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  1. Lol, did somebody piss off the spriters/admin recently or something? There's been some odd choices made this release. I picked up a Pyro Xeno in the volcano earlier, and I'm still waiting for my confirmation pop-up telling me I can "upgrade now to a new release Blood Xeno™ for only $2.99**!"
  2. Did no one else notice this, lol. Human diseases/mortality are one of those topics that a lot of people can't not take personally-- like human overpopulation. Looking at it from a more neutral, scientific perspective is often seen as unethical and taboo, a personal affront to anybody reading it. Humans are unsurprisingly biased about humans. Add in politics and people act as volatile as potassium and water. It's important to ask uncomfortable questions though, just as it's important to teach and share information without condescension or revile. I hope nobody reads this thread and feels intimidated to ask questions.
  3. That sounds about right. Not so up to date on recent dragon names, lol.
  4. Nice to see something from the DR-- even I can remember these guys. Though it's hard not to, the soft shades and blonde mane are pretty distinct. They'll probably look good in lineages with the whatchamacallits... those soft pink dragons released last year.
  5. I took this guy; thank you! Swallowtails are one of those breeds I honestly forgot existed, so this was appreciated.
  6. I bet there's a secret achievement for clicking the "snooze more" option 999 times. I'm going to be super disappointed if there isn't. Also, the event badge looks like a vampire coffin with a snake coming out of it. It'd be really cool if this Hallmark holiday involved a story about a grave-robbing snake fighting vampires. The egg looks like stained glass so there is definitely a theme there.
  7. Wow hey, Valentines Day sure is a thing huh? I always liked the customize-your-cave game. Great announcement, thanks for the heads up! Btw mods, if you're gonna make something go poof please just PM me with a smiley emoticon to let me know everything is alright. Otherwise I don't know if this is a "there is no war in Ba Sing Se" sort of thing, you know? The flower gifting events were always nice too.
  8. So this is kind of a weird question. I bred one of my '19 VDay dragons to a Luminox and thought they matched really well in the lineage window. The wing area in particular. I plopped the sprites into a program and zoomed in, and sure enough the wings of both dragons have the same exact pixel count in many areas of the two sprites. Comparison link Couldn't be bothered to do the whole thing but you get the gist. My question is: Is this intentional? Did both sprites use the same preliminary sketch/linework for the wings, and that's why they're identical in areas? Do the artists know? Was it an oversight? I'm not making any accusations-- for all I know using parts of the same linework in multiple sprites is common practice-- but this was just way too weird not to ask about.
  9. Do NOT click this egg. Kind of want to try making an inbred, stairstep lineage with this-- there's fun to be had with a PSA egg.
  10. The one is a recolored Leodon egg. Bet it's going to be like those black and silver dragons... the ones that drop based on the moon thing. Forgot what they're called.
  11. I agree, that surely points to it being some kind of ad blocker. I can get the image to show after disabling everything-- including things unrelated to adblocking, so I guess I have to play whack a mole to figure out which are the culprits. I've never had any problems before or on other sites, but seems like an easy enough fix.
  12. Anyone else having issues with Ribbon Dancers not showing up in lineage tiles? I'm getting blank pictures as seen below, though the sprites are showing up fine on view pages and scrolls. It doesn't look to be affecting any other dragon, just Ribbon Dancers and just as that sprite size. Disabling my ad blockers and other addons didn't do anything. Not sure when this started happening since it seems to be specific to one dragon sprite, but as it doesn't appear to be a problem on my end I'm stumped.
  13. These guys have a Celtic, pagan-like look to them mixed with wendigos; it's pretty awesome. The purple used in the shading is a nice touch too and shines on dark backgrounds. I prefer the female with her great linework, but he's got cooler antlers. Overall, a nice pair of flying purple people eaters. Hope they look good in their lineage tiles. Not much time for DC Halloween stuff, but a spooky, horseradish-mustard wyvern sounds like fun to figure out for next year.
  14. Two adults and two hatchling zombies for me this time. Not as successful at last year's Halloween but I've no complaints; so far I've gotten three out-of-season zombies in 2019, which is better than zero in '18 and '17.
  15. Got to 165 rounds with this. Wasn't sure if more than 1 soulpeace was redundant, but with one purple CD reduction they seemed to work well. No losses up around 130 rounds, so I assume the zombies got lucky at some point. Defeat Now that I have Magmas, which are a direct upgrade to greens, I think I can try for 200+. I'm happy I can set things up and come back the next day, no need to babysit the dragons and click to use abilities.
  16. Nine

    Prize Central

    Have: 2nd gen Bronze Shim from male Caligene (Halloween '15). Looking for: Bloodswap, other 2G prize from Halloween pairing, a smattering of CBs from the following: Pink Zyu, Gaia, Chrono, Astrapi, and Mageia Xenos, Aeons, Green Copper Will look into other offers as well. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. 0/13 plus 1 revive yesterday. Looking forward to my next non-Halloween zombie in two years.
