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Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

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Wireless Mini Dragon


*wondering the reason behind this title*

I was chatting to a mate about a Wireless Mini mouse at the time, i just got it from Logitech. laugh.gif



Roila Frilled Night 2 gen

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Not Your Little Pony

(Also, even though they aren't really "funny", I LOVE the Rains of Castamere Sunstones! And "I Am No Ser"... <3 <3 <3)


Sorry, ninja'd!

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AnnieLyla, I think you got skipped: Roller Coaster of Caves


Enderkid: Butter God (But I like all the MLP references too!)


(@Cendaquenta, yay! I love it when people catch my references!)

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Mud foot.

Them silly harvest dragons. Always getting into trouble.


Lol.. have fun with my scroll.. *facepalms at all my oddball names*

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Luther Crab Bolo Berg Blue


I can't imagine where that came from, but in my head it's a dramatic oil painting of Martin Luther (the monk) who is sitting at the foot of a giant blue mountain, in front of him a plate of spaghetti bolognese and he seems to be scratching himself...


...and it has me in stitches xd.png

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