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  1. another fail today. I lost the count long ago. still trying for my first one.
  2. a CB Balloon hatched and I was gifted a 2nd gen Gold by an amazing person
  3. was gifted a Gold Tinsel and my 2nd gen Riggwing hatched
  4. missed TWO CB Silvers today. one not during hourly drop, when there were about 8 people in the biome... I just keep instinctively refreshing over the page instead of clicking them. will I ever catch a CB metallic?.. also missed a CB Stripe as thought I was in Desert instead of Forest biome. missed a Dino and a Chicken as forgot how many egg-slots I have open and thought they would lock me. a stupid day >.<
  5. thanks! I traded 60 hatchies (actually it came out as 57 or so) for a 3rd gen Tinsel from 2012 Tinsel line and uncommon mate. as for 50 hatchies - they went for a CB Silver, which I used then a part of a trade for a 2nd gen Tinsel IOU so now I'll happily sit and wait for the arrival of my beauties also my biggest congrats to someone who has caught a CB Silver this hourly drop in the Desert! I failed to get it but caught a CB Nebula and CB Pink as consolation prize...
  6. 2 Moonstones, a Balloon and a Flamingo hatched. also seems like I have finished my two greatest IOUs - one of about 60 CB hatchlings some day before, and another of 50 CB hatchlings today. took me about 3 months.
  7. caught a CB Nebula and a CB Balloon
  8. have just caught this Daydram Dorkface off the AP. will be frozen. luv lil Daydream hatchies :3
  9. grats everyone! I finally raised a CB Purple Ridgewing pair that loved each other all others Ridgewings I had always refused.
  10. I got one by trading. gave a CB Stripe and a CB Gold Wyvern hatchie for it. now need at least one more (but better more as Springs are my favourite breed!)
  11. all the eggs are awesome, but I think my favourite are Hot On Fire's, Lythiaren's, LadyLyzar's and Munin's. fantastic job!
  12. my friend and I have both only one egg to go. I'm missing the bird, and he - the Silverdrak's egg. Edit: and yay we have just both finished
  13. me and my friend have collected 24 eggs each, so far the design of the eggs is so lovely and colourful, it's a pleasure to look at them!
  14. the lineage is stunning, Catlover3288! I've just traded for a CB Spring hatchie *cuddles the beauty* and caught a CB Nebula
  15. managed to catch a CB Thunder a couple of hours earlier
  16. my friend has just got the most amazing bird-egg
  17. lol. we're hunting together with my friend and we've just found the same egg, the pearly-light blue one.
  18. dreamed the other day of getting onto TJ's Thuwed list also not long ago had a dream where my boyfriend was wounded at war and dying in hospital. that was so frightening and melodramatic. it was a relief to wake up and see him alive sleeping besides.
  19. totally obsessed with dragon cave, perfume and clothes with horizontal stripes
  20. grats to everyone (especially to those ninja metallic catchers )! my Silver Tinsel gendered correctly without influence
  21. yay, me and my friend got our seconds!
  22. oh wow my friend has just discovered an Easter egg on his scroll. it's his first egg-festival and he got so shocked lol he got it, but I can't find mine first yet. oh well now we'll know how to occupy ourselves for the next 3 days! THANK you, TJ and spriters! edit: oh I should have switched back javascript for eggs to show up got my first, a black one ^^
  23. so did I also my 2nd gen Gold didn't refuse my HeartSeeker, so I'll be able to continue the stairstep line, yay!