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Click on the Electric dragon to go to my scroll. Credits to the artists on my profile. I accept breeding requests 214ciua.png ARK2-1.gifGbZrEeP.pngEgwenna.gif

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    Another dimension
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    All the animals (especially horses) and fantastic animals too, lasagna, pizza, coffee (I love coffee!), video games, books, cartoons, movies, shows and Dragon Cave, of course. And many other things.

    The Two

    A legend once told
    About a dark time
    Rain pouring
    Thunder crashing in the sky
    A meadow turns dark
    From the storm in the sky
    One horse still grazes
    No emotion in her eyes
    A wolf stands lonely
    The rain pouring down
    As he wanders into the meadow
    The horse interlocks with his eyes
    Both with a longing
    To be part of something
    Anything they can find

    Written by chuhulil

    I decided to make a wishlist:

    CB Undine (need an Alt)
    CB Aria/Old Pink
    CB/2nd gen Antarean
    CB Gemshard
    CB/2nd gen Xenowyrm
    CB Lunar Herald (especially blue)
    CB/2nd gen Morphodrake
    CB Spirit Ward
    Holly (I can trade anything for one)
    Blacks are always welcome
    Vampires are always welcome
    Mutamore (all gens!)
    Black Marrow
    Striped black and blue
    Thuweds and Dorkfaces for my collection ^^
    CB/2nd gen/3rd gen Gold
    CB/2nd gen/3rd gen Silver
    Terraes are always welcome
    Pillows too
    More Magis

    I take and give IOUs and will always take my part of the deal serious.

    Credits to the artists:

    Electric dragon (my scroll link) by Earthgirl
    Foxy Fox by Dragnilu
    Hope Lineage banner by Egwenna
    Avatar by Crithach
    The poem on my profile by chuhulil

    To all these great artists my big THANK YOU!