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Bumping and Spam

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I've seen this in quite a few threads here, now, so up this goes.






Because of the currently small size of this section, bumping your thread, especially while double posting, is only allowed once every 48 hours (2 full days). If you have an important update edit your last post and the first post. If you want to draw people in add a "Updated: last_update_date_here" to your subtitle or title.

If you feel your thread isn't getting enough attention, bumping it every few minutes will only lose you potential players. Feel free to advertise it in your siggy, but don't spam the boards.


If you are posting pets, you may post new pets 48 hours after the time of your original post if no one else has posted in the thread. Please do not double post the same pets, no matter how long it has been.




Double posting is spam. If you're giving an update on a site you created yourself wait the 48 hours before posting it in another post.

Off-topic posts are spam. Just because a thread is fast-paced doesn't mean it's okay to chat in it. If you really want to chat, visit the CPA in Forum Games. Your post must contain relevant content the adoptables site it's about.




Just like the rest of this forum, this section is held to the board rules. If you break a rule you will be warned. If you see someone breaking a rule please make use of the report button.




Thank you. :3

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