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    Town of Salem

    A brilliant game still in Alpha I believe. Free to play, and it is based completely on the Mafia party game(sometimes Werewolf or Devil if you so prefer.). It's a browser game, so no finicky installation weird sturf, either It has well over twenty-something roles that are really fun to play with, too The game: http://www.blankmediagames.com/TownOfSalem/ Roles: http://www.blankmediagames.com/roles/ Lots of info, and Kickstarter!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200271...le-browser-game Still plenty of bugs to be found and patching being made. Currently joining a game is random, so it can be difficult to play with friends, but I'm sure that option will arise soon!
  2. Aquenee

    Stardew Valley

    "You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home?" So I've been addicted to this lovely game for a week, hehe. There is so much to do. Of course, you have a massive selection of crops to grow each season, so you could focus on farming. There's also fishing, which can earn you a ton of gold and the fish you find differ depending on the season and where you fish. You could choose to spend your time foraging for various wild plants and resources out in the wild (or even on your own overgrown farmland). Perhaps you would prefer to go mining for ores and valuable gems, which also comes with combat, because you can't go and rob the earth of its precious minerals without facing a bunch of slimes and weird bug things! You could even spend your time socializing with a very diverse array of characters (and romancing some of them ). Then there's also hunting for artifacts, raising livestock, decorating your home/farm, and of course participating in the seasonal festivities. I've probably missed out on half of the feature of this fantastic game. So, anyone else here addicted to Stardew Valley? I'm personally almost done with autumn. I've been overflowing my farm with cranberries and making some insane gold with them. Been blowing a bunch of it on buying coffee to seduce Harvey with, but that is perfectly fine
  3. Aquenee

    Brave Frontier

    A free game for iOS and Android. I'm so addicted, this game has dragged me away from DC >.< On the Google Play Store It's on mobogenie, too. Of course, the Japanese version is much more up-to-date and can be found on evozi. The story begins in Grand Gaia, where four Fallen Gods are trying to destroy humanity again(yes, again.). You are summoned through the gate into this world by Lord Lucius, who tasks you with the goal of taking down these four gods. Plenty of storyline in between, characters like a goddess whom protects you, the average "YEAH YOU CAN DO IT!" guy, the battle chick that treats you like a useless rookie, and so on. And it's a game that definitely lasts a while. Playing for two months at level 81, I've only defeated one of the gods. Essentially you're a summoner with the ability to summon warriors from long in the past, when the fallen gods were first stopped from destroying humanity. There's a fantastic amount of units you can summon and more coming out all the time. Not to mention, there's beautiful lore in between all of the units, some of which you have to pick through to find the connections and some which are obvious. Lemia, for instance, became a necromancer to revive her lover whom was lost in a mysterious experiment, and ended up fighting with the guardian of Hell itself for trying to manipulate death. Between the lines, though, Shida oversees the experiments where Lemia's lover was lost, so you can deduce that he was responsible for her lover's death. Fun stuff like that! There's plenty of events, too. Daily dungeons in the Vortex Gate, metal and jewel parades. Frontier Hunter season 4 is going on right now, too, and all of these events have some very worthwhile prizes. And of course, you get down into little details with each unit. They have health, attack, defense, and recovery stats, and different 'types' that will lower one stat to raise another, much like Pokemon natures. They also have brave bursts as their sort of mega-signature-awesome attack(unless you have a brave burst that heals or buffs, then it isn't an attack lol.). Most of the ways you'll get units is by Rare Summons, which you do with five gems. Yes, yes, you can buy gems, but they're actually so very common in the game itself that paying players don't actually get that much of a boost over free players. It's excellently balanced, and I've played for a while on the free player side and for a bit on the paying player side. I didn't get much of a boost ahead of other players when I paid, but it does give a lot of things that will be helpful in the long run, such as space for more items and units. And on the topic of Rare Summons... they are probably the most fun in rolling the dice ever. You could get an utter crap unit like Ziz. You don't want Ziz. Ziz is awful. Or... you could be envied by everyone when you get Lunaris, or Fauron, or Elimo among other fantastic units. Not to mention... now is a fantastic time to join. You get a free rare summon in the tutorial, and the Rare Summon gate is currently giving higher chances of getting Luly, Lunaris, and Rina. Lunaris will remain the best dark unit you can get for quite a while. Luly I believe is the second best earth unit now and Rina probably the second thunder unit. Basically, you get a free rare summon with higher chances of some of the best units possible. As for me... I have several squads. My main squad consists of Cyborg Lilith II, Holy Thunder Eze, Ice Master Dean, Rakshasa Vishra, and Goth Idol Kikuri. I'm level 81 What's scary is that I've only named a fraction of the features. I could go on about the arena, leader skills, mock unit trials, and more but this is already looking like a text wall! Anywho, if you join, feel free to post with your friend ID so that I can add you! You can take a friend's leader with you on missions, so I'm sure some of my maxed out awesome units could help lol.
  4. Aquenee

