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  1. Certainly! Just don't you all forget to buy your sweethearts some candy or flowers for next week at the same time! The other option worth considering is to put ads on the site. I'm not sure if it would cover everything, but it ought to at least make a dent. The idea has come up before, but no one ever seemed too opinionated either way, and enough people have always been willing and able to chip in for it to be unnecessary. What is the prevailing mindset these days? Ah, yeah, I forgot about that one. That's one of the pages I ran out of time to update when I had to migrate the site, and I never did get back to it. I should probably get on that, seeing as it's still linked from the home page... There used to be a number of size, specificity, style, and color options. Another feature lost to the rushed migrate. Since it already exists, if with outdated logic, it shouldn't be too hard to get up and running again. I just need to find a solid block of time to work on all these things.
  2. Latest update: The domain has been renewed for another four years, for a few pennies under $40. Hosting still has a year to go before it needs to be renewed, but it's going to cost several times that amount for the same time span. There was just about enough left in the account from the last fund raising to cover this domain renewal, but come hosting renewal, we'll be starting from scratch. If any of you want to try and preempt next year's big website notification, the "Support AoND" button at the bottom of every page on the site would be happy to help you out! And either way, we'll see where things stand when we get closer to the deadline. Thanks to everyone for helping make this site so successful; I couldn't have done it without all of you!
  3. I finally heard back. Sure enough, AoND had its API access blocked, presumably due to the sickness check, which does not go through the API since that information doesn't even exist in the API. As such, I have disabled that option. I also requested that information be added to the API (I know people have done so before, in various fashions, as well, including at least one thread in the Suggestions subforum -- if someone could find and link it so it can get bumped with fresh requests, maybe that would help!), because clearly people want it, if so many of you used the option on AoND that it triggered the API access being blocked! Hopefully API access is re-instated soon. Once it is, everything should "just work" again. Except the sickness check. Edit: Found a couple threads, but they don't seem to be what I'm vaguely recalling... We'll see what others turn up, and maybe tomorrow I can do a better check myself. * Possible API Improvements, Ideas for TJ to maybe implement * Add the new features to the API * Ways to Reduce Viewbombing Attempts, Fansite API Login +more Edit 2: It's also possible that what I'm remembering wasn't its own thread, but rather a collection of posts in the Cave Feedback thread. But if so, I definitely don't have time to go through all of that to quote and bump (or start a new thread with) the relevant posts.
  4. Not much in the way of an update... The host says it's not on their end (none of their other servers have this problem, only the one AoND lives on). I contacted TJ and we confirmed that the IP I thought was AoND's wasn't blocked, but it turned out that IP wasn't quite right, and I haven't heard anything back about the updated IP. So I'm stuck waiting for someone to tell me what's changed and why, just as much as all of you are.
  5. I noticed it early yesterday, but was too busy to start investigating until late last night, sorry! I was hoping it was just a temporary hiccup that would resolve itself... I'm looking into it at this point, but it might take a bit still, so I'll at least clear out the ER so those dragons stop getting pummelled.
  6. I think there was one at one point. But given how low priority it was (it basically said "what you see is what you get"; scroll name, dragon codes, selected API-provided info, and completely separately IP addresses for 5 minutes to count users online), it probably fell by the wayside with the server migration. Much like the other fansites have responded, this is a site to raise dragons, not to collect personal information, as evidenced by the complete lack of personal information that is even requested.
  7. The host had to reboot the server that AoND is on in order to resolve some instability issues. They are hoping it will be back up soon. I, however, need to get to bed, so I am hoping that when it comes back, it does so without causing site errors. If that is not the case, I will look into things ASAP, but may not have time until I get home from work tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it doesn't come to that!
  8. It looks like my host had an issue with their provider again for about 10 minutes a couple times today, and their provider will be doing maintenance tonight from 11pm-3am EST, with some amount of downtime expected. For those curious, my host has a post about these and the previous downtimes here.
  9. It looks like there was a particularly bad issue at a data center where my host (among others) store the servers. Here's the analogy my host made, for those who are curious: That said, the downtime still never should have happened, and my host is working on getting an explanation from the data center for why it did.
  10. Yeah, I do still plan to add it (and everything else that existed previously) back into AoND. But with plans and life being what they are... Sorry it's taking so long!
  11. Yay host! In regards to what happened, it sounds like one of the issues that came up during the host's original hardware migration a couple weeks ago cropped up again. I'm checking with them about why that happened, but at least they knew how to fix it! As always, let me know if anything seems amiss. Hopefully we're good to go, but we all know how technology can be sometimes...
  12. It's the nature of the beast. But thanks, Cireth! I am actually really busy today but I know exactly what happened, just not why. I have contacted the host to look into it. Hopefully we will have an answer soon! (Gosh typing on a phone sucks!)
