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  1. HAVE: CB new release Xeno from Alpine 2nd gen Avatar of Destruction hatchie WANT: CB new release "flow"
  2. HAVE: CB new release Xeno from Coast WANT: CB new release "flow" Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! That was fast. Thanks!
  3. HAVE: 2nd gen Arcana from female Autumn (gender unknown) 2nd gen Arcana from female Mageia (gender unknown) 3rd gen Omen from Omen x Tan Ridgewing checker (influenced male) 3rd gen Omen from Omen x Razorcrest checker (influenced male) 2nd gen Omen, purebred (gender unknown) 2nd gen Omen from female Pyro (gender unknown) 2nd gen Arcana, purebred (gender unknown) 2nd gen Arcana, purebred (gender unknown) WANT: CB offers. Looking to trade multiples. Especially interested in the new release Halloweens
  4. Didn't prep with hatchlings or pre-killed adults this year (no time, work's killin' me) but out of 5 stabbies I did just now, 3 disintegrated and 2 turned. I call that a success.
  5. Encore, you say? New things? Time to make some changes/improvements! The castle's become a dragonshrine, and Claudius has moved out from behind the walls to survey his miniature kingdom. Also, flowers. FLOWERS.
  6. @Tetelestai Aaa, I love the garden ones! So pretty.
  7. I think it's complete. Anyone got any improvement suggestions? PS: I love the new white dragon statue and the base upgrades! Script Friend got upgraded from 'camping in woods' to 'caretaker living in wooden cabin in woods'.
  8. Aww, thank you @greycat! Show me yours?! I've been delighted with creativity in this thread.
  9. I think my little 'Claudius' castle in the forest with garden and orchard' is complete. (featuring Script Frend camping in forest, of course) Any suggestions for improvements?!
  10. HAVE: 2g rosy-winged Solstice from Silver WANT: 2g blue-winged Solstice, mate largely irrelevant (if parents are named, I prefer they have no tags) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. HAVE: CB male Pumpkin WANT: In order of preference: CB Arcana / CB Omen / CB female Witchlight / CB male Shadow Walker / CB female Pumpkin Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. HAVE: CB Male Pumpkin hatchling WANT: CB Female Pumpkin hatchling, CB Omen hatchling (either gender), or CB Arcana Make an offer on my good Pumpkin boi --------------------- HAVE: CB Female Desipis hatchling WANT: CB male Desipis hatchling Make an offer on my jawsome girl
  13. Sending to some folks above! (Scroll is TheAz ) EDIT I am no longer missing any flowers! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  14. Sending a few to folks above! (Scroll's TheAz )
  15. ... be influenced / go male this year? Or is it still something only available to non-CBs? Does anyone have a CB egg and a Pink to check?
  16. Man... I was there for the moment when Halloween eggs went to hatchies. So happy that I was. Caught a bunch of new CBs. This Halloween has been so good to me in catching up from my long hiatus (4 years, not to mention replacing my bred Marrows and Pumpkins with CBs). Made a MASSIVE dent in it. I think I ended up with ~50 CBs over the course of it all, not counting Omens (which I got my scroll goals' fill of!).
  17. HAVE: 2nd gen PB Marrow hatchie (znDEf) - Z code 2nd gen PB Witchlight hatchie (PaNch) - amusing code 2nd gen Caligene from Val09 hatchie (SBCaJ) 2nd gen Marrow from Sweetling hatchie (WegG1) *All hatchlings were deep ER AP egg catches; they are not influenced (they couldn't be), and I'm all out of precogs, so genders are unknown WANT: CB Halloween offers. 4:1 trade possible for CB Omen Wyrm (Halloween 2017) or CB Female Caligene (feel free to offer one of these in one trade, and then a dummy in the other). 2:1 for anything else. If you'd like a different combo than presented in the trade links, PM me. Purebred babies Lovey-dovey Val babies
  18. HAVE: CB Caligene, male (cute code, begging to be named 'Bob') WANT: CB Caligene, female OR CB Marrow OR Other CB Halloween offers? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Why does girl doomnoodle have a sad? Don't be sad, doomnoodle.