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annageckos.png / ARK2-1.gifI give/take IOU's. I breed most my dragons on request, just ask. Call me Anna, no need for the 'geckos' part

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    North East USA
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    Avatar picture is Kenny and Shorty(basset hound, RIP)
    Sometimes I have trouble expressing myself correctly. I never mean to offend anyone, that is never my intention. I am sorry if I did.

    CB Ice and low gen
    CB or low gen Magma
    CB or low gen Thunder
    CB Xenowyrms (all)
    Low gen tinsels (any color)
    Low gen shimmers (all colors)
    CB/low gen silver dragons
    CB/low gen gold dragons
    CB gold (male)
    Low Gen Holly
    Any ND (or even some tips and help to make my own)
    Chickens !!!
    Dinos: 1 yellow (freezing), 1 green (freezing), 1 purple (freezing), 2 red (freezing)

    I am willing to try to breed almost anything from my scroll if asked. I will answer any PM's I get when I see them. I am also willing to trade for things on my list, just let me know.

    I have a horrible memory, so if I don't answer you or I owe you something give me a poke. I don't mind, just please don't be rude.

    I have a 3rd gen holly. I want to trade it's offspring this Christmas season. If you're interested send me a PM and let's discuss it. Open to offers.

    I Take and Give IOU's