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Scroll rules are in my profile, and they're unusual - you may waste time offering me things I can't take. My scroll

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    ~If it's not either: CB, a Shimmerscale, a Tinsel, or a 2nd gen holiday breed, I cannot take it.
    ~If it's a dino, I cannot take it.
    ~If it's a 2nd gen Thuwed or otherwise amazingly special in some way (and only 2nd gen, not higher), I may consider it, but don't hold your breath.

    (I used to have my scroll rules here, but it just created clutter. The above 3 lines sum it up nicely. If you're curious about my scroll rules, feel free to ask!)


    Good trade offers for me are CB hatchlings (or eggs if it's something more rare) of any breed I do not yet have 6 adult males and 6 adult females in. I take extras on breeds that produce alts or hybrids.

    Otherwise, if it's a CB hatchling/rarer CB egg and you wanna offer it in trade, just try your luck - it may turn out I'm a fan of the breed anyway. I always reply to trade PMs and am never bothered by people who take care to read this stuff. :)


    Due to relative disinterest in the game as of late, I am taking no offers at the current time for the progeny of Lykke.

    For Tanoth's Tinsel progeny, I take 2nd gen swaps only (Tinsel or Shimmerscale) - not taking any other trades.

    I only take one of these specific things for my 2nd gen Tinsels:
    1) A different 2nd gen Tinsel*
    2) A 2nd gen Shimmerscale*
    *ideally from the CB Tinsel/CB Shimmer's owner

    Facts about progeny from my tinsels:
    -The pairing is lifemated. What you see is what you get.
    -I encourage that the naming pattern of <Name> the <Something> <Something> be kept for the egg given, especially in case of 2nd and 3rd gens.
    -I encourage that you introduce no inbreeding in the line.
    -I encourage that the line be kept 2-breed if it is already so
    -No retrading, regifting, abandoning and so on.