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    Dear you,

    i write this letter to the entire world, universe, for in a complicated yet simple way we are all one. I write this to help bring light to those who are lost in the darkness of thought. I write this to help those who are not, understand. I writhe this for those who will be in hopes that you will remember this letter and pull yourself out. I write this to help give those who have been , ideas about how you help heal others.

    I know that is hard to understand but i am doing my best to tell you exactly what the cosmos are telling me...they do not speak nay human tongue. I have been blessed with the gift of empathy. I have always thought it was a fun thing to have but i am now relizing why i have this ability. It was givin to me so that i could dig into your mind and being and heal what is dieing. i know what it is like to have your mind take over your entire being. i know what it is like to drown inside of your thoughts until you yourself feel like nothing more than a mere illusion. your soul slowly burns out, you have no faith, no hopes, no rules, and sink into the very bottom of nothing as you look up and watch the everything continue to turn without you. I know!! sometimes i dont want to know, sometimes i dont want to sink with you...but if i dont, you will forever dwell in the pain that i dwelt in myself. Always thinking that it couldnt get worse until pain laughs in your face and proves you wrong. PLEASE keep in mind that there are absolutely no limits! Always feeding off your weaknesses and your strengths. you can only drown it out for so long. Cry, scream, fight.. no human is going to understand but i do! let me hold your hand and throw my unconditional love into you. i can not pull you out, for you must do that but you do not EVER have to do it alone. i will not let you give up even if you are about to kill me. What can death do? it can not stop me from showing the love of the goddess! i will do her duty as long as she allows me to! flood a room with emense light and there are no shadows. too long have we asked ourselves why we cant get out, why we cant be normal, why we cant be seen or noticed, why we cant feel any warmth dwelling in the stone cold depths of ourselves. Please know that i am here! let me whisper the hidden secrets of eternity in your ear, whenever you cry for strength. Let me scream chants of healing, shattering the walls that keep you from talking in the energy of the great father sun. Let me cry with you so that together we can let our misfortunes leak out through our eyes, letting father sun dry them up so that they are never seen again. Every single person, and thing are one! We are all connected. So everytime you slip back into yourself, there is chaos, whether we know it or not, whenever you cry, the universe cries with you.
    Take into mind every purpose, thank it all and love it. if you dont...then the world will continue to be out of control. I can no longer bare to look into the eyes of nothing. Without the smallest grain of sand, we lose everything. Hush now, please do not cry. Stop...can you feel me crying with you? Can you feel the universe crying for you? i am here but i can do nothing unless you ask!

    Love always,

    The Goddess in me <3