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  1. Sure, I'll just breed these two to the AP. They never give me a gold anyw- oh.. That figures.
  2. You're welcome @Herk and @JBluewind Now that everything's almost grown, here's my haul Val 09s -2nd gen x Black, anon -2nd gen x Bleeding moon, thanks @Teez -x2 2nd gen x Daydreams, thanks anon Sweetlings -4th gen x Silver, @lamel -another 4th gen x Silver, @Scruffy -3rd gen x Silver, @TheLlama -another 3rd gen x Silver, @sunshine_ley -2nd gen x Silver, @Elestren (I think you can tell what pairing I'm obsessed with) -2nd gen x Spring, thanks @MoonCharm I've discovered I really like this pair -3rd gen x Silver alt base, anon -another 3rd gen x Silver alt base, thanks @dragonsrus -4th gen x Black Marrow alt base, really cool @evilSpectra -3rd gen x Daydream, @Iside -3rd gen x Solstice alt base, just what I needed @celis -2nd gen x Aether, anon -2nd gen x Silver from Alt Sweetling, many thanks to whoever this anon is -3rd gen x Black marrow alt base, anon -another 2nd gen x Spring, anon -2nd gen x Daydream, will be useful @Limanya -3rd gen x Spring from alt and autumn base, love the idea @Imago -2nd gen x Aria, @panthera1 -2nd gen x Black from Alt Sweetling, a lucky pull from @Thecraftydragon Rosebuds -2nd gen x Spring, nice pairing I hadn't yet considered @Cokuruscana -3rd gen x Spring, @Painter -another 3rd gen x Spring, @Amaryllis_Flair -2nd gen x Gaia, @Aleoleo Heartseekers -3rd gen x Gold wyvern, and cool code, thanks again @lamel -4th gen x Spirit Walkers w/SAs, cool @Ruby Eyes -2nd gen x Gold wyvern, @Terrafreaky -2nd gen x Carmine, erin13 -3rd gen x Spirit Walker, thanks again @sunshine_ley -5th gen x Gold, perfect mate for my line @Ruby Eyes Radiant Angels -3rd gen x Solstice, anon -2nd gen from Bronze Tinsel, really cool find, thanks anon -3rd gen x Mageia, thanks again @Imago -5th gen x Royal crimson, thanks @angelicdragonpuppy ~ Mutamores -2nd gen x Spinel, anon Soulstones -2nd gen from CB Soulpeace, probably my best find. Thanks whoever owns them -2nd gen from Daydream, anon Thanks all breeders
  3. You are unable to go bigger, but you are able to design the sprite and pose in such a way that the important details are portrayed more accurately. The game of spriting has always been making the best of your limits. That's the most I really have to say. I like the dragon otherwise, but I feel it doesn't properly communicate a key feature. If it was a western like the original idea, wouldn't be as needed to have the large wings. (mostly because no law says a western /has/ to be flight capable, but a non-flying wyvern is a bit awkward).
  4. @blockEdragon I brought that up a day or two ago and just got bashed for saying it, but it's true. I thought the wings were small before that, but seeing the art and the statement that the wings are supposed to be big.. I'm not sure why then make a sprite that is contradictory to that. I obviously understand that they'd need to be shrunk a little to fit in the size limit, but they could have been folded or posed in a way that allowed them to be bigger.
  5. I'd love to grab more, but locked. Caught another 2nd gen sweetling from an alt though.
  6. @Arkee I was mostly reacting negatively to the person above who said "A pride month release with a bunch of different pride flag dragons would be cool", Also the more I think there'd probably be a problem with the 'gay' and 'ace' dragons only being able to be bred straight or the fact that they could be made to breed at all. It's just kind of a can of worms and we know how DC handles things (dramatically).
  7. @Arkee How I see it, (maybe I see it differently than others, but) I find shoehorning in representation just for representation's sake insulting. Like when someone puts in an lgbt character into something and that's their only trait, I find pretty awful, and a marketing ploy. If it's a strong character that just so happens to be lgbt and it's not brought up every other sentence (like Cecil in Welcome to Night Vale), then it's better. I would like a black and purple valentines or other dragon, but not if it's promoted as the 'ace' dragon.
  8. I also saw somebody say that even if you have an alt coded scroll, new CBs will not be alt either. Shame for anyone who had frozen one, now they can never get two adults. @Arkee I am ace. I do not want to see that be a dragon. Never mind that if someone wanted a straight-rep dragon I'm sure most people wouldn't be as accepting of that. There's no need to politicize a dragon release. If you want representation you can breed colored lines or describe your dragons.
  9. Um.. I wasn't talking about Ion.. I was referring to people talking about creating new dragon breeds based on pride flags. I know what an ungendered ND is.
  10. You know, I support people, but I don't think a dragon adopts site should be pushing a gender/sex agenda.
  11. Honestly, don't need more eggslots. the hatchling limit has me locked way more than anything during these low-time walls.
  12. @missy_ It feels like TJ thinks if he stifles the discussion, the problem will go away, but no.. doesn't work that way, and people will always want them. Especially since the reason is extremely arbitrary. (same with christmas and especially valentines CBs being limited, but not halloweens). Meanwhile Heartseeker wall. Shoo.
  13. I tried to have a conversation about that, but eh. I would like a black valentine though. I had some plans for one a while ago but felt like I couldn't execute it well enough. I'd try again but I don't know if this website is worth my effort anymore.
  14. Actually, when you look at the pinned post on this thread, you can see the drawing of the dragon, and I think the wing proportions are much better in the artwork than the sprite. I'm not sure why that's not reflected in the sprite itself. I understand again that they needed to be shrunk a little to fit in the square box that is at most 120x120 pixels for spriting and still retain decent detail on other features, ..but the artist themselves says the wings are supposed to big, yet they do not look big on the sprite. I do actually quite like the drawing, if it means anything.
