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  1. I totally agree, clashing names are horrible and can totally ruin a mood in a story. For that reason an author or parent should pick a name that fits into hes personality... Yet that cannot be achieved always for example, my name in Arabic "Saif" translates into Sword which in my opinion is quite a violent name which is the total opposite of my calm and musical personality.....
  2. Im Soo Sorry I Missed That!! So Sorry!
  3. Oops Sorry Ill Use This Form Sorry Again Name(What I should call you):Saif Spliced or Original: Original Colors: Yellow, Electric Yellow Designs: A Pikachu face on it with ears coming out Can others use this egg: No.. Please
  4. Please Make Me Some Sprites! Username:Saif Pokemon I want Fused Togetic+Mewtwo and Togepi+Jigglypuff 1.The Base In The First One Should Be Togetic 2.Togepi Secret Word:Lemon Grass!! Thanks Plenty
  5. Thanks For Adding Me!! OMG The Flightless Venom Dragon Looks AWESOME
  6. Omg Itss Soo Nice Thank You Soo Much Micki!! I LOVE It..
  7. Thanks Male or female, or if applicable, ungendered? Female And Male Type/Color of dragon? Sunsong And Skywing Posing of dragon (Sitting, Flying, etc)? Flying, Intertwined Expression? Happy,In Love Any other Details? Not really.A Bubble With <3
  8. So The Requests Are Closed..... Hmm Can Be On The Waiting List??!
  9. Username:Saif Type of Order (Banner, Stamp, etc):Avatar Color Theme:Yellows And BRIGHT Colors! Effects:None Pictures/Sprites:Pikachu+Togepi Writing:<3 If You Could Make Them Setting Next To Each Other Pwease Thanks
  10. Hi UserName: Saif Pokemon:Togepi What To Do :Splice PLEASE Include:Pickachu
  11. I AGREE WITH YOU HANDS DOWN!! Where The Wild Things Are , is a demented movie that owes me an hour or so of my life, it really freaked me out! AND Eragon And The Golden Compass , totally retarded it ruined the whole movies plot... Nuff Said :/
  12. Im Gonna Guess They Are Because Everyone Seemed To Ignore Me Soo...
  13. So Are The Request Still Closed? Hope I Didnt Miss The Spot
  14. Saif

    Pet Peeves

    Well,, What Really Ticks Me Of Is People Who Try To Lie To Me And People Who Make Fun Of Me Because I Am Intellectually Gifted or a nerd...
  15. Mines From Harry Potter 5 Why Are You Worrying About You-Know-Who You Should Be Worrying About U-No-Poo Its The Constipation Sensation Thats Gripping The Nation HILARIOUS
  16. Post What Annoys You The Most
  17. Sorry dont want to spoil it for you your nearing a really good part of the first book
  18. Hi everyone I was looking through the forum when I found this I totally agree with you because my name Saif (which means sword in arabic) totally reflects my dads personality so I agree that it should reflect the parent in some way
  19. Well Ive been having premonitions i know it sounds cheesy but its true and all of them were right and its kinda freaking me out does skip a generation or something because my mom says im the only one in the family??
  20. Hard Choice But I Choose Eragon! I Am A Total Eragon Freak!
  21. Hi guys just wanted to know you opinion
  22. Saif

    Warrior Cats Books!

    I LOVE the Warriors Series Ive read the first series and the second one but that was in Grade 5 Ive tried to read the again but to be honest at the age of 13 i found them very boring!