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  1. Hmmm I think gray-asexual or autochorissexual is probably as close as it's going to get for now. I'll keep looking, though. Thanks :3
  2. Hmmm definitely not lithsexual. Autochorissexual, from what I've read, sounds a lot closer but still a bit off. Most of what I'm seeing involves not envisioning myself in fantasies, not being attracted to/aroused by other people, or not wanting to have sex with another person, all of which I do. It's hard explaining to my man that I'm definitely attracted to him sexually and stuff but don't actually want to perform the act.
  3. One of my teachers has the cutest little snek. You see, he is a shy snek. but he is also a beautiful and cute snek.
  4. So since the bisexual thing is done and I'm not going to bother on the asexual thing... I've been thinking a bit about my sexuality. I know very well I'm demi/biromantic, but sexuality is another story. Is there a particular term to match if I'm sexually aroused by and attracted to males and females, but DO NOT want to actually engage in the act? I'll fantasize it and enjoy fantasizing about it, but even if I had the chance to sex up my dream person, I'd back off and continue just fantasizing instead of performing. Is there a separate term for this? Is it just a more in-depth way of explaining a common term? Is it a form of asexuality? I don't knooow
  5. Aquenee

    Neko Atsume

    This is a fantastic, adorable game about collecting cats. That's pretty much it. You put little kitty toys in your yard and watch as adorable wittle kitties show up and play with the toys and awww it's so cute <3 Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...oint.nekoatsume Anyway the main goal of the game is to get pictures of all of the cats, as well as attracting rare cats with special toys :3 It's just one of those games you check every fifteen minutes, squee of the cute kitty-ness, and forget for another fifteen minutes. It's strangely addicting.
  6. Do you like wearing dresses? Why/Why not? Yes <3 they feel so pretty and flowy and lovely. But I don't like drawing attention to myself, so I only wear them for special occasions or if I expect a lot of other people to be wearing them Do you have lots of dresses? Do you wish you had more? I have about five or six. And yes I want more. How do you feel about playsuits compared to dresses? Hrmm after a short google search, I think the playsuits that you can actually see are separated at the leg look really awkward. The ones that just look the same as dresses are really pretty though What length of dress do you like? Mini? Midi? Floor length? Looong. Not to the floor; those trip me up so badly. But about ankle-length is the best thing ever but I like anything below the knee. If it's above the knee, it's gotta be really poofy and cool What do you like/dislike about dresses? They draw attention if you're the only one around in a dress D: or at least they feel like they do. Also if they're too long it can be awkward to sit down, especially in a car since you have to make sure none of it is hanging out the door Want to share a photo of your favourite dress? Hrmm, not my favorite, but here's a lovely one I wore for Valentine's day with my man :3
  7. Okay I'm a little confused. I am personally an omnivore; meat is delicious, yaddayadda, that's how I am. I also know there are many reasons people become vegetarian, such as religion or family. But most commonly I hear either "It's healthier" or it's a protest against the mistreatment of animals. As for the mistreatment of animals thing, I've heard there's some program to send meat to third world countries? I've googled for ages but I can't find what this thing is. It's something about building up reputations for small, un-"factorized" farms while anonymously sending meat from factorized abusive farms to 3rd world countries so that the abused animal meat goes to feed people who actually cannot live without it and the good farms get great advertising. I guess both farms still profit but good credit for good farms and helping 3rd world countries with no credit to the bad farms is a generally good thing. But does anyone know what this thing is called? If it exists? :s
  8. I'm mostly looking into how the labels of sexuality makes it easier for those without the knowledge to understand what it means. Taking the roots of a word apart can give you a good gist of what that word means, without having to go through the more complex explanations of why and how that word means something different from the root. It's easier to immediately associate the word "bisexual" with an attraction to two genders... otherwise, you have people going "what, why?" and arguing about it (as is going on here, although this is more of a civil debate than an argument <3) because having another similar meaning can be misleading. Not to mention, most other labels of sexuality do closely follow the roots of their respective words. Now, words can be pulled around and used to mean different things, and I believe "bisexual" is a very good example of that. Stromboli put it quite well. THIS makes sense to me. I said earlier that I identify as bisexual as I am attracted to males and females. These are two different genders I'm attracted to, and fall within the limit of two as described by the bi- prefix. However, you could just as well say "I am attracted to the same gender and different genders." Because the bi- prefix can be applied to a group of genders as well as a singular gender, since that is not at all specified by the word, that sentence could still be perfectly be put to a bisexual label and still make linguistic sense. Now, this does bring me to my original point. Saying "I am attracted to two or more genders." .... while this statement would be technically true in the second example above, it is still linguistically misleading to apply the bisexual label, since you are specifically saying "two or more" to accompany a prefix meaning "two." Wording is weird, but I'm starting to see where both sides are coming from. "I'm attracted to multiple genders" can be a much simpler, less wordy way of saying "I'm attracted to similar and different genders." And I'll be honest, the less wordy way is probably easier to explain to people who aren't familiar with this kind of knowledge. It is, however, much more confusing when you take the roots of the bisexual label. silently hoping I made some progress with this idea.
