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  1. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 528 Book Title: Cold Days (Dresden Files #14) Author: Jim Butcher Rating: 3/5 (Not my fav in the series) Note: Audiobook
  2. I'd like to sign up for this year's please!
  3. Oops! How did Henry's Jamaican vacation upset Francine's kiwi, Helen? batoenapr
  4. Dropping your diamonds underneath my irritable robot, Roberta? Just volunteer! pebetaktf
  5. Silently. Don't ostentatiously amble, strutting dauntlessly, forgetting Olbert's infantry. mlwoftber
  6. Thank you, Lagie! It was pretty dang great!
  7. ospjrwns October sees playful jaguars running with naughty Stitches. saesoesae
  8. kbnweerw Kernels blow northward when eastern elephants rumble west. pyamduep
  9. dfjklvcbopi Dragons fling jousting kebolds lazily, voicing contentment before offhandedly plucking innards. (didn't mean for that one to get so violent!) rtgnwccyl
  10. Book Number: 40 Number Of Pages: 864 Book Title: The Broken Eye (The Lightbringer #3) Author: Brent Weeks Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 41 Number Of Pages: 580 Book Title: The Crafter's Dominion (Dungeon Crafting #5) Author: Jonathan Brooks Rating: 5/5 Note: Audiobook
  11. Opportunities, unless grabbed, undermine focus eventually. sjwimbtd
  12. Niall Blakrock (Shade's First Rule by A. F. Kay)
  13. Fjdoyguf Forget justice, don't overestimate youth's growing, understandable fixation. hspshagc
  14. Book Number: 39 Number Of Pages: 382 Book Title: Found (A Hammer Novel) Author: Sean Michael Rating: 5/5
  15. mdklamdxk Monty doubted Kyle located a miles deep Xenoceratop’s keep. pwrukabov
  16. Book Number: 38 Number Of Pages: 406 Book Title: Emmy and the Key of Code Author: Aimee Lucido Rating: 4/5 Note: The first time I've read a book where it was entirely written in poem form.
  17. I don't want Amy's lizard, Ivan, to steal the Keeper's heart. bskjsnoav
  18. Happy dancers Grapevine Dance into immortality forever. ynabaqo
  19. Kanaye

    VS game

    chocolate chip cookie laptop vs desktop
  20. Yodeling Cheesie Pie