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Completely inactive on the forums. If you need something from me, you can find me on deviantART.

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    The most important thing you need to know about me: I FORGET, A LOT! Feel free to remind me if there's anything you need from me!

    I started playing DC because of my little sister (InvisiblePeace on the forum). She started her account back in March 2011 and I joined the site the following month.
    I haven't been active on the forums for a long time D: If you need something from me for some reason, and you need to reach me fast, the best way is through my deviantART account since I check that every day, the link to my gallery is in my signature c:

    My thank you list:
    -Thank you stagazer_7 for gifting me a Blue Dino and a lovely Pumpkin! <3
    -Thank you Shanthaia for the beautiful Silver Tinsel <3
    -Thank you ~Kat~ and her friends for the multiple gifts of BSA hatchies <3
    -Thank you MissVampire13, dustpuppy and Rusty Chevrolet for helping me continue a lineage by offering 2nd gen Grey babies from Rosebud x Grey <3
    -Thank you Terpsichore for gifting me a shiny, beautiful CB Silver <3
    -Thank you Pikabubba for gifting me a wonderful 3rd gen Ice from Blue Nebula x Ice parents as a mate for an AP find <3