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I accept IOUs. ^^ Regarding Miriel en Jewel - Yes, I trade her eggs. Currently 0 out of 3 slots are taken. Contact me if you're interested in arranging a trade. (List is ALWAYS open for 2nd-gen Tinsels/Shimmers!)Regarding Lith Foaloke and ARMY's Bellas en Foaloke (2nd-gen Tinsels) - Both breeding lists are now open!

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    Yes, I gift Tinsels! Ask away if you want one, especially if you don't have one of that kind, or only have messy or high-gen ones!


    Wishlist/things I'm currently hunting for -

    Biggest wants:

    - CB Golds and Silvers.
    - 2nd or 3rd-gen Tinsels or Shimmers of any kind
    - Male or Ungendered Neglecteds


    - 2nd-gen Alt. Vines (2 male, 1 female)


    - 2nd-gen Tinselfail and Shimmerfail eggs of any kind
    - Low-gen Thuweds and Dorkfaces, especially with pretty, planned lineages of some sort.
    - Tinsels from any Tinsel/Royal Blue or Tinsel/Royal Crimson line
    - Shimmers from any Shimmer/Royal Blue or Shimmer/Royal Crimson line

    Needed for freezing (inbred/messy totally okay):

    S1 - Neglected (1),

    S2 - Neglected (1 male, 1 ungendered), Alt. Vine (1 female)

    Commons/things I'm always on the lookout for (low priority, but I enjoy them):

    - Always enjoy dragons with lots of Elvish/Lord of the Rings-related names in the lineage
    - I <3 patterned and PB even-gens
    - Royal Blues and Royal Crimsons with particularly pretty lineages
    - S1 Albino hatchlings to add to my frozen collection (I just love them!)


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