  18. I was looking through old stuff and found some dated DC screenshots. What fun: Pic of the original, 1 page cave in 2010. Wow, purple isn't a color of egg you expected to see. And look at that shop link. Not DC necessarily, but here's an old shot of AoND around Christmas 2010. You can see the original sprites for adult Hollies, Golds, Winter S1, Red S1, and dead eggs. Clicking the stars would purge adults, fogs, and dead things from the site. And then sometimes AoND itself would die. Old catch screen from 2012-ish. Now there's a handy Account and Help page at the top of the site. Poor Shop link still clinging to relevancy. While this scroll image from 2014 isn't particularly interesting, aside from how cluttered it looks, it's worth noting we no longer have that "stolen" dragon message on our scrolls. I kind of miss it. More modern DC 2015 with a screwed up lineage layout. Lookit those old Silvers. My last screenshot of the Shop link, which would eventually succumb to its slow death in 2016.
  19. After around two years of trying out of season I finally got a success: a seawyrm pygmy adult. I think that puts my non-Halloween successes around 1%. I don't keep track of hatchling attempts though, so maybe it's even lower. A bittersweet moment.
  20. I believe I spy a DC-styled golden hen Fabergé egg. That's pretty cool, great job!
  21. 0 successes again. Not fond of the new zombie sprites though, so I'm not too broken up about it. One less thing to worry about catching/breeding/killing. Had a great round of killing this month too. Although I've got so much fodder, dodging doesn't seem to matter anymore... except for Kyanites, can never seem to have enough of those.
  22. How is ***** bad? I still hear people refer to cats as ***** cats. "Here ***** ***** *****..." I've had the name Dick for eight years-- it's a real name and also slang for a detective. Should I get in trouble because it can also be used as slang for genitalia? Apparently in eight years I haven't offended anybody with that name, though I do remember having to stalk and ask certain mods because they might personally find it offensive. Which they didn't. It doesn't look like "*****" has offended anybody in seven years, but does it now suddenly become offensive because our own minds construe that it must have been intended that way? Kill yourself isn't awful either. Why should we reason that it's telling us as readers to kill ourselves? Look at the offspring and lineage of that dragon, it looks to be in reference to a TV show. They have a huge Dorsal lineage quoting Dr Who (if I had to guess) and "kill yourself" is just a part of that quote chain. Looking closely can show that no offense or harm was intended by that name. Context. KKK is a little bit harder to defend as innocuous. I personally don't see that name as condoning hate or even implying it, and like "Nazi" I think certain names just make people feel squeamish when they see them. However, those words also do not have the common, benign meanings like *****, Dick, Bloody, Queer, Tit, etc. On the other hand, does this mean every possible name linked to a terrorist organization, hate group, or certain political parties are now off limits? Taliban, IRA, Khmer Rouge, TNI, IMU, DPRK, Stalinism... is the mere mentioning of certain words classified as supporting discrimination or hatred, or is it the context that it is used? What makes Nazi more offensive than Taliban, what makes Taliban more offensive than Khmer Rouge? Something like "Support the __" or "Kill all __" are statements of discrimination/hate and undeniably inappropriate, but standalone names don't necessarily strike me as following that same thought process. While I wouldn't use the name KKK or Nazi myself, and it certainly isn't in the realm of innocent things like *****, I think disallowing that name can be a slippery slope and might be worth more consideration outside of normal knee-jerk reactions. Yes nobody likes the KKK; I don't like serial killers and I wouldn't report the dragon Ted Bundy even though it makes me uncomfortable, since the person doesn't appear to be condoning murder. I also think context should be heavily considered when deciding whether a name is offensive or not. Of the names listed ***** and Kill Yourself are especially inoffensive and I think it would be horrible for those people to lose their names, naming privileges, or even their entire scroll because many years later subjective opinions decided they were now bad. On the first dozen pages of this thread you can see mods repeatedly giving the OK to names and describing that context is very important when it comes to these things. Should people be scared that, years later, different mods/people may suddenly find their mod-accepted names now actionable? That people will run through a list of "slang" words like a bizarre witch hunt and report everything regardless of context, even if it was mod-approved years before? I tend to play things overly safe for this very reason (passed up a lot of good names for it, grumble), but I can't expect everyone to stalk this thread and see if certain words are now on the naughty list. If a name is not automatically denied by the site's own naming feature I think it's worth objective consideration. Ha ha, I guess the forum doesn't like a certain cat-related word. Shame, *****foot is a great verb.
  23. 0/9 this month, no surprise there. Forgot about vamp bites so I had 2 less kill slots but it wouldn't have mattered. I went all of last year without getting a zombie outside of Halloween, this year will likely be the same. Particularly disappointing this month since VDay was a good opportunity to stock up on eastern hatchling fodder (Heartstealings). Might just say screw it to waiting for the end of the month and start rezzing every chance I get. Playing safe hasn't worked for over a year and the tedium of failure is making me lose interest.
  24. I was surprised to pick up some long lost relatives of my dragons: a grandson Heartseeker and a great-granddaughter Arsani. Pretty cool, so thanks to whoever bred those! This 2G Floral from BBW gave me a laugh too.
  25. I went for the most handsome option of course, but I couldn't figure out how to get him to go to the dance with me. That's ok though, I still had fun and made a friend for life!