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  1. I know that one didn't show the breed name when I picked up the egg, but others did even though it was the first time I've gotten either dragons.
  2. I've been away from DC for a bit and I'm trying to catch up on the dragons I've missed. Some of my dragons don't have a breed name listed and I'm not sure why. Normally when I pick up a new breeds egg the breed name shows. But it isn't happening to all the new dragons I've grabbed. Here is one I can't see the name of, I know there were others too but I'd have to look for them.
  3. I really like these guys. Nothing about them say 'Christmas' to me. I love the antlers and they do give off a spooky vibe. Black Marrows are my favorite Halloween, Graves are next but I think these guys are up there now too.
  4. Thank you @Alectrona for the clicks. And thanks for the tips, in my irritation I completely forgot to try on a different browser. Give it some time, I'm sure I'll forget again.
  5. I know this comes up from time to time but I can not remember if there is a fix for this. I was clicking on my newest batch of eggs and three of the eight don't show a click. I've clicked them multiple times, clicked on actions and show code, often that works to get the click to register but these three are being stubborn right now. Why does this happen and is there something else I can do to get the clicks to register? I know it isn't the biggest deal but it annoys me anyway. In the past I've even had my friend click on an egg and it still wouldn't register the click. Often they will at some later time.
  6. I like the updated sprites, they look nice but still similar to what they use to look like. The new dragons are cute too, I like Harry Potter but not a huge fan so the meaning is lost on me. I'm more excited by the trading and market place.
  7. I missed this drop and the last by a day or so, but it wasn't too hard to get most of the eggs I wanted. Not as easy as it is in the beginning but not impossible either. I am not great at catching eggs, I don't have the reflexes for it. I'm also on DC time, and I never stay up to midnight to try and catch eggs. I always wait til I get up in the morning. It is always easy to get them then, six or so hours after the drop starts. I don't know why people think that those in the DC time zone have some advantage. I'm sure it works for some people, but it also works for some people in different time zones. It is easier to get up early IMO than to stay up many hours late. There is no drop time that would make everyone happy.
  8. Sending out flowers. I would love some in return, any and all please.
  9. Sending out flowers. I would love some in return, any and all please.
  10. Sending out to a bunch of people. I'd love some flowers. Anything, everything. Scroll name: annageckos
  11. Question about zombies. I've been away from DC for about a year and just getting back into it. I see people talking about zombies and zombie fodder. Has the odds of getting zombies outside of Halloween changed?
  12. Have you cleared your cache and cookies? I know I'm bad about doing that and I start to get issues if I don't keep up on it.
  13. I don't think she will click the change password link again to get the site it is trying to redirect to. If you are unwilling to try anything, and can not take your computer to get fixed I'm afraid you are out of options. There is nothing we can do to help. You have to be willing to try some of these suggestions.
  14. I am not saying to switch forever to a new browser. I also have my favorite. But sometimes you just need a back up to work out problems, like now. Why not try?
  15. You can easily download a second (or third or more) browsers. I have two (plus IE that I never use). I have my main browser that I use for everyday stuff and a back up. The second one I sometimes need because my main is giving me issues or doesn't want to load a certain site. It also helps to problem solve if something like this happens. You can also delete the other browser when you are done using it. It is a temporary thing only, no need to make a permanent switch. No one anti virus will pick up all viruses. None are perfect. I run my normal anti virus and malwarebytes. Sometimes something gets through my anti virus that malwarebytes picks up. Please read through what people are saying to you. It feels you are getting very defensive and not really hearing what is being said. Computer stuff can suck and be complicated. I just went through an issue with a driver and it was so much harder to fix then it needed to be, but I got it in the end by listening to some advice. If you can not do any of the suggestions then the only thing I can think of would be to take it to someone to fix for you. Good luck.
  16. AOND isn't working for me. The main page works fine but when I click on daycare I get The connection was reset The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. This started just after Halloween, so figured that the site was just over loaded. It was working fine before and on Halloween. Other hatcheries are working fine, but AOND is my favorite.
  17. There are species of lizard that are female only. And one site says there are 70 species of vertebrates that reproduce asexually. Granted that is a very small percentage of living creatures on earth. But honestly that doesn't really matter. This game is not on earth and not everything is going to match earths biology. I like the way holidays work. I wouldn't be against changing it but I see no reason to do so. So I'd vote to leave it as it is.
  18. Thank you, I did look at that but it didn't occur to me that was how to remove the dragons. Derp.
  19. Maybe I'm just over looking it, which happens a lot. But is there a way to delete a particular dragon from a group? I added the wrong dragons but I can not find a way to remove them. Or do I have to delete the group and start over? This is the first time I've tried using groups. I actually have been a way from DC for some time and trying to catch up on everything I missed. Also how do I edit my signature? I seem to over looking that too.
  20. So do you get anything for completing the game? I really don't like it and find it frustrating and not fun at all.
  21. Because not everyone thinks the same way, and some people truly have issues with numbers and these kind of things. IMO, you should get a badge for trying. I never would have gotten mine without my BF's help.
  22. I hate minesweep, I can not play it. I don't get it and never have. I use to try it. It really sucks that this will be the first badge I'm going to miss out on, and not because I missed the event. But because I'm too dumb to get this game. Guess I might as well site this one out.