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    At unicreatures you get to adopt many types of creatures, interact with them, and even train them and have them play a game there too. once you've completely evolved a creature for the first time you get to adopt exhalted and noble ones of those same creatures. After you get certain amounts of rare materials and the like you can even transmute them to get exclusive creatures which i've done three times now. Here is the link to the site, i'm Kelvista there. http://www.unicreatures.com/ Links to my fields there: http://www.unicreatures.com/areas.php?wild=63217 http://www.unicreatures.com/areas.php?id=137725 http://www.unicreatures.com/areas.php?id=137726
  2. Good question let me try to come up with an answer..umm...i can't think of anything.
  3. The egg is obviously in front of you and still when you click the eggs or hatchlings it still say "Try as you might but you can't seem to find the egg or htchling you're looking for." I have a question is it black dragon friday or something cause the AP has a lot of black dragon eggs and hatchlings suddenly?
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    I got one now and thanks for the links.