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The name traders!

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I have the names:

Avenging Aegis

Valiant Avenger


to trade, perfect for an Aegis being kept permanently enraged.



Not sure what they are worth, so just offer....just PM an offer, all will be considered.

Still Available

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Below are some names that are useful as Prize Names, Special Valued Dragons & Holidays, Puns, etc. If any of these seem in any way edgy, they were all done as heartfelt fun puns ans love and/or I was reserving them in case I might use them in the future should I ever win a "Prize Raffle." But I won a Prize Raffle and named my dragon something different. And to also possibly let others have in the future. Also, there are some other funny/fun ones on my scroll so you are welcome to scroll thru it. I may not be willing to part with a few, but for the correct Price I'm happy to free up a name for anyone. Send me a PM, and we can discuss the name, I am happy to swap names and/or other things. Some may require a swap or trade of some type, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily expensive. You might also want to include the dragon you wish to name it and a short reason why as if it seems the perfect name for the perfect dragon/home, I'm going to be much lower on trade value. Because I believe in connecting things where they truly belong.


But here are a few to look at:


Greatly Prized

Shimmer Perfect

Shimmer and I Know It

Princess Shimmer

Shimmer God

Getting Lucky

King Bronze

King Shimmer

Fragile Ego

Shimmer Envy

Sir Prized

A Catch

A Joke

Neon Sister (again, not offensive, the Pink has the Old Bright Pinks, which seemed to me, to be Neon Pink Dragons, again, fun puns.)

SurPrize Dragon



Born This Way

Lotto Dragon

SirPrize Dragon

Raffle Prize

Chocolate Love

Auto Drop

Lotto Love

Silent Knights

Peanut Gallery



Love Parade

Black Male (this was originally reserved to be for a literal Black Male Dragon, but also as a pun on Blackmail, please don't take it any other way).

Moral Stance

Moral Corruption

Your Own Personal Jesus

No Other Gods Before Me

Her Pleasure

Still Your Daddy

Hormones Raging

A Prize Lineage

Self Love



Sex in the City

Mistletoe Kisses

Chocolate Passion

Chocolate Temptation

Main Attraction

Booty Call

Venus Guy Trap


Math Queen







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Have following names:



-Fort Knox

-Dow Jones

-Royal Sin

-Love Crime







-Summer Garden




-Soft Ice

-Evelyn Salt


-Mister Wong

-Ming Vase





-Heart Bleeding

-Rodolfo Valentino





-2nd gen Gold Shimmer or Tinsel

-2nd gen SAlt
(may give more than one depending on the names)

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