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  1. I'm registering 4 new dragons. As stated in my Breeder's Post, my pairs are mix-n-match, so these do not have to be breeding pairs if you don't want them to be. I've updated my Breeder's Post. Female: Gypsy Diamond Deux, CB Female: Gypsy Diamond Trois, Gen 2 Male: Gypsy Diamond Ace, CB Male: Unnamed, CB
  2. Okay, I may have goofed a bit with Influence. I forgot to Influence Egg 2, and it hatched. If anyone would like to take a chance with the hatchie let me know. Egg 1 I Influenced male, and it will hatch within the hour. He's still up for grabs as well. Glad to hear you're safe Eragon.
  3. Sorry for the double post. Ictiryth and Helidoryth both rose and clutched Bronze (Ember) eggs. If anyone wants them, let me know. Egg 1 Egg 2
  4. Oh wow, take care Eragon! I've been diligently breeding my Golds for you, trying to get a gold for Telgar. As soon as I un-hatchie-lock in about 2 days, I'll be trying again. In the meantime, I hope you stay safe and dry!
  5. Sorry for the double post. Ictiryth's babe has grown up and been named Bavinth. I'll finish the story, probably tomorrow.
  6. Hi Schneefuchs, and welcome. Yes, that's the gist of it. We've tweaked things to be able to keep lineages moving, especially since Golds are so stingy, and we don't have multiclutches anymore. Some of us stick more to Canon than others, but for the most part, we all have similar lineages.
  7. mishii, writing is a hobby for me that goes in spurts. Sometimes poetry, sometimes short stories, sometimes novels (none of which I've actually finished yet, lol). I love to read, so usually it's when I'm reading that I start writing. I'm glad you enjoy it. Dreamer23, that's beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Ictiryth flew toward the seashore, near where her egg had originally been discovered. Usually she did her best not to frighten the local wildlife. However today she flew low, enjoying the sight of the birds scattering around her. A group of fire lizards shrieked in alarm. She snarled at them even as they disappeared between. "Scaredy beasts," she huffed. She realized she was irritable, and she had a good idea why. Usually a good dunking in the sea would restore her balance, so she aimed for a deep dive. However, just before she hit the water, a dark shape swept underneath her. With a surprised bugle, she twisted, clipping her wing in the water. She skidded onto the sand, but quickly regained her feet. Angrily she searched for her attacker. "I was not attacking you." A dark bronze dragon hovered nearby, eye glowing intensely. "And what would you call then?" He tilted his head and said nothing. "Go away," she hissed. He ignored the order, instead performing a lazy loop in the skies above her. "Why were you diving? Golds do not dive. You must be a very strange gold," he remarked. "How dare you! I am not just any gold. I am Junior Queen of Fort Weyr, daughter of Senior Queen Talenth. And I order you to leave!" He snorted, resuming his lazy flying. "I have seen you dive before. Very clumsy." "Clumsy?!" Ictiryth bellowed in surprise, but he continued on. "Not graceful at all, like a Gold should be. I will bet you do not even know how to fish." Ictiryth hissed again and lunged in his direction. Instead of attacking, however, she twisted into a graceful dive. Moments later she emerged from the water, a huge fish clutched between her teeth. "You were saying?" He cruised above her, belly up, and craned his neck. "Meh. Tiny fish, at best." Abruptly he twisted, plunging into the surf. He emerged, holding a fish of his own, quite a bit larger than the one she'd caught. Rather than swallow it, he crushed the creature between his teeth, sucking out the blood, then tossed it back into the water casually. He then floated out over the surf, as if bored. Ictiryth narrowed her eyes, and spat out her fish, licking her lips. Her stomach rumbled in protest. The fish had tasted good, warming her insides. But she refused to be second best, and launched herself back into the water. A fountain of spray erupted around her exit, and she bugled in triumph at her catch. Her jaws clenched. It tasted so much better than the herdbeasts back home. She didn't really want the meat, though..... "Better, I suppose. But still small fry." Ictiryth grumbled in annoyance at the taunt, annoyance which grew in proportion to the fish he emerged with, still larger than hers. He depleted his prize, and spat out the shell once more. Then he turned to dive again. "I will not be outdone!" The Fort gold zipped past, almost sideswiping him, and dove for the surf. A sly smile crossed the bronze's mouth as he followed. The pair flew far out over the water, in a huge arc, catching fish, draining them, then diving for more. So engrossed with proving herself, Ictiryth