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  1. Using summon with Zyumorphs isn't working for me either, I get the tombstone error page every time I try. Edit: It's working now!
  2. Oh yes, I definitely agree with you on that! There is ALWAYS going to be someone who's worse off than you, unless you are the single most unlucky/poor/unhappy/etc. person in the world, and I don't think said someone would even have Internet access. So dismissing other's points because you think you have it worse than them is just silly. Both situations can raise equally valid points! That being said, I have a question about the Creations. I saw that TJ said that if anything, they could be compared to Raikou, Hentei and Suicune in relation to the GoNs, as the former are to Lugia. That got me wondering: Are the tendrils in any way inspired by the ribbon like thingies Suicune has? Or is it a happy coincidence? Also, anniixo, feel free to PM me if you want help with that (: Edited because grammar.
  3. Just my two cents: Complaining about things (as long as done in a respectful manner) can actually be a good thing. It gives a different perspective from various people about something, and what is said can be taken as constructive critique for the next time events like these are released. Honestly, if I were in the place of the people with no GoNs, I would still be drooling all over this release and take it as another reason to stick around longer and make it another of my goals, but not everyone is like I am! As I stand now, I have two GoNs that did take forever to summon even with several trio sets and I have found another reason to stick around more because I was honestly just logging in to catch new releases and not much else by now. Regarding the people who are disappointed because they cannot "participate" in the birthday event, I do think they have a bit of a point, one that is worth taking into consideration, and it shouldn't be set aside as "whining" (not that everyone is saying they're whining, but I've seen some posts like that ). Though bottom line is: in every event there are always people who can't participate as they want, because there are many different ways to play this game. Someone will be mad because there are too many new dragons and they don't have enough slots to catch them on release day. Other people will be angry because the holiday event requires people to log in every day and they can't, etc. So yes, there will always be complaining. It's as much as a part of the game as catching the pretty dragons themselves! But it is possible that some of the complaints will be seen by TJ as valid and try to avoid such situations next time. If people are polite about it, I don't see why they can't expose their views on the subject. I kind of forgot where I was going with this but I want to say something else; as I always try to the the brightest side of stuff, here goes: This event went to show once again how much of a wonderful community we have here when it comes to helping others. Seeing people breed trios for those who need them and even gifting Avatar dragons themselves is really heart warming to see <3
  4. Oh my, I haven't commented on these forums for such a long time (it seems like forever really), but I really MUST leave some praise here to everyone involved in this event. The new dragons are pure gorgeousness. Creation is my favorite, but not by very much, they're all beautiful and unique <3 Having the ability to summon once more is awesome as well, although of course I didn't get anything, but I feel lucky for having two GoNs anyway. And I love the sprite update as well (: Also, if anyone is in need of trios (i.e. not having them all or having less than 3 of each), feel free to PM me and I'll try to breed some for you.
  5. I really, really, really strongly dislike this. I won't say I hate it, because if I did I would simply stop playing (hate is a very strong word). While I really hope TJ will change it back since there are clearly a lot of people unhappy with this change, it's not something that will make me want to leave the game if it stays. I'll just be a sadface for a while and get over it with time. It will, however, make me think twice the next time I want to do something like this http://dragcave.net/lineage/PSypZ I'm so sad with how it looks now, it completely ruins the look of checkers ): ETA: Oh and this http://dragcave.net/lineage/RDfhP Which was made with the help of a few awesome people here on the forums that gifted me lovely 2nd gens to help me build up a mate for Ragnarok Von Rosenberg, which was an AP find. And now I feel devastated looking at it...
  6. My recent AP findings: 3rd gen Ice from Female Marrow x Male Ice checker - I was surprised I actually got it, imagine how I felt when I saw the pretty lineage! 3rd gen Blue Neb from Ice x Blue Neb checker - So happy she turned blue <3 3rd gen PB Nebula - I just love nebbies, what else can I say? Cool code too. Thank you so much breeders! (also, my Thunders decided to be sweeties and breed three 2nd gen Thunders from Sunsongs to the AP, three 2nd gen Sunsongs and one Golden Wyvern! I love it when my dragons behave and let me give back to the AP)
  7. If I had won, I would definitely post in the news thread saying that I did. I'd also point out in big, bold letters that anyone who PM'd me about my prize dragon before I said it was okay to do so on my profile/signature would be immediately blocked. I'd breed 2nd gens for my friends first, people who were nice to me and helped me with various stuff and people I might not have ever talked to here, but that I think are awesome and wanted to give them something for their awesomeness. Lastly, after gifting those 2nd gens, I'd keep them for myself and only use 3rd gens for trading. Yup, I'm that mean Be glad I didn't win. Congrats to the winners <3 Good luck with your new babies!
