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  1. Because they aren't fetuses who aren't consciously there, and force nutrients out from the mother for their needs, like a parasite, but I'd rather not use that label very much. Adoption and abortion are linked at the moment because most kids are from mothers who didn't want them and instead of abortion, they get chucked in the system. What abortion "issue"? I see no issue. It's simple privacy and people getting into buisness that isn't theirs.
  2. Different places have different cultures and views with things, and religion. And since I don't force my religious beliefs on others, that can't be used. For example, dogs are eaten in some countries. A lot of people here are trying to stop them and label them as animal abusers. Here we eat cows and poultry, some countries don't like that. Already answered. Yea it does, people love to pull out the adoption card against it. So what happens until it's addressed and settled? Keep throwing more and more unwanted kids in it?
  3. They can certainly feel pain and are biologically independent from a womb. They're out of the question. Some places don't care about special need kids/adults. They either torture them or leave them. Not all countries and places have the same healthcare as the U.S or good places. Just saying. So how about the children who are always in pain physically and mentally in adoption systems and foster homes. Is it okay to force life into them? (Also read while lurking)
  4. No, the pain thing is just me feeling bad on making something go through pain. Person hood to me is when it actually can be dependent from the womb fully without needing extra care(because I agree a bit on the premature thing when I was lurking. Those special machines premature babies are in seem more like a womb replacement since they were forced out of the mother's) and eats, laughs, can pretty much do anything a regular person can do naturally.
  5. You're confusing me now. Since there's so many loops around that question since there's development going on. So I'm not going to answer that since it that question looks like a guilt trip. Not saying it is, but with my belief, it's okay up to 2nd trimester. Why? Because a fetus actually DOES feel pain during late trimester, but when I know for sure it doesn't in first and second, I'd feel much better about getting one if I did.
  6. How does a first trimester equal a breathing, giggling baby? A fetus is not a child, which is independent biologically from it's mother. A first week zygote is FAAAR different then a third, ready to be born. An early abortion is a heck of a lot different than killing an actually born baby that's a few weeks old. Seed=/=tree
  7. I actually thought it was pretty common for younger ones to have small "crushes" on their older relatives..
  8. It doesn't help when you're the only pro-choice within the family. Just last night my sister said "If you're pregnant, that just means G-d wants you to have a baby" People like this...that apparently don't know human anatomy and think the stork exists...are the reason why women now have to start living in fear of losing some serious rights.
  9. Not to mention that they were here first and he loved the animals just as much. I think all animals were vegetarian until the fall of man.
  10. I'm not a fan either, but I've always wondered, what if we run out of room in jails?
  11. Searched, could not find. This came to me after a project in human anatomy class. http://nepaliaashish.wordpress.com/2007/05...e-consequences/ We all know the stories of if you reproduce with a family member, your kids will look like aliens. Or so we thought. Royal family, Spain royal family, and so in this link have done it for a long time and showed little signs of problems. My theory, I don't believe that all the members of the Royal family were faithful to each other. I think that some women were pregnant by outside friend. Apparently a rare gene was said to increase immune
  12. What about women who have a phobia of pregnancy? Should they be forced to carry to term? I personally have a friend who almost shot herself when she had false pregnancy signs. Those women are in so much relief when recieving an abortion and I don't think that calling them a child killer and using G-d as guilt is the best thing for them after a traumatic experience...but hey, that's just me.
  13. Well....first off, they are not pro-life, nor would they hand a single dime to a woman for child care if she was starving with her child. They do this because they thrive on negativity and NEED conflict in their life to feel normal. It is simple psychology really. They are caught in the roots of their upbringing to obey religion, and want others to be oppressed by it too so they don't feel like they are left out, or wasting their time in church. Hate is what motivates them, not abortion.
  14. Well if everyone automatically got one, imagine the theft that would happen and pro-birthers ganging up on others to steal the card away, including break ins ect. The majority of them don't know what it's like to be in a crisis. I'd rather have an alien invade my body than be pregnant. Someone had the nerve to say, "There's no such thing as unwanted babies, people are just irresponsible.." Well lets have a look at how many children are in the adoption systems shall we? And the fact that only 3-4% of children are getting adopted, the majority being babies because I don't see a coup
  15. I had to baby-sit a kid that kept wetting his pants and getting snot all over his face. I quit that job hobby after that. No more kids...hate them.
  16. I tried transforming a mint egg into a vampire, being a tad wasted and tired already, I wasn't paying attention and bit the wrong egg, a Holly, and killed it. I was planning on gifting it to my sister. I still beat myself over that day.....
  17. Hmmm, would seventeen be a too young of age? Just wondering..
  18. That I could fly in the air if I held my breath.
  19. My bf has the ability to read people and see things in his mind that have a 50/50 chance of coming true(or "visions" as some would say). He gets a really bad headache out of nowhere and starts seeing it. He can also sometimes read people, how they are, what they've done or been through. So far, he's been right.
  20. Lets just say, Roaches and Spiders. I'd sell my soul just to never have any around me.