    Blood Type

    I am O-. I've figured for years I was an O since both of my parents are O, but in the past semester I've done a few blood drives at my college and have been told I'm O-. I do try to donate as often as I can
  5. Aquenee

    Things that make you happy

    Unexpectedly receiving a 96 on my final essay, the highest anyone has received on an essay in that class... I was hopeless about getting an A in the class because I needed exactly a 96+ to get an A. So now I have an A. Yessss
  6. Aquenee


    Oh lord I want to scream. My first finals week. From the sounds of things, I have an incredibly unstressful finals week involving only two final exams, a 6-8 page final paper, and an 8 hour final project, but I am still incredibly stressed and almost dying inside a little. I've got the Bio, English, and Art down, but Chemistry is a bit of a nightmare. The teacher we were supposed to have retired. The man who replaced her is probably a very good teacher when it comes to things he's taught before and is used to teaching, but he's said he hasn't messed with this course in years so it's a bit of a struggle for all of us. It most certainly is not his fault he got thrown into this, but man, over half of the class is spent correcting his slides and him going back and forth to make sure he's teaching us correctly. Thankfully, next semester, I'll have a professor who is actually used to the course he's teaching. Still, I think I've come out of this semester knowing less about chemistry than when I started, and that is concerning since my final is in less than a week >.<
  7. Aquenee

    Piano/keyboard players

    Played keyboard in my high school band. It was nice not having to actually march, but we still had to haul heavy keyboards, stands, sound equipment, generators, etc. and get them all set up in a span of maybe 15-30 seconds. Granted, in the stands, all we could do is dance along to the rest of the band's playing, but it was still great fun. I haven't touched a keyboard in a while, but I'm sure I can remember most of my scales and some parts from songs we played
  8. Aquenee


    Oh boy. I took Calc A and Speech over the summer at a community college so that they would be out of the way before I go to UAH. Mostly because I only needed one year of Calc so I decided to just get it done and Speech because I knew it would be much easier on me in a small summer class at a community college than at a huge university in the fall. I took my finals last week, easily aced both classes (solid 100+ in both) so that is a great start. I move in to UAH in about three days and I am simultaneously scared and excited. I'm not an incredibly independent person even though I act like I am. It's a little concerning to me that I'm going to be spending most of my time not in the house I've always spent 80% of my time in, away from my parents and the people I rely on to help me if I so need it. At the same time, I'm excited to start trying things on my own and learning more about how to properly handle myself, because these are things I really did not grow up learning and I know I need to know them. So, I suppose a (scary) new chapter is beginning. Today next week I'll be preparing for my first day of class after having spent a week on campus, getting used to my suitemates and possible new friends. At least my current best friend is coming to the same place, so I suppose I have something familiar to hang on to. I'm a Biology major by the way ;P taking Principles of Biology, Honors English, General Chemistry I, and Drawing Foundations this semester. Hopefully it won't be too bad, I got tips from an older Bio student on which professors to take haha.
  9. Aquenee

    Attachment Styles in Adults

    According to the test, I'm right on that line between dismissive-avoidant and secure, but just a bit more into the dismissive-avoidant area. I definitely agree that I'm dismissive-avoidant; despite being in a two-year-and-going-strong relationship, I never let myself get too attached to the person and I never invest much in them. Closeness is fine and all, but I like to be distant enough that my life won't really be altered and I won't be affected very much should the relationship end. People that treat their few-months-long partners as lifelines and such scare me a little bit but I guess everyone gets attached differently.
  10. Aquenee

    Pokemon Go

    A friend and I went after our first gym with our new Flareons today. We took it down, but I managed to accidentally put a wimpy Krabby in to defend it so we lost it again after about thirty minutes Almost all of the gyms out here are Instinct, though, so that's fantastic
  11. Aquenee

    How are you feeling?