  9. Heh, this is a little bit awkward. When I originally wrote that, I was thinking of a close friend of mine. She likes cis females, and trans males. She does not, however, like cis males, despite having that same sexual definition. That's what I was trying to get across but it became a little more awkward-sounding than I thought I know that they are not different, but she... I don't know how to word it, she also knows that they are the same thing but she still specifies. /will not use her for examples anymore because it's just awkward
  10. Some people think of them separately. I personally don't, but I've seen enough people separate them that I'm used to saying "whatever you believe." on that issue. Even if it doesn't match my own Hehe sorry about that. Didn't mean to offend anyone by separating them, it's just that everyone I know always separates them and I personally do not have much knowledge in the trans world Anyway on the training wheel comment: We do not change the prefix because we are not changing the original entity itself. A bicycle has two wheels. The training wheels are not part of the bicycle itself, they are an extension. The bicycle itself still has two wheels, but now it has two supporting wheels added to it. Humans are bipeds, right? So, as you get older, you might need a walking cane to get around. That walking cane is NOT the human itself; it's an extension to support the human. That human doesn't suddenly become a triped because they have a "third leg" to help them, they're a biped with an extension. Just like a bicycle has two wheels with an extra two wheel extension
  11. ...I personally prefer a linguistically accurate label, otherwise it's just really misleading. I am bisexual, and to me, that means I am attracted to two sexes - male and female. Bi- is a prefix literally meaning two. Now, that doesn't mean bisexuality has to conform to "male and female"... it could mean you like "females and transgender males" as long as there are only TWO things to actually worry about in there... because bi- means two. The prefixes are the ONLY thing separating sexualities. Hetero- means different. Therefore, heterosexuals like the gender opposite theirs. Homo- means same. Therefore, homosexuals like the same gender as their own. A- means not. Therefore, asexuals are not sexually attracted to anybody. But suddenly, bi- can mean literally whatever you want it to mean instead of the actual meaning, two? I realize language is always evolving, but that is still really misleading and very confusing... You can say whatever you want about yourself. If you say you are bisexual, my mind will NOT automatically spring to "attracted to two or more," it will spring to "attracted to two" because that is what the prefix means. If you then proceed to tell me you're attracted to more than two, then okay I guess. If you want to label yourself as bisexual, then I will gladly oblige and call you bisexual. However, as long as that label is what you use for yourself, I'm probably not going to remember that you actually like more than two genders. If you say you're bisexual, I'll remember you said "bisexual," and probably not remember the specifics. Which means unless you're a prominent person in my life that I remember your preferences, I'll likely think that you only like two. If you just plain tell me you're, say, polysexual or pansexual or whatever, then I'll immediately associate you with the prefixes for those sexualities. Poly- means multiple, so I'll be able to safely guess you like many genders. Pan- means all, so I'll be able to safely guess that you like anyone regardless of gender. Seriously, it's a lot easier and less confusing to stick to the actual prefixes that go with these sexualities. I've known for all my life that a bicycle is called a bicycle because it has two wheels. If someone told me that anything with two OR MORE wheels was still a bicycle, I would be very confused. It completely takes away from the purpose of the prefix, since suddenly a tricycle is the same thing as a bicycle. If you tell me your sexual identification, I will call you by whatever label you tell me you are. However, I will be under the assumption that the prefix on the label you give me is correct.
  12. Lovely event. I adored the artwork in the credits, too :3 I'm also a proud bearer of a lump of coal hehehe
  13. Happened to me too, and I experienced absolutely no glitches before this. I was using Chrome, so I just swapped to Firefox and this was fixed for me
  14. Warm and happy. Apparently there were supposed to be horrible storms and tornadoes and stuff rolling through here (Alabama) but nope. All is calm and happy and has been all day.