  8. They look great with the Neos, Canopies and Mints, the colors go very well together. Still, my favorite pairings are WW x Gold and WW x Ribbon Dancer. I wish I had a CB Ribbon Dancer T___T And I'm still punching myself for forgetting to breed my only CB Gold (which luckily is a female haha) with one of my WWs today. Instead I bred her with a Shadow Walker D: Oh well, there's always next week.
  9. My favorite is the Tri-colored, and I was very happy last year to know that's the variant that shows on my scroll. But I'm very fond of the white version too, the gold one not so much D:
  10. I agree with this. It's the only suggestion I agree with. It doesn't exclude anyone except for those who did not participate, which seems fair (and it's actually what's going to happen this year, I assume? If you didn't cook the red star recipes, you didn't get entries in the raffle). And if the amount of participants justifies it, increasing the number of prizes being given out sounds good to me.
  11. I want that Gyarados badge so bad. I collected a lot of Shallow Waters and splashed pretty much non-stop ever since TJ hinted that there might already be one when he pointed out that no one had reached 1000 splashes yet. I'm pretty sure I'm beyond the 1000 mark and I'm sad to see no Gyarados T-T
  12. Oh, they are so beautiful <3 Definitely my favorite Christmas breed, no doubt about that. The patterns on the wings are so lovely, they look very festive. Thank you so much to everyone involved in the Holiday Event this year <3
  13. I took them both, I just can't resist pretty spirals like those <3 They shall be very much loved and named, thank you for breeding them (:
  14. Magi x Nocturne checkers http://dragcave.net/lineage/SRa0t Beautiful Nocturne with Heartseeker ancestors http://dragcave.net/lineage/QTmN7 (it looks especially awesome at night time) 7th even gen Canopy http://dragcave.net/lineage/LVohc 7th even gen Grey Thuwed http://dragcave.net/lineage/oLFKF The AP is being very kind to me <3 Thank you breeders!
  15. Thank you for breeding them! (: I also found this girl as a hatchling the other day http://dragcave.net/lineage/eNf0c I was stunned that I actually caught her, and became even happier when I saw her lineage.
  16. I just caught one similar to yours http://dragcave.net/lineage/h4LmF I nearly fainted when I saw its lineage, too pretty <3
  17. Just caught this beauty http://dragcave.net/lineage/apCPu I'm not even a fan of Sunstones, but this one was just too pretty, I might even breed a mate for it and continue the lineage.
  18. Oh, TJ Thought it was hard to get these before? Yeah, well, THINK AGAIN D: I think I'll keep catching these until I get bored really, that's how much I love them <3 And thank you CompletelyDifferent for the awesome extra info on these pretties, it made me like them even more.
  19. I think their coloring is the same, it's just that the female is not showing the areas where that pretty golden brown is present? At least that's how I'm looking at them
  20. They do, don't they? Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. It just looks so pretty! That's one of the things I like so much about DC, there are so many artists with so many different styles, it's fun to see the differences! Back to the biome subject. Well, yes, there may very well be other reasons for these guys to show up in the Desert. Doesn't change my feeling that they should be in the Alpine We'll only know when Completely Different posts. Edited because grammar D:
  21. "As you trudge through the scorching desert, you see many large dragons scattered about, some with hatchlings. Nearby, there is a pile of several eggs." This is what it says when you click the Desert biome. So I doubt it's a tundra, though you're absolutely right about the rest. I still think these should be in the Alpine, but that's up to the concept artist to decide I think.
  22. Oh my <3 I think I'm in love <3333333 These are SO gorgeous! I think they may well be my favorite release this year (excluding Holidays because those are at a different level for me). I love how the adult poses show all their markings so well, I can't decide which gender is my favorite, they're both amazing. Thank you so much TJ, skinst, Angziety and Completely Different for these beautiful babies <3 ETA: And dat shading style 8D It reminds me of watercolors, which is awesome.
  23. Oh my, the female is soooo pretty <3 Can't wait to see what the male looks like! Also, shouldn't these be in the Alpine? Their breed description certainly seems to point that way? *is confused* Edit: lol, ninja'd x3
  24. That's my baby (: It didn't alt so it had to go >_> <_< I really like the name you chose!
  25. Okay in less than 6 minutes my sister and I got our 7 eggs each o_o I really need to start coming here earlier on Halloween releases It's 8am, so it's not terribly early, I just don't usually come to the computer at this time of the day. My sister is extremely excited to see that JOTB is the artist of these ones, she really loves her work. And so do I <3 Thank you again to everyone involved on this event!