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120px245suicune_4.png To fight is my nature, to help is my hobby, to protect one and all is my eternal destiny, but I do not mind my destiny, for it gives me the chance to save all from darkness and to bring forth eternal light from here till kingdom come.

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    Madison, Florida
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    The anime I like are: naruto, dragonballz, yuyuhakusho, and bleach.
    The TV shows I like are: NCIS, House, Scrubs, and Heroes.
    The books I like to read are: The Dragons, and Fire Sea the Death Gates cycle.
    The movies I like are: Lord of the Ring, V for Vendetta, and a few foreign martial arts films called: Ong Bak, and Spirited Killer. I wish i could get the others i've seen but oh well i'll get them eventually.