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    Doesn't ANYONE know how NOT to complain?
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In search of CB Thunders! PM if you'd like to trade!2vm7qjl.jpgifiX5.gifth.jpg o5rxgx.gif 2r2ojs8.gif8729.png8671.pngGyps13.png ~ FLSY.pngThanks to Eggspress for the egg sprites!

I am sure that TJ has an on/off switch for the cave that he toggles occasionally at random odd moments just for the giggles.


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    Searching for an ounce of willpower....
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    I'm on a CB and Frozen Hatchie Hunt, to complete my scroll. The CBs are almost done, and the Hatchies are soon to come, en masse! I need CB, Bred, and Inbred versions of Male, Female and Ungendered. With the Freezing limit in place, that's going to be a loooooooooooooooong project..... O_o

    * = in the works.

    CB List, by Rarity and Breed:

    - Winter x 1 (Female)

    - Ice x 1 (Male)
    - Thunder x 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)

    - Gold x 2 (Male, Female)
    - Silver x 2 (Male)

    Chicken x 1
    Red Dino x 1
    Green Dino x 1
    Blue Dino x 1
    Paper x ? (Lots, lol)
    Neglected x 2 (1 each)