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  1. Yep, same - I caught two on the last five minute drop with the same thing. Looks like something borked somewhere!
  2. My one original Valentine was sheer luck - I'd failed the entire night of the drop and resigned myself to never having one, then saw one in the AP a few days later. I nearly fell off my chair when I clicked and caught it! I've loved having all the past eggs available again too, it really does take away some of the sting if you do miss the event for some reason. I'm honestly so grateful for my timezone, this is the ONE life event that's actually easier because of it. DC midnight is mid-afternoon my time, and being awake for releases makes up for all the awful scheduling of my work life when we have to meet with US/European colleagues.
  3. Just had a flashback when I read this to my first Halloween event in 2009 - one cave, lag galore, and a horrifying internet connection. (Needless to say, I did not catch any CB pumpkins back in the day! )
  4. I just caught this little one - I love it! I'm so grateful that past me planned out my breedings in minute detail, this week is already A Week at work, and just Monday has been enough to kill off any ability to do it correctly on the fly lololol. And I'm SUPER keen for the farming game, perfect level of fun without having to pay much attention. I wish there was a reference or tooltip for how much energy something will cost - I keep getting stuck with one remaining and can't use it, so I'm guessing a lot of things (like watering or weeding out larger bushes) are 2+?
  5. Oof. Four whole hours later, I've finally managed a couple of each! Thank goodness that's done - now to sit back and wait for TJ's to hatch.
  6. First time I've actually been sitting at the computer as a release happened outside holiday time. xD Lag on my end is insane though, I'll come back in a few hours.
  7. Have 2G Razorcrest from (m) Silver Tinsel - trade link here Want CB new Gemshard (egg or hatchling, any gender) Mate for anything listed in this group (details of the mate needed under each adult dragon) 2G purebred pink Sapphire (mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/UJ46c) More general wishlist in signature, green line applies
  8. I donated via direct request! alyelle -> Dolphine | Gaia Xeno from Garland | https://dragcave.net/lineage/n7oP0 | sent alyelle -> Dolphine | Gaia Xeno from Garland | https://dragcave.net/lineage/nzgA5 | sent
  9. I received a gift! rinoa26 -> alyelle | 2G rainbow copper from shadow walker | https://dragcave.net/lineage/vVbYS | accepted
  10. Requester's Form Forum name: alyelle PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=25813 Egg wanted and special wishes: 2G copper from a male Rainbow Copper x female Alpine/Forest-biome Shadow Walker (building a mate for this and my Shadow Walkers are all from the wrong biome). Thank you, egg received! Secret field: No holiday requests!
  11. Oh, this is awesome! I've always been fine with my username, but I love the new location for action log/changing sort order - I use them all the time, and would keep them open in tabs to avoid having to go clicking into the account page to find the link, haha.
  12. HAVE: 2G Azure Glacewing from male Shadow Walker (lineage) WANT: Exact bloodswap please Green line in siggy applies; happy to chat, just drop me a PM! Otherwise offer here!
  13. Oooh - I'm always a bit wary of sprite updates, because it feels a little like erasing part of my online history (if that even makes sense? xD) , but I love these. The magi and thunder look so smooth and sleek, and the reworked detail on the lacula is magnificent. The Snow update, although much less obvious, is lovely; that wing detail. 👌 Probably wouldn't have noticed the changes on the Sakuhana if it hadn't been mentioned, but with a reference pic for the old version, they're also easy to spot and nicely done. Great job to all involved!
  14. I love this idea, looking forward to seeing how it plays out!
  15. I love them! Happy Valentine's Day, and happy hunting all!!
  16. Update: that set has hatched blue. I expect there'll be loads more results by the time my next set hatch, since none of those received influence, but for the sake of experimenting, they will be: one teleported, then influenced one precogged only (done before I saw the theory that you could use multiple BSA's and that only the last would take effect one caught and untouched I'm assuming the precogged egg will go blue; the interesting bit will be seeing if the teleported egg is orange or pink, and what happens to the one I did nothing to.
  17. First set of hatchies: caught, influenced, then incubated - hatched red. Next set should be hatching soon: these were teleported, incubated, then precogged. Will edit once I have a result.
  18. Ahh, well! Looks like I'll be practicing my patience a bit
  19. Sure, I have two slots free - want to DM me?
  20. I'm hopeful that it really is controlled by the last BSA used, and that there'll be enough people using precog and then trading them that orange won't be so hard to collect. Very curious to see if incubating THEN influencing cancels results in a pink or red hatchie. (Hopefully pink, my incubate fingers are so itchy already! 3 days feels so long, ha.)
  21. I've got the following experiments currently happening (all eggs from Jungle biome) one precogged (male) -> to test BSA one precogged (male), influenced (female), precogged again -> to test for whether the most recent BSA has an effect on colour two influenced (one male, one female), both incubated -> my standard procedure, done before I read that BSA's may have an effect. I've also teleported two to a friend off-forum: both Coast biome, one influenced, one untouched.
  22. I've tried Brute x Alcedine, Brute x Guardian, Brute x Fell and Brute x Siyat - no luck so far. ETA - also no (so far) to Nexus x Bloodscale (random, but I was working purely off the colours of the adults there.)
  23. They look like they have similar spot patterning to the Siyats, I wonder if they're one half of the hybrid? ETA - or possibly Alcedine. 🧐
  24. Ahaha, right when I locked myself with Valentine preparations xD