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  1. All my eggs died within hours This has never happened before...
  2. I'm kind of mad at myself now. I just went through my personal bite records and got rid of all those that had died. I just decided to check on some old repulsed ones if they had been named or not. That was a surprise
  3. It's a 3rd lifer!!!!!! I bit this Electric egg, it repulsed (must have died or been killed) and now it has reincarnated as a Pillow I was once an Electric dragon, then a Vampire and now a Pillow
  4. I need: to find someone whose name I forgot The owner of "Paul Muad'Dib of Mon" They also had "of Mon" lines. She used to be in the Trading or give aways in the chats. It's been so long now, I fail to remember what those were even called. If you are this person, please contact me, or if you know who the person is, please PM me - thanks! I have something for you! The days are counting! Found her!!!
  5. I bite. I bite to get rid of CBs I've forgotten what they were (ie their descriptions & already have or don't want). I bite messy and inbred lines. I bite my own first offspring from a pairing, just so that the "oldest" will usually get named, even if it is repulsed.
  6. I realize I haven't read all the thread...while fashion gives us smaller and smaller models, what they don't a mention is that they also getting younger and younger and what about the photo-shopped bodies! We're so doomed. I cannot PS myself into clothes And american women are the worse I think at least from what I can garner from what I see, not saying every culture doesn't have problems, but I notice more foreign moms telling their daughters how beautiful they are versus what i see and hear ...imho
  7. Got a pair of cb splits up for grabs. pm me or find me in mibbit.
  8. LOL I've seen 2 cb silvers, but not even a glimpse of a cb black *sad sighs*
  9. Registering as a breeder. Forum name: ToadWitch Scroll name: Toad_Witch # of pairs: 5 (all 5 pairs are proven) Are you willing to be contacted by PM for breeding requests? Yes Female: TW's Smoke an' Mirrors, lineage, long & messy, but clean Male: TW's Cloak an' Dagger, lineage, long & messy, but clean Female: TW Bits of Hell, lineage, 2 generation Male: TW Two Duo Blue, lineage, 2 generation Female: TW Lady of Unlucky Curses, lineage, 2 generation (g-parent descendants are also dead now:( ) Male: TW Tridy's Luck, lineage, 2 generation Female: TW Se'Bao, lineage, 2 generation Male: TW Ser'Aoi, lineage, 2 generation Female: Iana Jana (CB) Male: Ianus Janus (CB) Conditions: Must be named. No inbreeding. Might ask me if I have bred offspring (part of a personal breeding lineage, could save you some time if you're after a longer even gen - able to produce up to a 5th even gen).
  10. I let 4 of my frozen ones go...
  11. Maybe we should start releasing some of the worse and long, lineaged & inbred blacks we have? If that's true about them not counting into the ratio if released.
  12. I haven't forgotten! But I keeps me eyes open too As for the couple posts above mine...I was thinking about that as well...
  13. I agree...I did chomp a long linaged inbred today for the cause... But even were I able to find one someone is willing to trade...I don't have anything awesome to offer up
  14. Anyone had any cb black sightings lately? I'm still hunting for one *sighs*
  15. I saw one whiz past me at 11:01 cst *sighs*