didn't realize she was being manipulated. As they arced back toward the shore, Ictiryth sneered at her companion's latest, and largest, catch. "Fah! Fishing is a waste of time for a dragon anyway." "I disagree," he replied. "Fishing can be quite productive. If you have the right bait, catching the largest fish is quite easy." She turned her golden eye on him, realization finally dawning on her. A slight spark of the fear she'd recently felt zipped through her, and she briefly considered fleeing. However, in typical queenly fashion, she replied, "I am no fish." He rumbled, but didn't answer. "Nor am I an easy catch." And with that she took to the air, her fear evaporating in the wake of something else. Her companion followed closely, and the chase began. Back in Fort Weyr, Jarruganoth reported on the strange fishing expedition to Gloameth. Unlike her golden sister, Gloameth realized quickly what was happening. She called her grandson back to the Weyr once the pair had headed out over the water. Although confused, he obeyed. "Is something wrong?" her green mate asked as she snuggled into his side. "No, not at all." He shook his head, deciding to leave well enough alone. Understanding didn't dawn on him until sometime later, when a bronze egg lay on the sands, protected by a rather secretive Ictiryth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And with that, there's an Ember egg available for adoption, if anyone would like it.
  9. First, a Fort story..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There had been several flights since Helidoryth's spectacular First Flight, but none of them had caused as much stir. Even Zhulemith eventually had to admit, if just to herself, that her little Gold sister had proven she would eventually be a wonderful Weyrleader. Except..... she just couldn't understand the odd shift in her sister's personality, from normal to mating, from meek and curious to confident and flirty. And her nephew, Coalwrath, seemed to have inherited his mother's split personality. When in the air, flying and training, the young bronze was confident and composed. His aim seemed to have corrected itself after much training, and he was beginning to show the mark of a good Wingleader. But Zhulemith had never seen a bronze dragon get into so much trouble on the ground! She couldn't count how many times he'd slipped on rocks or other things when walking, which naturally landed him on his belly or side, leaving his tail to sweep wide and knock over everything in its wake. It had gotten to the point where the Weyrleaders had assigned him to Patrol the remote areas of the territory, to avoid the Holders wrath at him destroying their fences and outer holdings. He and his rider had meekly offered to fix their "mistakes", but often those efforts resulted in even more problems than they fixed. "How can one be so agile in the air, and such a klutz on his feet?" the blue had wondered aloud to her sister, Gloameth. The green had merely shrugged and replied, "Well, at least we will not have to worry about Thread reaching the ground on his watch." "No, but I imagine it will not need to. He will do enough damage when he lands." Soon enough, Zhulemith found other things to occupy her mind than her nephew's clumsiness. Her mating drives had been building over the past few days, and finally came to a peak. Being one of the few "odd" Blues in the Weyr made her both a curiosity and a desirable prospect to many of the Males of all colors. And since she'd shown in the past to be a formidable flier, only the strongest knew to attempt it. Gloameth and Ictiryth watched as the rainbow of dragons took to the air in a spectacular dance. Ictiryth fidgeted nervously. Gloameth nuzzled her, but the Gold queen brushed the motion away. "I will rise when I am ready," she said haughtily, and took to the air in the opposite direction of the flight. Gloameth watched, a slight draconic frown creasing her muzzle. "She is long since ready," her mate's soft, matter-of-fact voice brushed her mind. "I agree. She is trying to subdue her urges." "I wonder why?" Gloameth tilted her head thoughtfully. "I think...." He mentally nudged her when she paused. "I think.... she is scared." Silence. Then, "It is not good for a Queen to be scared." "No. It is not. I wonder...." She glanced down at the Weyr bowl, where the weyrlings were gathered around Helidoryth, asking many questions, which she and her rider eagarly answered. Then she looked back in the direction Ictiryth had taken. Mentally, she searched for her grandson, Jarruganoth. Out on patrol, the young green tilted his head to listen. Moments later he took to the air in the same direction Ictiryth had gone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: btw, I've updated my Weyr List, if anyone is looking for specific breedings.
