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  1. Thank you for hosting the raffle! :3 Hmm, not sure I have favorite way to eat broccoli, I just like eating it
  2. I had this idea for a while and was debating whether I should post it or not ^^; This idea came to mind when having to fog my growing things - you actually see the fog hiding what it needs to So, I thought, "What if you could see when a BSA is used?" (I'm sure I'm not the only one who forgets when a BSA was used and on what (though I guess that's what the action log is for, actually....) ^^; ) For example - Ward is used: A magical barrier/force field/shield surrounds the egg Stun is used: Sparks of electricity appear on the hatchling Incubate is used: The egg is seen in a tiny nest (of leaves, grass, stones?) Precognition/Influence is used: The symbol for male or female appears (above or beside?) the egg and/or hatchling (or just the egg for Influence) until it genders (This one might/might not work, depends if the coding is too difficult I guess ^^; ) These are just ideas (haven't thought how the other BSA would have visuals, like Fertility, Teleport, etc. though Summon would be the only exception and not have/need a visual) and I'm not sure if this would be considered "hand holding", but still wanted to suggest this anyways (I'm sorry if this whole thing sounds stupid, first time actually suggesting something) ^^;
  3. ~~~~~~My Wishlist~~~~~~ Lineages needed: 3EG Bronze Tinsel x female Mageia (as a mate for her) 2G male PB Alt Undine (as a mate for her) Scroll goals: // Neglected - any stage/lineage/gender (I can dream, can't I? ^^; ) 2G Tinsel/Shimmer x any of these mates: 2G - 3G from these alts, if possible: For freezing: Messy/inbred Alt Black hatchies Messy/inbred Shimmer hatchies Messy/inbred Alt Undine hatchies
  4. Thank you for hosting a raffle, that's very generous of you! :3 1. FluffyPillow 2. I have a few favorites, and one of them is chocolate & peanut butter
  5. I loved that there was a biome specifically for previous releases, made my wish of having CBs of past years (especially Marrows) a reality, and I thank TJ for doing that for everyone I hope it'll be a reoccurring thing for Halloween :3 (I have an idea how it could be possible for the other holidays, but only TJ can confirm if the special biome will be available for them or not)
  6. *first time posting in this thread* ^^; Had a successful, and very surprising, zombification yesterday - my 2nd attempt ever since my 1st attempt last year didn't revive, so it was a total shock for me this year when my attempt actually created one (it was a Cavern Lurker)
  7. HAPPY HALLOWEEN DRAGON CAVE! Got all my eggs within the first drop easily enough (which surprised me as that never happens to me for holidays ) and even more shocking, I made my first ever zombie on my 2 attempt (1st attempt last year failed)! *Edit* Forgot something important ^^; Thank you TJ and spriter(s)!
  8. Of all the hatchie's that I've seen (and I've seen all 8, I think?), I've noticed most of them are Grave's - they must've been the popular choice?
  9. Altered my hatchie's costume, so now it looks like a magical pirate knight, complete with parrot patronus/familiar
  10. Here's my dragon's current costume if anyone wishes to see it (if I'm not to post this, please let me know and I'll try and edit/remove it when I can) ^^;
  11. Long time no post ^^; Not sure when I'll be able to post again since our new desktop decided to fail not long after having it (2 weeks ._.) so I'm using my sister's laptop at the moment ^^; What all did I miss? ^^;
  12. Thank you! :3 I was just worried I wouldn't be able to catch the new release in time and miss it, but knowing I'll be able to eases my worries
  13. Well, went against my better judgement and locked myself with CB Marrows and Pumpkins x'D Though at least I can say I have CBs of those breeds now, which is a plus Now my 1 concern is, since it's so close to the Halloween release, would I be able to hatch these in time (I have enough Pinks and Reds; never had to cut it this close with a holiday event/release before)?
  14. Ah, thank you both for the info! Hopefully I can catch athe least 2 pairs of CB Marrows then 😮
  15. I just now noticed the Halloween location on the map... ._. Are those eggs/breeds available next year as well (as CB's) or just this year? ^^; Had I known I would've grabbed some sooner but now I can't as I need every spot available for the new Halloween eggs (unless those are the ones - I feel like a newbie right now ^^; *headdesk*)
  16. My dragon's costumes are all invisible except the ghost one (and somehow showed up wearing a costume I don't own yet) - how do I hard refresh on mobile to make them show up? ^^; (using a cellphone at the moment as our new computer crashed ^^; )
  17. Congrats on the shiny! :3 And thank you, it's my favorite anime!
  18. I'm quite shocked I got this shiny actually! ^^; Was hoping to hunt for it eventually, but never got around to it (had other hunts going at the time), and this morning I thought I'd grab a Zangoose from the shelter not thinking anything of it, and just in the middle of moving it to my PC, I saw it had red claws instead of black and I had a, "Oh! Wait a minute!" moment and saw it hatched shiny /end random (and probably boring) story
  19. Didn't get a shiny from the SWSH (could only use my phone when able so I couldn't hatch much) ^^; So, I just bought some fishing rods (I think that's what the prize was?) and see what I get from them :3 *Edit* But on better news, I just hatched this shiny! 244 eggs in 124 days Now to check my list as to what to hunt for next *Edit #2* Picked the pink and white Magikarps :3
  20. Almost forgot about the SWSH ^^; *headdesk* Hunting for Rockruff :3
  21. I hope so, we don't own a desktop or laptop (haven't had one since our last computer died a few years ago), so I can't use a tablet ^^; All we have is a tablet/notebook combo thing ^^;
  22. *politely accepts the offer and takes another handful of popcorn* No, nothing wrong with pencil sketches, it's just... I feel like my digital art isn't what it used to be now that I'm using a mouse (it's lacking, for a lack of a better term) ^^;
  23. Hello CPA! *sees popcorn and only takes a handful, leaves a "thank you" note* TFW you're patiently waiting for parcels to arrive, but it feels like forever Also, I miss drawing with my tablet - using a mouse is hard, especially when you want to draw fine details, so I've been drawing more pencil sketches than anything too complex digitally ^^; *headdesk*
  24. Caught a CB black Zyu! Just 2 more to go to get my 2nd set ^^;