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JJe458U.png  Sherwood 1; Discovering Secrets These two are linked to my unapproved RP --> MZRNNR-Swift.pngtenor.gif 431-L.png <-- Beautiful adoptable on another site 

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    My brain's in Sherwood
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    Likes: Most animals, soundtrack albums, loud music, movies.
    Loves: Horses, Once Upon a Time, Maze Runner, Wolves, Rabbits, Star Wars, Marvel(Spider-Man and the Avengers) DC(the Flash and the rest of the Arrowverse) Lego, XBox.
    Music loves: Zendaya, Pentatonix, Christmas songs, Disney songs from the films(Aladdin! <3), instrumental soundtracks from movies(Far From Home Suite Home - Spider-Man Far From Home; composed by Michael Giachinno)
    I’m friendly and don’t bite(usually). Feel free to PM me if you have questions, share a common interest, or need other help. :)