  15. Sick. My nose is dead and my throat is dead and my face is dead and I'm really cold >_<
  16. As far as school goes, I'm acing every subject except calculus right now. Calc is being such a pain but I'm trying to bring it up D: I've been accepted to several places, including UAB, UNA, and UAH and after a bit of looking around, I decided UAH is where I want to go. Had a lot of issues with my transcripts. Apparently our school only does transcripts of four core classes, which would have given me a GPA of 3.2-3.3... which is alright, but not what I needed. I talked to some people about the UAH Honors College and even went to a dinner event with them. I really wanted to go to the Honors College, but they require an unweighted GPA of 3.5. I had to twist around to get my counselor to include all of my classes on my transcript, which would be a 3.6 but I had no idea if the college would accept it or not. Today I got my letter, and I was accepted into the Honors College! *cheers* I was so nervous about it, but I got in and I am definitely happy right now <3
  17. I haven't made any descriptions in ages. A lot of people are saying auto-approve with like 5-20 descriptions already approved... Thing is, I generally write dark descriptions. Last I checked, I have 137 descriptions approved on my dragons. These include: - An alt sweetling who creates candy that Valentine's dragons can eat, but will kill other dragons. He lures hatchlings into eating his candy. And another alt sweet who steals his candy and does the same thing with it. - A gay masochistic pink dragon. Granted, I've toned it down to "he enjoys getting harsh bites from this other pink dragon" but I think the point gets across. Now that I think about it, I have a variety of these sorts of dragons, including a BBW who touches every toxic dragon that walks by. - A Swallowtail who does nothing by laugh at frozen S1s because they'll never be able to fly. - A thunder dragon who led hatchlings into the lair of a murderer. - A "scientific" Ice who would kill hatchlings in order to dissect them and learn about dragon anatomy. He even had a black marrow mate that would pick at the bones he was finished with. - MANY Ices that basically worship that mr. scientific up there and do the same/similar thing he did. - An Ice that knows she is evil and violent.... so she kills her own children because she fears they'll grow up to be evil and violent. - Another Ice that basically restrains dragons and holds them in captivity until they starve to death. Yeah, my Ices are kinda really evil. - An Ice that deep freezes dragon's heads and then smashes the ice. Crunch goes dragon heads. - An Ice (surprise!) who has been restrained underground for all of her life by her cruel human owner who only rarely feeds her scraps (what no that isn't me why would you say that.) - Multiple descriptions that don't directly state, but reference suicide as a way of leaving the hellish evils that take place in my cave. Most of the descs that reference this do have a resolution that pushes the dragon away from those thoughts, though. (EG I have a stripe somewhere that decided life is worth living once he found a mate and had hatchlings) - A heartseeker who would find "mates" for lonely frozen hatchies, by leading them to my various Icey murderers instead. -They aren't too bad, but I do have an entire set of Deadly Sins dragons. - Although I think it is hilarious, I have two male duotones, each of them with a homosexual head and a heterosexual head. And of course, the two homosexual heads love each other, leaving the heterosexual heads to go "wait what, oh god, what do?" - A zombie that uses a magi and an arsani to make female dragons love him and trap them in his cave. Basically, I write a lot of questionable descriptions. Despite knowing the description rules, it's really nice to have comments, both from users and mods, that let me know if I might be getting a little too dark and such. I try to be very careful about my wording, but I would hate if I had a description auto-approved and later get into some trouble if it's a bit too much. Honestly, seeing more desc-only mods would be great. And if the auto-accept idea comes to pass, it'd be great if people had the option to send descs to the long-wait line if they want the proper feedback, like I do :3
  18. My breakfast, ever since I entered school(and probably will be through college :l), has almost always been pop-tarts. I've gone through s'mores, cookie dough, blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, and who knows what other flavors. S'mores is the best. :3
  19. The best thing ever ^. Unfortunately, as I am extremely sensitive to spice, I had to endure some very hot chicken nachos yesterday.
  20. Well uh, I'm now a high school senior and learning the struggles of applying to colleges and scholarships and stuff. I'm really unsure what I want to do specifically but I plan for health science and biology things. As an Alabamian, I would really like to go to UAB since they are so well-known for medical and health sturf, but I would get a lot more money from UAH which has a lot more general pluses for me like block tuition costs and private bedrooms (and Huntsville is one of the nicest cities in the nation, whereas Birmingham is one of the most crime-heavy D:) argh and it is so stressful knowing that December is the deadline for most applications!
  21. This is so awful, it makes me so happy. Rofl.
  22. Aquenee

    Flight Rising

    Okay well I decided to poke my head into this thing since I heard registrations were open a few days ago. Joined the Arcane flight (yay for joining and not realizing they were dominating! ) and picked up a few lovely dargons and food and stuff. My name on there is Vikusen if anyone wants to add me :3
  23. Hmmm, no issues with game crashing here. And I've got all of my settings maxed and I live off of waiting ~30 seconds for my overkills to finish Been quite busy lately, I haven't gotten to do much. But while I'm posting, I can do a team update. 6* Creator Maxwell - For all those crits and sparks 7* Grave Carver Aaron - Mostly for defense and mitigation. Had to find someone to fill a 7* slot. 6* Inferno Goddess Elza - Her LS that gives me infinite SBBs is lovely. Much sparks, too. 6* Defiant God Luther - Eh, some sparks and spark damage boost. Looking to improve. 6* Ice God Arius - My best option as a healer right now. Seriously looking for something better >.<
  24. How about a Lionfish? This brightly-coloured egg is covered with venomous spikes.
  25. Oooh, this looks absolutely beautiful. I'm going to keep tabs on this; my boyfriend and I love survival games like this. Is it going to be a particularly hostile environment, where the player will be focused on surviving not just in general, but against foes like zombies, wild/rabid animals, or whatever evil monsters might be lurking about? Or is it more about the survival itself, trying to find a way not to die of thirst or hunger or such? Either way(or even if it ends up as neither! ) I would love to see this as it progresses. Do you hope to make it multiplayer?