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Trading Now:  Nothing atm, check back later. Thanks for looking. (Updated: 6/1/20)

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    Daydreaming about 2nd gen Prizes... u.u </3
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    Animals, MMORPGs, XBox games and XBox Live, Horror and Fantasy books and movies (I like stuff that makes me laugh or think, or both), anime (still not well versed lol), music - all kinds, COOKIES!!!, astrology, learning, fire, explosions, traveling, mythology, writing, unique socks, sleeping in and staying up late, cars, computers, Secret of Mana (the ORIGINAL, for the Super Nintendo =P), addictive internet sites... like this one... LOL <3


    Last Update: 9/7/2017, 8:00 pm Cave Time.

    If you are here about potential trades, please see my wishlist; I have so very many things there, and I keep it updated. Alternatively, look at my the Top Priority Hunts section just below and also at the buttons in my signature. If I ever have anything up for trade that you need for a lineage project but you don't have what I am asking for, please PM me {politely >,<} and let me know. If I can't offer you the exact dragon(s) I have at the moment, I might still be able to help. <3

    I used to have my trade rules and a great deal of other vital info here but I found that it clogged my profile - which is already quite bloated. See the General Info page on my website (Misha's Corner link in my sig) for all of that, as well as for the link to the form to request Holiday babies from me. <3

    Like lottos? Need stuff? I hold lottos in the Eggs Around The World Dragonmarket sporadically and don't usually announce them on the forums. I try to hold at least one every month, so be sure to stop by there every now and then if you want to participate.

    DISCLAIMER: I have a section in my sig stating that I occasionally do cross-site trades. That DOES NOT apply here on DC. Cross-site trading is not allowed here, and I do not break any site's ToS to do trades. I am happy to help you, but please do not ask me to do something that is against the rules. Please make sure that any site you wish to ask me for a trade on allows such a trade before you ask me. Thank you!


    Needs gifted:
      • Frostine: Cupid Amor x Pink. Snow Angels x Albinos.
      • bloodonmyfangs: Male White x Female Silver 3rd gen checker.
      • azazelbunny: Graves/Marrows/Lurkers x Golden Wyvern.
      • AnanoKimi: 2Gs from (Moonstone x White) and (M Blue Opal x F Green Opal).

    Biggest DC Dream:
    2G Yulebuck from Hershel. If you get a Yule egg from him and if you're willing to take anything short of my soul for it, please message me and state your demands. I will do whatever it takes to earn that baby, you have no idea how much this would mean to me. ♥

    Top Priority Hunts ATM:
      • Absolutely everything on my wishlist (sorted there by priority) and on the buttons in my sig. <3
      • Halloween Hatchy IOUs, as many as I can get.
      • 2G Prizekins, every breed, every color, but most especially holidays (and those on my wishlist). <3
      • CB Metals, especially female Golds. Also interested in 2G metals out of commons and uncommons.
      • 2G Shadow Walker x Holly IOUs - both parents CB. ALWAYS looking for these. <3
      • CB Trios.
      • 2-3G Thuweds. All, but especially non-inbred "purebreds" and holidays.
      • Please note that I generally DO NOT trade for dragons that have unnamed ancestors (or names that include CB, or are generation descriptors or similar things). 2G Prizes and Prizekins are one of the few exceptions to this. The ones that I have on my scroll are either from when I first started on DC or were gifts. I just don't like having dragons on my scroll with unnamed parents/ancestors, so please do not offer them to me. Thank you for understanding.

    IOUs/Long-Term Trades:
        • BlueMint [188965]: (viiK1) sent on 12/29/2014, owed to me = one new 2015 Halloween hatchy. Thanks! ^.^
        • Byakko4: On list, gunna be a long wait. XD ♥
        • kikibug13: Same as above. ♥
        • Wolfsong442: Same as above, still need to send her stuff (to be negotiated when the time gets closer). ♥
        • Myokomiyizaki: Same as above, but would still like to send at least one or two more things her way. ♥


    PRIZES!!! I am looking for 2Gs, so if you have a CB please let me know what I can get for you to earn an egg from your pretty.

    Lotto Info:
    Next Attempt: Due to their apparent lack of willingness to cooperate in the past over-a-year-now, I will be attempting to get eggs for lottos once per month. I have decided, after so many fails, that I will be announcing the lottos here as eggs become available. Also due to the lack of shiny eggs I have been getting, 2017 will be the last year I attempt this. With how easy it's become to get 3Gs, people don't even seem to want them very much anymore, and that combined with the difficulty in getting one out of a Swallowtail is the last straw. It's just too much. Current breeding attempt monthly on: the 1st.

    Another Side Note: Mabari Deadmau5 and his mate WubWubWuv have graciously decided to share the luv. Once a month, their offspring will be sent to the AP. That means there may be a 6th gen Silver Shimmerscale sitting in the AP, just waiting to find a good home. Of course, depending on their mood, it could be a Swallowtail egg or no egg at all! Keep your eyes on the AP. Who knows what you might find? ^.~


    I used to have my trades listed here, but when the history got to be half a foot long on the screen, I decided it was time to purge. I still have it recorded, but it won't be available here until it's active again; many of my old trades are with people who apparently are no longer active. The dangers of long-term trades. u.u

    Kestranic x Kingdom Hope (non-shim):
        • bloodonmyfangs
        • Moulder
        • CLOSED until further notice.


    ...:Breeding Lists:...
    Requests for holiday eggs can be made via my form for holiday requests. Visit the General Info section of my website Misha's Corner, link in my signature here, to review my rules and get the link to the form. Details on how I plan for this to work: When it gets closer to the opening of the holiday breeding season, I will state my availability here on my profile. I usually try to get these requests done on the day that breeding opens unless I get a special birthday request. Requesters will PM me their availability here on the forums approximately one week before breeding opens, and I will edit/resort the list below by the times I will breed. Bear in mind that holidays are a busy time for us all, and I'd like to get these requests filled as quickly and efficiently as possible for both our sakes. PLEASE let me know ASAP if you are not going to be available on the day breeding opens so I can make adjustments to my schedule. Also, you CAN edit your form, so please keep that in mind if your needs change; if you do edit your form, I would appreciate a PM letting me know you've changed it. And finally, that last bit on the form stands, so don't forget! ^.^

    • none yet [123456] : List will go here.

    * - Incomplete form.


    I owe my thanks to these DCers. They have gifted me some of my most cherished dragons (&/or dragons to gift to others), and for that I cannot thank them enough. If your name should be here and isn't, PLEASE message me so I can add you. And of course, thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity. <3

    A. Everyone who has ever gifted me a 2G Prizekin ~ names hidden to protect my wonderful gifters! But I had to include yall here, because I do appreciate you so very much!! Luvs for you! XoXoX
    1. skauble
    2. Amestris A
    3. bloodonmyfangs
    4. Cinnamin Draconna
    5. Rockin' On
    6. jinglepupskye
    7. afortiori
    8. Ioma
    9. Rally Vincent
    10. Coyote
    11. Silver Sea Mystic
    12. Matya
    13. Melisande
    14. Tecca
    15. silverstreak12
    16. Becka
    17. angelicdragonpuppy
    18. Sheeana
    19. Husker
    20. beefcake
    21. Silmarinen
    22. cajunsun
    23. littleironhorse


    Note to self: 24 Kt & Dark Prince -