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    Things about me:
    I am a follower of Christ
    I will pretty much happily breed you anything on my scroll, no trade needed, just ask :)
    (I'm working on getting my dragons on a spreadsheet)
    IOU Friendly
    I try to always answer PM's, and appreciate when people answer mine, even if the answer is "no"

    Current Wishlist:
    2nd Gen Whites from male White x all four Tinsel breeds (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Penk) and male White x three of the four Shimmer-Scale breeds (Gold, Silver & Jewel) for a lineage project -- or alternatively even 3rd gen Whites from White/Gold Tinsel & White/Penk, White/Silver Tinsel & White/Bronze Tinsel, or a 4th gen White from White/Gold Tinsel, White/Penk, White/Silver Tinsel, White/Bronze Tinsel, and the same patterns from the Shimmer Scales.
    2nd gen whites from Spriter Alts for a lineage project
    CB Gold
    CB Celestials
    CB Astrapis
    CB Plated Colossui
    CB Stripes
    CB Antareans

    Also interested in:
    even gen or unique Alt Sweetling lines
    even gen or unique Spriter Alt lines
    CB or even gen or uniquely lineaged Aeon Wyverns, Gemshards, Monarchs, Tsunamis & Lunars
    even gen or uniquely lineaged Verdigris Coppers, Daydreams, Horses, Neotropicals, Nhiostrife Wyverns, Striped Rivers, Storms, Sunsong, Tri-horns & Waterhorses
    uniquely lineaged Embers
    2nd gen or uniquely lineaged '09 Valentines, Sweetlings, Arsanis, Radiant Angels, Mutamores, Marrows, Shadow Walkers, Caligenes, Yulebucks, Snow Angels, Solstices & Mistletoes
    uniquely lineaged Ribbon Dancers
    Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda or Myiazaki themed lines

    And like everyone else in Valkemare, 2nd Gen Prize or 2nd gen Prize-kin dragons, especially from the following lines

    Gilgameish, Borg Queen, (Licht), (Snape), (Spock), (Zorra), Penk, Arboriel Morchaint, Artemis, Vivencia, (Elena), Daughter of Rivendell, Song of Elune, Gir Unit, (Kitty), (REMUS), Ireland Rose, (ZZUUL), Cielatahl, Cayvyn, (Wyms), Old Rugged Cross, (Dalek), Rivenese Bronze, Sherlock Holms, (AERIS), (Elise), Luthien's Anguish, Firelord Zuko, (Horse), (Kikyo), (Pixel), (Spirit), Tiny Tinsel Tim

    Lord of the East Sea, Seventh Wolf, High Queen of Connacht, (Jewel), Echoes in the Deep, (Beets), Rhapsody, Princesa Zelda de Hyrule, (aaAaa), Thranduil Sindar, (Fairy), (Grimm), Petirep, Bilbo Baggins of Bag End, Royal Huntress, Elladan of Imladris, Pleaides the Shimmer, Honey Chicken, (Nessa), (Ocean), (OTTER), (PSYCH), (Rinoa), Gloria In Excelsis Deo I, (Smaug)

    Like the trainer card I use for my scroll link? I'd be happy to make you one! Or you can make your own here: http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/