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    The azila's natural habitat is in the Multimedia section of the Dragon Cave Forums, although it can be sometimes seen lurking in the News forums every so often. It is a powerful shapeshifter, and can fly and control fire as well. This creature is very kind and gentle most of the time, preferring to flee when a fight is going on rather than participate in any kind of violence. Don't let down your guard, though, because she is fiercely protective of her dragons and those she considers her friends, and is prone to intense anger whenever someone insults them. The azila has a playful streak to her and likes to pull harmless pranks on people. However, if you pull a prank on her, she is likely to hit you with a stream of fire, so watch out! This creature does have a vain side, for it loves to receive compliments about her dragons, their names, or their descriptions. Beware: if you give any negative feedback, she'll set her army of winged kittens on you!

    Basic Info: Aliza, 24 years of age, lives in New York, studies professional writing. Expect a healthy amount of humor and/or sarcasm to be injected into anything I do.

    - Any of the Legendary Trio
    - Any gender of copper
    - Any gender of neglected
    - A two-headed dragon of any breed
    - Any of the Christmas dragons (seasonal goal)
    - Paper dragon
    - Dragons with unusual or hilarious codes
    - A chicken egg (because of reasons)

    This list is subject to change depending on what I want. If you are willing to trade any of the above, please shoot me a PM. I will try my best to pay you back with a dragon off of your own wishlist (within reason).