    Relieved mostly. First college class of my life was today; Speech, while we're at it. I'm awful at this. People scare me and I get nervous and want to shrivel up and cry and explode. They aren't so bad if I get to be prepared for them, but we had to do impromptu speeches on randomly-drawn topics. Everyone else gets "why are seat belts important" and "what is on your bucket list" and "what makes a person a hero" meanwhile I somehow manage to draw "why are humans fascinated by the universe" I mean what. Sure, with planning, I could write a whole lovely essay on this topic but I'm given thirty seconds to think about something to say, oh boy. Luckily I did it and it's over and I get to plan for the rest of my speeches
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    Q&A: Questions and Answers

    Yes! Thank you so much, that is exactly what I was looking for. I hate it when you forget a word but you know it exists and what it means. Ah, months of racking my brain, finally solved
  13. Aquenee

    Q&A: Questions and Answers

    Alright, this is probably a very simple and silly question but for some reason, even an hour on Google couldn't help me. I'm looking for the word for something you give up temporarily to someone you borrow something from. Basically you lend it to them for as long as you're borrowing something, and that way that person can trust you to return whatever it is you borrowed. For instance, if I need to borrow a pen, I give you my shoe. Sure, my shoe might not have any real use to you, but at least you can now trust me to return your pen because I'm obviously going to need my shoe back. What on earth is the word for this? It's somehow evaded me for months.
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    2016-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 10th Birthday!

    Whoo! Happy birthday, DC!
  15. Aquenee

    Current Thought Thread

    I'm just feeling so nostalgic right now. I joined DC in October of 2009. I was a nerdy little 6th grade student when I joined. I remember one of my first dragons was an autumn seasonal and for the first week, I would sit in class and draw stupid little dragon doodles of what I thought my egg would eventually hatch into. In five days I will graduate high school and start college classes a week later. All though my middle school and high school careers, DC was my little outlet of relaxation and calmness after the day. I just find it insane that I've been here so long and that DC's been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, even though I feel like yesterday I was drawing weird-looking autumn dragons. This is a bucket of feels and what.
  16. Aquenee

    criminal minds

    So, I was really sick last week and stayed home. My mom was watching this all day so I decided to watch a bit, too. And then I got hooked and arghh I'm in season three and it's so good. My poor precious babies I love them all, Reid, Hotch, and Morgan especially <3 I loved Gideon so much too D:
  17. Aquenee

    I Know That Reference

    Dr Whoves Both My Little Pony and Doctor Who!
  18. Aquenee

    I Know That Reference

    Well I'm seeing quite a few Shakespeare references, and in honor of missing out on watching A Midsummer Night's Dream today with my friends, I'll have to say Oberon XNova is cool
  19. Aquenee

    2016-04-14 - Moderator Applications

    Well, with just about six and a half years on DC, one tiny warn in my history, quite a few descriptions under my belt, and the concept of Description Moderators, I couldn't help myself. I've applied, and although there are many who are more qualified, I hope something comes of it! Regardless of whether I make it or not, I am so excited to see Description Moderators as a possibility! Good luck to everyone who has applied!
  20. Aquenee

    Stardew Valley

    Yes it is! Chucklefish is just the publisher, ConcernedApe is responsible for making and completing this lovely game. It is a full, wonderful game, but it IS still going through minor updates from time to time (as most games do.).
  21. Aquenee

    I Know That Reference

    It Fills You With Determination Undertale of course
  22. Aquenee

    Question about a trade?

    Hrrmmm I haven't been around lately so I don't really know the value of Xenowyrms anymore, but they used to be rare right?... How many CB Celestials can I get with a CB Astrapi?
  23. Aquenee

    The Nicest Thing Someone Has Said to You?

    "Her voice is probably the best thing in the world, it's just so good! I could listen to her read the textbook and just fall asleep; not in the way that her voice is boring, but that it is soothing. (Aquenee), read something out of the textbook!" Me: *reads something out of government textbook* "IS THAT NOT THE BEST THING EVER?!" thanks mr. civics teacher? That entire class is obsessed with my normal speaking voice now. I find it a lot more odd and strange than "nice," but I know the intention is nice so I guess it is cool that people like my voice hahaha
  24. Aquenee

    Stardew Valley

    Yes, I have actually messed around with modding quite a bit. My practice hasn't gone further than just making Lewis's shirt red, but that is more than enough skill than is required to redraw a portrait. Here is a good place to get started: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads...n-redux.109131/ Portraits and graphic editing are pretty much all covered by XNB modding, so you should probably stay in that range! I did find a very nice tutorial for XNBnode earlier, I'll link it if I can find it again. EDIT: XNB modding does require that you download XNBnode. This is because all of the graphics files are .xnb files, and XNBnode allows you to unpack those files so you can edit them as a normal .png file and then turn them back into a normal .xnb file. There is a step-by-step process here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s5cEf7N...s2S5_MA9to/edit
  25. Aquenee

    Stardew Valley

    psssh harvey is always attractive. Granted I do also have a mod that gives him a lovely beard I haven't had very much time to play recently, so I'm still in my first winter. I've also only gotten the craft room completed, but I'm almost there on the fish tank one.