  15. @Tinibree actually they do. One spriter even mentioned they have done updates based on feedback. At least do your research..
  16. You say that as if it's possible to give crits on a holiday dragon before it's released. Also, again, I am not attacking or even talking about the artist. I am talking about the work itself. It is no different from reviewing a movie. If people cant handle their work being talked about, then dont put it out there- but the artist hasn't even indicated this has upset them so you're all jumping to their defense for no reason. I reserve the right to speak.
  17. @LadyLyzar I guess the best way to explain what I think the wings should look like is just to point at the Male seregama. Something a bit larger compared to the body just cause with the wings it has now it doesnt look suited to flight. If its body was also dainty, I'd be more inclined to think it could. But I guess it is what it is.
  18. My critique is that the wings are too small to support flight. The muscles in the chest are large despite it looking like it lacks the proper wingspan. It's a bulky dragon with dainty wings. A chicken cant exactly fly either, and a chicken is bred to have large breasts by man for meat purposes. Most birds dont have that quite as pronounced. That's just what I'm seeing and the sprite itself appears unbalanced for it.
  19. @Shadowdrake I know that, but that doesnt mean it cannot be improved upon now. A holiday release is also a high honor and i imagine there was more than one sprite entered.
  20. @PieMaster everyone's blowing it out of proportion. I said it has a fat neck, a large chest despite not having large wings (should have larger wings to support flight with such a heafty body), and a oddly short snout. Art can be subjective but considering how high standards are in dragon requests I expected a bit more polish. The pattern I don't like but that's not really a flaw, just personal preference. But I dont think it's wrong of me to give criticism when the same people threw a fit over nilla necks.
  21. Not intending to be rude, but I'm not a fan of the new breed. Very thick neck and chest despite some underwhelming wings and overly designed pattern. I know sometimes proportions get thrown out the window so things can be more detailed, but it just doesn't look right together. Maybe the short snout adds to the unbalanced feeling.
  22. @HeatherMarie Decent enough point. I probably should have addressed that. While that is true, I probably should have added that intent can change. Prizes were originally given out as a contest prize, now they're a raffle prize. Them being compensation was also why I say maybe the CBs should remain special, but I think they've served as compensation for almost 10 years now and would think that might be long enough.
  23. I just want to preface this by saying I'm not looking for drama, I'm not out to attack anyone, nor do I condone any attacks. I'm more looking to see what the general consensus is on the issue of the Alt Sweetlings. Please don't escalate this into any secret groups, either. As we all know (or maybe don't all know), Sweetlings born from Pink Sweetling parents now remain Pink when traded to the scrolls of those who have previously had alt-only coded scrolls. While this is a positive change I think for the owners of Alts who can now collect and breed the many beautiful Pink lines, it brings back in the question of why this street can't go both ways. Considering Alts can still reproduce, why can they not be spread around in the same way Pinks now can be? Let me say that I am aware that one of the artists gave her opinions last year, that she did not want them to see a wider distribution, but she also said that she did not want the Alt owners to have Pinks either, because she felt the old way was more fair. So, considering TJ went and implemented the Pinks for Alt owners anyway, I think it's safe to say that what the artist said isn't exactly law. This is not meant to disrespect her, but she is otherwise no longer active on this site and I don't believe that should stop the discussion from happening altogether. I think the most important people to ask are the owners of the Alts themselves. Would they be okay with wider distribution? Could it perhaps help them in some way with their lineages? I know there are pros and cons to this, as I wouldn't want anyone to harass them to breed their Alts, and I know there are concerns of them using them as powerful trade tools as well- But to the issue of trading, I'd argue it wouldn't be much worse than it is now. Sweetlings can only breed once a year, so they have far fewer opportunities to produce more of themselves than Prizes do. In addition to that, they also would most likely multiclutch, meaning that people have a chance of picking them up randomly instead of having to trade for them. They might still affect the trade economy, but not year round in the way that prizes do. If Alt Sweetlings were to see wider distributions, I think there's two ways it could really go; Method 1: Being Bred from existing Alts only Pros: -The original CB alts stay special -Gives people a chance to obtain Alts, even if rare -Means that alt lines won't miscolor and therefore be pointless for non-alt breeders to collect Cons: -Probably low CB population (collecting data on exact number would be useful) -Alts owners possibly getting harassed Method 2: Give users a choice similar to Aegis Pros: -New Alt CBs, therefore more to make lineages with -Again, gives everyone a chance to own both Cons: -Unless BSA is only usable before being bred, would result in some ruined lineages -Makes the original CBs less special I'm not sure anything will change TJ's mind, but I'l like to know what the community thinks of this after all that has happened. How many active alt owners are still out there? From my own dragons that I own descended from Alts, 11/19 of the CB Alts were bred this year, so that tells me there are still a number of active owners, and let's not forget that Alts aren't limited to CBs, so each active user could have a lot of Alts to possibly breed and spread around. Feel free to disagree with anything I say, but please keep things civil. I don't want to cause trouble.
  24. Have: 2nd gen Sweetling from Silver | teleport 3rd gen descended from 2 spriter's alts | teleport Want: 2nd gen Sweetling x Daydream 2nd gen Sweetling from Alt Sweet x Silver (preferably unrelated to my pairs- message me to be sure) 2nd gen Soulstone from Daydream or White Can combine, PM me
  25. When you're stalking an egg, and the AP times keep dropping lower faster than the time of the egg you want.