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  1. Thank you to whomever noticed this typo! I definitely misnamed the dragon and you caught it -- her name is ShimmerMOON, not ShimmerTEARS. And hey, it's given me a couple extra characters to work with! Also, if anyone else here has come across my dragon descriptions and left a nice comment (there was probably some reference to a Great War, or a simply distasteful amount of Angst), thank you. I've been in a deep valley for a while, and writing these descriptions has been the first creative thing I've really felt excited about in a while. Thanks for giving me feedback, and for taking the time to leave a comment, and for brightening my dark little hole.
  2. Oh Gods my naming process is a whole Thing haha First, I have tags to tell me about the dragon's lineage for my breeding and playing purposes -- CB for caveborns, 2G for second-gen dragons, etc., with addendums like 'PB' to indicate a purebred dragon, or SS for a stairstep lineage. So, a 3G PB SS tag would precede a 3rd generation dragon, with a purebred lineage, and a stairstep shape. THEN, a little dash to actually name the dragon. For non-holiday or -prize dragons, the naming convention goes [Adjective related to the dragon's breed][Adjective or noun that fits with the first part of the name]. So like, my Moonstones (my biggest collection lol) are mostly named some variation of Moon[blank]. I think there's actually a dragon in there somewhere named Moonblank lol. But the way it would be formatted would be more like '2G PB - Moonblank' once my tagging was all said and done. There's a whole different system for my holidays and prize dragons... I won't get into that one now lol I think this is the first time I've ever articulated that process to anyone before! I didn't realize how many internalized rules about naming dragons I had in my head... Sorry for the text wall, haha
  3. I think this puts it perfectly -- I've been able to collect all the eggs for the last 9 years because I was lucky, but this year, I had some personal stuff that meant I didn't have the time or access to log in frequently enough, and I'm stuck at 52 this year. As someone who has played continuously since I started playing in late November of 2009, through college and marriage and jobs, missing this event just sucks. I'm not trying to be whiny, and I know that other people were able to manage just fine, but I'm really sad right now. I've been here through a lot of events in DC and I love the game, I've donated to the site before... I just wish there was a way to allow a little room for error, for life to get in the way. If it was within my power, that's what I would want to do. Anyway. Happy Festival of Eggs, y'all.
  4. HAVE 2G Holly Hatchling from hellfire wyvern mother; precog says it'll be male. WANT Any other 2G Holly; if hatchling, would want it to be precog female. Thanks in advance! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. You're absolutely right, and I see the other folks in here saying that, too... I've never had any trouble with viewbombers before, but I posted in here and apparently someone decided to. Ugh. Wish there was a way (other than hiding defenses!) to prevent it.
  6. Hey y'all, reminder to make sure you watch your eggs closely -- someone viewbombed my eggs and all of them are sick now. Glad I thought to check them again this evening!!
  7. Nice nice! First time in an embarrassingly long time that I actually noticed the "hey there's a new release" forum post more than a few days after, haha. Got my two of each, looking forward to seeing the adults! Edit: hey, this was not an invitation to viewbomb my new eggs, ya jerk. 3:<
  8. @sroo thank you! that makes sense. now to go hunt...once the Valentine's biome appears again, haha.
  9. Hi! I feel like i'm being silly, but could someone explain to me the alt-sweetling decision? I'm not sure I'm getting it -- is it that alt-owners can breed alts? Or that if alt-owners get CBs from the new valentine's biome, those will grow into alts? Pardon again for not getting it, I just want to know how much to get my hopes up as a non-alt owner, haha. Happy Valentine's, everyone! ~Feathers
  10. I got a limit message for a Yulebuck when I tried to snag one -- I have bred ones I don't REALLY want to release if I can help it! D: ~Feathers
  11. Ah, drat. Thanks for letting me know, though! I'll have to trade someone to go through them and find the few described dragons, haha.
  12. *adjust old lady glasses* Perhaps I'm just missing it, or I'm imagining a feature that was never available, but is it possible to sort dragons by "user described" vs "not user described" ? I've got nearly 3,000 dragons and I know I've described a few, but dang if trying to open all of them to find the handful I've described doesn't seem like a chore... Thanks for any guidance here, I'm an old fart and I forget what's been added or not, ha ha.
  13. OH MAN GET PUMPED Happy Halloween, everyone!!
  14. Yeah that's my thought. With the two-headed opals, I think the greens were rarer to drop at first, but there were still people who got them. It'd be difficult for me to believe we could go more than 12 hours without anyone getting a greenie, ha ha.
  15. Do we have any proof of anyone grabbing a green one from the cave? It's sounding more like they're like the Alt-Vines, Alt-Blacks, Alt-Undines -- breeding alts. Although I suppose none of those examples have different-colored eggs... ~Feathers
  16. Oh man, actually online for this one! Whoo!
  17. My thoughts exactly, friend. But hey, happy birthday DC! *stalks the biomes* ~Feathers
  18. I keep getting booted back a step, too. Oh well, homework to finish. Happy Valentine's, all! ~Feathers
  19. Thanks!! I had chopped down the tree and tried to climb it, but the game was just like "nope it's dead, you killed it Jim, no climbing the tree"
  20. wait, how do people get from horse to spider? I've been pleading with the creature but it doesn't seem to help, ha ha ~Feathers
  21. I'm stuck there, too. Pleading with the horse does not seem to be helping... ~Feathers
  22. Yayyy purple! Happy Valentine's, everyone! ~Feathers
  23. Welp, now my game is freezing after I finish a task instead of giving me more items... Does that mean I have them all? X] ~Feathers
  24. Thanks, folks! I did find my two of each pretty quickly X] And the wedding was great! <3 ~Feathers
  25. Aw man! I was busy getting married on the 26th... Time to get hunting? ~Feathers