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  1. Pretty in pink and very cute! 💕
  2. I really like the look of these eggs, can't wait to see what slithering little horrors ones will come out of them!
  3. Thank goodness, three months of data has not gone poof, I just opened the wrong file.
  4. It warms to have some support, thanks a lot folks ❤️
  5. I love baking, I like baking cakes especially. Thing is, it's not good for you so I only get opportunity to bake cake about twice a year on average. Well it's midsummer it's one of those special days. Per tradition the folks of this house enjoy a strawberry cream cake after a nice lunch of herring and fresh potatoes. I look forward to baking these rare cakes, I plan a full month ahead what they're going to taste like, look like, and I even order ingredients and tools specially so I can make them as delicious and beautiful as I possibly can. I watch videos and read tips of professional bakers about how to make nice cakes. Over the past four days I've built it step by step, and this morning I was almost done - only needed to put some edible greenery as decoration just before serving - I put it in my own fridge I have upstairs and hurried into town to buy next week's groceries (I only go out to buy groceries once a week due to the pandemic and Fridays are the best fit for me). While there I get a text that we've unexpectedly gotten some extended family coming to visit out of the blue and they've served up my cake in the meantime. I'm disappointed. I didn't get to finish it, or take any pictures of it before they carved into it. I got up early this morning to have enough time to do the piping and arrange the strawberries as nicely as I could. They could have called in advance to let us know they wanted to visit, so I would have finished it and been back in time to take a few pictures, and serve it. Or they could have served the almost a full package of strawberries, whipped cream and other ingredients I had left over and left for them in their fridge. Of course I'm aware that you've got to be a good host and if you've got fresh homemade cake at home for a folk celebration of course you'd want to serve it but the cake wasn't finished yet there were other options they could have called ahead of time - should have called ahead of time because we're in a frickin' pandemic and some of the people in this house would be in real trouble if they got sick and not every one is vaccinated yet I didn't get any picture of it before it was demolished, and I wasn't even there to see them enjoy it I just haven't had much to feel proud of in the past few years. I'd been looking forward to baking and serving this cake and I've put a lot of time, money and effort into it. I know I might be a big silly baby goose about this because family still got to enjoy something nice I had done after all, and I'll probably feel embarrassed about this rant later but I legitimately feel upset enough about this that I want to cry a bit.
  6. I finally managed to catch two gemshards on chaos Sunday and apparently got supremely bad luck because both came out regular old ruby...
  7. Thanks a lot for the clarification! Thats one thing less to figure out.
  8. Sorry if this has been suggested already, a bit scatterbrained right now... Regarding Sapphires - has anyone gotten any new variety yet? I was thinking about the hint: "The Sapphires have received two new alts; one from lonely eggs and the other from those that receive a lot of attention" Any chance this has anything to do with how many views/clicks the other parent has?
  9. I was thinking about how nice it was to actually get at least a "thank you but no thank you" from a company I applied to for work, because 95% of them just never answer anything at all, but then I saw this and my thoughts are "some blowhole brain got paid for this ".
  10. Quite a vicious set of dragons we got this month, very cool!
  11. Have we still got any leek at home? Will have to take yellow onion otherwise.
  12. Gotta start planning the cake today. Buy the stuff on Friday, start cooking on... Sunday? Or will the deco need to settle for a day before serving? 🤔
  13. Lots of fantastic eggs again this year! Gotta say that I'm a bit partial to the adorable Kiwi and mesmerizing Lava Lamp!
  14. Hang on, the 16th is on Tuesday. I was hoping I could have gotten it done and out of the way tomorrow already. 😕 _ FFS old man, you've said your exact same piece several times already, at this point it's just bellyaching.
  15. @MalagAste - Yes, I'm seeing a difference in the Garlands too, the berries are much more prominent. Edit: or does the wiki use a duller picture or something? I'm literally comparing one image from my scroll to the one on the wiki.
  16. The Snow looks a bit brighter and more glittery as far as I can tell - I like that because it looks more like pure sparkly snow, while the old one came off as a bit dull. If I had any input I would say that the colours of the antlers could have been adjusted a bit to something more like pale almond brown - I've always thought that that dark brown stood out too much. The new Lacula looks fantastic and has definitely climbed up a few steps on my personal popularity list.👍 I'm also pleased to see an update of the Magi; I thought just very recently that the old sprite could use a light touch-up. The Sakuhana update is very nice too - looks more defined and not as busy somehow. The head and turquoise details on the wings are more visible now. The Thunders has got a more lively pose. I think the new highlights makes it look a bit more like shiny leather in appearance.
  17. Nothing yet? Maybe tomorrow. Unless they're skipping out altogether this year.
  18. I could take the opportunity to bake a ton of cookies if I'm going to have the weekend all to myself. Maybe cinnamon buns too.
  19. Looks like wall is ending very soon - if you're missing this year's new dragon, the AP's running out any minute now.
  20. Pharos Not as brilliant as the lovely Lihnseyre and Kingcrowne mockups, but I really like this!
  21. Why hello there, favourite Valentine dragon! 😍 I appreciate the darker colouring and generally not-so-powder-pink-fluff-and-fat-hearts-in-ma-face forms of affection. Some countries celebrate February 14th as Friendship Day, after all. It's also nice that they're clearly still dragons in the description - somewhat vain and keeps territories.
  22. Yes! The gendered hatchling has stayed dark purple even through puberty; I'm getting really hyped about this one and can't wait to see the adult sprite! If it's sorted between Amalthean and Anagallis, I suppose that aside from Amor-something it could also be Amica-something.
  23. Oho, the hatchling is keeping its dark colouring so far. I'm still prepared that puberty could hit it like a freight train of pink and fluff, but I ain't going to lie that I think it'd be nice to have a more... 'clean' valentine dragon design, like the first Valentine. I like what I'm seeing so far!
  24. Happy Valentine's Day! 💐 New eggs look a little like blue potato spuds😆 Could they be named Amor-something?
  25. Same with Daily Dragon Fix - I can't use the 'Import all' button, but it works fine to enter the codes one by one.