  13. There were a few extra blips in the host's migration/upgrade process throughout the weekend, and one other quirk yesterday evening. Those are all resolved now, so hopefully, from here on out (plus the past 24-ish hours!), we're free and clear! As before, let me know if you see anything odd, but I don't expect there to be major issues at this point.
  14. Yeah, it shouldn't be doing that. Until I know the cause, I don't know if the results are trustworthy or not, but I would suggest double checking just in case. I'm not sure if I'll have time to look into this one before tomorrow evening, but if I have a chance, I'll try! Thanks for pointing it out.
  15. It should be fixed fully now (for the past hour, actually). Please let me know if you see any other weirdness.
  16. There's a timezone issue on either the server or the database. That should be a quick thing to fix, at least! I've contacted the host again. That said, until it is fixed, this is a suitable workaround:
  17. Sorry guys! I can immediately see what the problem is, but I have no explanation for why, since everything I can see shows no changes that would cause it. I have sent an email to support asking them what's up; we'll see what they say! Edit: They're looking into it. We've narrowed it down to part of the server settings not migrating properly, so once they get that fixed, we should be back in business. Until then (and/or tomorrow morning, whichever comes first!), it's going to have to remain broken, because making the changes needed to work around the settings problem would be significant, and I need to get some sleep! I'll update again in the morning once I determine the current status.
  18. Just a head's up, I received notice from the host that they will be upgrading the hardware starting Friday night. They are not expecting any downtime, but in case anyone sees a blip, that's probably why!
  19. I like anon editting (I used to do some cleanup myself, but gave up when I realized it'd been disabled, because I couldn't be bothered to make an account for the tiny changes I had been making), but as a compromise, does Wikia have an option to protect certain pages only, like Wikipedia does? Maybe during a release/event, you could make related pages (currently being released, new breed, etc.) non-anon, but leave the rest of the wiki open to anon editting, and reduce vandalism without dramatically reducing useful edits?
  20. It's that time again... Can we have a surprise Christmas present this year, TJ? Please, please, pretty please?
  21. Interesting. I tried both the filter and the sort, and the results were the same (as they should be!). It's sounding like something did indeed go wonky with my scroll, because all of my Alt Black adults are listed in a single group, and they most definitely were not all from sitting hatchlings. In fact, I basically gave up even collecting Alt Blacks a while back, because all I ever seemed to get was sitting males (8m, 1f, 2009, 2012-2014) and curled females (2m, 6f, 2009-2010), and I was getting sick of the imbalance growing ever larger. So the data was supposed to have been saved. It does still beg the question, though -- if it got confused on my scroll, did it on others' as well? If it did, that could explain the seemingly huge imbalance in sitting vs curled adults.
  22. I hadn't even thought to see what breed sort does, good idea! I'm still not convinced, though. Sorting mine by breed results in all of my adult Alt Blacks being together, sorted by date, followed by all of the sitting hatchlings, followed by all of the curled hatchlings. If the adults had been distinguished based on their hatchling sprite, why would they be listed together, rather than being separated each with their respective hatchlings? Are you saying that you have pre-Encyclopedia Alt Black adults that are listed between the sitting and curled hatchlings when you breed sort? Or post-Encyclopedia Alt Black adults from curled hatchlings that are still listed alongside the sitting adults, all above both hatchling sprites? I have no post-Encyclopedia Alt Blacks to confirm that myself.
  23. I have no TJ-based proof, but I'm pretty well convinced that pre-Encyclopedia no distinction was made between sitting and curled once they became adults, and that all adults were considered to have been sitting for purposes of Encyclopedia numbers. My proof for this is my own Alt Blacks. I meticulously sorted them based on which hatchling sprite they had, yet even clicking on the ones that I know were curled never did unlock the curled adults -- yet the overall adults viewed number did increase. The only way I was finally able to unlock them was to find as many post-Encyclopedia Alt adults as possible, in the hopes that they were recorded correctly.
  24. (Emphasis mine) No support. I do not want to try to unfreeze whatever dragon it is that I've been waiting to unfreeze. I want to unfreeze it. There is no trying associated with freezing -- you just do it. So I can see no reason why there should be a "challenge" associated with unfreezing. And even if there should be, RNG certainly is not challenge. It's just pure dumb luck, and all too often, it's bad, which helps no one. If it's done as a once a year event, whatever. I see no reason it should need to be, but I'm not against it. Just as long as it's not some "hope for the best or you're screwed anyhow!" thing.
  25. This. Based on what we already know the site definitely stores, this seems like it would be the easiest way to determine unfreezing eligibility, and would make the most sense to me. But if the only way to get unfreezing is to have everyone start from zero and wait yet another full year, so be it -- at least the option will exist at the end of that year, rather than the not at all that we have right now. Either way, though, I suspect that's an implementation detail we should leave to TJ, rather than something that needs to be hashed out to any great extent. It made sense to debate ways to avoid unfreeze-abuse, but this is getting so much farther into the nitty-gritty as to not matter, from the user's perspective.