  10. Combination bump and head's up, I'll probably start breeding again either tomorrow or Saturday. In the meantime though, I may be back with a couple of stories, depending on if I get some free time today.
  11. *point at my avatar* There's a reason Mr. FacePaw is up there, lol. Disliking something is fine, and everyone can't be pleased, naturally, because everyone's tastes are different. Hooray for variety, and expressing such in a polite and considerate manner. But there are some people in this world that just aren't happy unless they're complaining about something. I have one such person in my family.... Anyway, back on topic, again, many thanks to the spriter and TJ.
  12. Just got on, and I have to say the adults are beautiful. You know, they almost remind me of a Chinese New Year-type dragon, except green and with wings. The whole set matches just perfectly, from egg up to adult. They also remind me Ribbon Candy (yum!). Thanks Lyz!
  13. Yikes! *hides, just in case* lol Well, I'm going to opt out of the contest this time. However, I think the entire thing is a great idea, and I hope to see similar contests in the future. I gotta say, these hunts and other events that have been going on lately are a ton of fun, both to watch and participate in. Keep 'em comin'!
  14. Better cough louder, I don't think people are gettin' it.
  15. Considering how many people are likely to be entering, I can see something petty like this seriously backfiring. Though it does raise the question: will people be able to vote on their own tree? I mean, could it possibly come up in the group of those to be judged? Or will it be like Descriptions, in that you can't "vote" on your own? Just curious.
  16. This should be an interesting contest. Hope everyone has fun with it. Can't wait to see what these "Variants" are.....
  17. Oooo..... love the green eggs. *watches eagerly*
  18. Just saving from the end of the forums. I know people are busy these next couple of weeks.
  19. I know this was tried once before, and discontinued for a logical reason. But would there be another way, perhaps, to add an Online/Offline indicator? One that can be controlled by the members, so that if they wish to remain anonymous, they will show up as "Offline"? I realize with Teleport coming that it won't be as big of an issue to coordinate being online. But PMs aren't always about trades, and sometimes still require a quick answer. Knowing whoever you're PM'ing is around and likely to reply quick would be lovely. And the Forum Clock idea? Yes. Please. Pleasepleasepleaseplease!
  20. This pretty much sums it up for me. I don't pay much attention to the other parts of the Forum, so SD it pretty much all that I notice. I've always had issues with the low number of messages, even made a suggestion for increasing it months ago. It didn't go over with some of the Higher-ups, but perhaps it will this time. And to see the Trading Subforum set up would be awesome. For the most part, at least in SD, there's not much to complain about. *thumb's up* EDIT: Oh, and a larger character number for Signatures would be nice, as well. Not a larger signature on the whole. What we have is perfect. But allowing more characters would make it easier to input longer urls.
  21. Thanks so much for the Updates. I'm in Rename Heaven.
  22. Bumpity bump. Things have been quite at Fort, Monaco and Xandu on my end. I'm considering changing the names of some of the dragons to "- of Fort" or whatever Weyr, so I can tell them apart. Unattached wings will remain "- of Pern", until they get sorted. And I'm still trying to breed golds for True Goldless Weyrs, but no success so far.
  23. *feeds mishii assorted goodies to keep her energy up* Feyveneth's boy has been named Daeganth, and should be growing up shortly. Finally my Monaco wing can grow!