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  1. Looks like we have a new CPA member You inspired me to change my avvi. I was using a character ref I generated on a site but I decided to change to this one that I use on another pet site. I’ll change it later; waiting for a reply from the artist of another piece to see if I can crop it and use here
  2. PDC: Cool! I knew about the dinosaurs in Age of Extinction of course but cats... ooh! (And Swift’s imagination proceeds to run away with her....) Before I forget: four
  3. If you mean Star Wars, it’s Rey all the way. Also BB-8 and R2 D2 I mean, one little droid can do so much! Plus they are loyal. Still sad about Carrie Fisher
  4. ^ Chinese Word for grass lol I wear a black Adidas CAP
  5. Haven’t watched that one yet 😮 just the ones with the Eleventh Doctor onwards, the episodes that were on Netflix CAMera Could be CAMeron too
  6. Well at least they let us get to 200 that time eight
  7. Hey Evangeline Dec 19th is the release date for Rise Of Skywalker! I’m looking forward to it *sets out cookies because Lagie keeps brownie recipes secret*
  8. Looking cool Evangeline! First sunny day in a week Here’s my panda: Kai Kai. I got him from the River Safari at the Singapore Zoo a few years ago and he laughs
  9. 183 which is why I always check the recently browsing
  10. *stretches* Hey all! Looks like the subject is road trips now Eating breakfast with my panda.
  11. Hey Fort and Spirit actually it looks like Spirit isn’t around at time of post I’m wearing the robe now. also watching my brother play LEGO Marvel on XBox and planning to take over join in >D