherwise i'll go for the raspberry.

I actually like the Raspberry picture better, the 1 ripe one with the 3 unripe ones.

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I finally have my entry.

Juicy grapefruit - view fullsize for a better experience. smile.gif


The model is already eaten. tongue.gif I wish I could have captured its aroma and taste with the camera too. laugh.gif

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*drools over all the yummy looking fruits* I have to figure out where my cord went to hook my camera to the computer >< then I will enter

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