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  1. Someone else sent me a message, but thanks for offering too.
  2. I need to erase an Influence I completely derped and Influenced a special egg wrong, please help. Currently getting help, thanks.
  3. It appears to be fixed as of tonight, so thanks, TJ. Looks much better.
  4. Thank you very much for the response. I'll try to be patient while waiting for this to be fixed.
  5. Grey, are you using a mobile phone? I suspect this is what happened, the mobile view for phones is now being applied to the mobile view for tablets for some reason, which I'm hoping is just an error and will be fixed. I am using a tablet and the sprites were always a decent size, as seen in the second picture. That's a screenshot from someone else's group of dragons, though, and I'm not sure I have a screenshot of my own scroll before the change happened, so you can't really see the difference in text. For now, I've been switching to desktop view when looking at my main scroll pages or groups, and using the mobile view when looking at individual dragons or doing other things like breeding, since nothing appears to have been changed there, but it's still annoying to have to do that constantly. There are downsides to using desktop skins on a tablet too, the biggest one being that the sidebar/panel isn't available and I'd have to go up to the top of the page to access my account settings or see trade notifications and so on. Scrolling quickly down a page also has issues with desktop view. I guess my main complaint is this: tiny dragon sprites and HUGE TEXT looks bad. Maybe that works for those of you using phones, but I don't like it at all.
  6. I had this issue a while back too, seems it was early November after checking the screenshot I took. The power had gone out for a short period of time and it happened after that. I think it only lasted about a day or less, then it was back to normal without me having to do anything. Just thought I'd mention this, since someone else said it happened after their power went out too. I hope the rest of you can get this resolved soon.
  7. At least I know it's not just me, then. Hopefully this will be fixed.
  8. I woke up this morning to this. (See first pic. The second pic is for comparison, but it's not from my scroll, which is why the dragon names are censored.) For the record, I'm using a tablet and not a phone. This is an awful mobile view. I don't need enormous text bigger than my dragons, I can always zoom in if I need to. I've tried clearing my cache and some cookies, updating my browser, and even checking it on a different browser, but it remains the same. I'm really hoping this is just a glitch and not an "update" because it's really distracting and unpleasant. Is anyone else using mobile having this issue?
  9. Cuts back on the amount of time/space some of us have for making last-minute preparations for holiday lineages, or just working on some other breeding projects in between the major holidays.
  10. This exactly. Even though I don't really like November releases either (I feel like I need a break between the Halloween and x-mas breeding seasons), it's still much more preferable than an actual non-holiday December release. :c I know there are a lot of nice dragons just waiting for their chance to get into the caves, but doing so right before major holidays is really stressful and unpleasant. And on top of all that, drops don't last very long before the other eggs start mixing in, as other people have pointed out. I have only one new egg right now and I doubt it'll be easy to find more by the time I finally have sufficient space on my scroll. Frustrating.
  11. HAVE: Extremely ER (roughly 21 hours) new Halloween hatchie (Kohraki) with a "gud" code. Can precog upon request. WANT: 2G alt or 2G prize, either PB or from Fool Mint. No other offers, please. PM to trade, since it's fogged to prevent premature growth.
  12. Thank you. I kind of feel like a dork for it, but I kept imagining some poor soul constantly running into worse and more vicious dragons as the night wore on, then I decided to try to work in at least one of each Halloween dragon we have now, although some didn't fit in as well as I would have liked.
  13. This is going to seem like overkill, but once I got the idea in my head, I couldn't stop. Response under spoiler, because I went nuts with it.
  14. Do those Aeons do anything but sit there? Should I even bother with them anymore?
  15. Huh. Well, 9:01 still isn't 9:00. On another note, nice treats this year. Though there were a few, I'm glad this batch wasn't totally oversaturated with pop culture references. Getting user-submitted art also ensures a nice variety. Looking forward to seeing what these new dragons turn out to be.
  16. No drop at 9:00 AM. Why D = Edit: Luckily there was one at 9:05 and I snagged one! But I need to free up more egg-slots soon.
  17. Yeah´╗┐, that was me. I'm not a huge Vampire fan, since they're jerks, but I have been collecting a few Halloween-lineaged Vamps just for the heck of it. I'd probably only take a CB if it was ER. What I really want, though, is one from a Zombie checker. I'm trying to make my own, but doubt I'll have much success. If somebody could do that (like if you have a partial Zombie checker that can still breed), I'd really like that, would trade´╗┐ nice things for one.
  18. You have the exact opposite of my Vampire luck, lol. It gets my vote.
  19. Is there a thread where I can request/offer eggs to be Bitten by Vampires? This one was closed because Vamps can be traded in "existing threads" and this one was closed due to the possibility of people bugging others for AP'd eggs. (I'd say just remove that part and re-open.) But yeah, Vampires hate me and the feeling is mutual, already have two dead eggs. This is why I rarely use them. Edit: Thanks for all the offers and help, I think I'm good for now.
  20. Okay, these puns were Tercorny to not jump on the bandwagon this time. Many of my new name-holders are being put to good use. Thusfar I have: Tercornball Tercorn Pops Tercorn Puffs Tercorn Nuts High-Fructose Tercorn Syrup Halloween Candy Tercorn and Tercorn Concert *shakes fist at whoever took "Tercornucopia", now I have to hyphenate it*
  21. The "normal" dergs are my favorites, but I am amused by the pygmy descriptions. Just picture pygmies punching everything. PUNCH A FISH SHARK IN THE FACE! (Props if you get that without looking it up.)
  22. Looking for the contact info for new member "Viperflare".
  23. In the distance comes a chorus of roars from angry Green Dragons, your best customers. You now have an instant army. An epic showdown is imminent.
  24. Hmm, I really should have figured that one out on my own, Simple Logic 101. Thanks. Shows I am invisible.