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  1. More people had arrived and some introduced themselves; Lloyd took a moment to memorise all the names given. The two girls in green and red were Kirika and Chris — they seemed to be friends; the man with short black hair and, strangely, pointed ears was Tovan; the man with slightly longer black hair was Aymeric; the purple-haired man was Doppio and the one that had appeared next to him was Jin; and the blue fire lady was called Brighid by her companion, whose name Lloyd didn’t catch. The rest had apparently already introduced themselves before he came along, since they were discussing amongst themselves. The ones who talked to him basically answered his question with ‘I don’t know’, except for the man named Tovan. "Look, man, I don't know what to say to that. About as much as I know is that we're in 'Sector 2', whatever that is. As for how you got here, I'd say nobody knows that. I don't even know how I got here, to be honest, just that I woke up in the village one day. Nobody would tell me how I'd gotten there, either, just to act as if I'd been there all my life." Lloyd mulled over that. What was Sector 2? Was it a part of Ninjago or another realm? He wished he could ask Master Wu if he’d heard about all this. I have to get back home to do that, and to get home I should join these people and learn more about this place, he concluded. He’d noticed that Jin had appeared from a crystal and wondered about it. Was he like one of the Golden Weapons, having a different form to be revealed when paired with a focused mind? Everything here sent the green ninja deep into thought. Given that everyone else had done it, introducing himself seemed like something he had to do, but he decided to leave out some details, like his real name, and that he was a descendant of the First Spinjitsu Master — and who knew what these people knew or thought of Lord Garmadon. “Greetings. I am the Green Ninja, Elemental Master of Energy.” Lloyd bowed to the rest in the group. He was aware he was acting extremely formal, but he wasn’t sure where everyone else stood on manners, and better overly polite than insulting. "Anyway, we should probably head into the village, get you guys introduced to Redd and Leigh. Redd's the guy in charge here, so he can probably explain things a lot better than I can... and maybe answer a few questions of my own." He nodded in agreement to Tovan’s suggestion. “Yes, that does seem like the best thing to do. When we have more information, we can take decisive action and hopefully all get back to where we came from.”
  2. Nice! I expected to see some eggs, but there were none to be found
  3. Unfortunately, Swift hadn’t gotten the potentially snark-filled conversation she’d wanted. A couple of weird monstery-looking things with crossbows had come into the hall, one telling the dragon about Ionhazard in panic and promptly flopping onto the floor. The outlaw was not impressed. My old friend the Sheriff would have gotten us captured by now. Glail silently asked her if they should tell them about the robot, and she shook her head no. No point in showing them that card, though it might come in handy later. The guards lowered their weapons slightly, and Swift narrowed her eyes. “This is an almost perfect chance to attack,” she murmured to her friend. “Dare we take it?” The idea was tempting — her hand reflexively twitched toward her quiver, but there might be more of the creatures, and she hated to drag Glail into a fight the blue wolf might not want. Lloyd Garmadon stood on the roof of a small building in Ninjago, watching over his city. After putting his former sweetheart Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon safely away at Kryptarium Prison, all was quiet. For now. Jumping to another roof, he flipped his hood back on and started to make his way back towards Laughy’s. He dropped to the ground, but taking a step forward, he felt himself falling. Gah! A few seconds later, he landed. First his head jerked up, and he looked wildly around. What just happened... He was by a river of what looked like lava, with black stone at its banks and an ominous-looking red sky. There was a village behind him; some people were milling about, while others (who looked completely out of place here, like him) were stepping off of what looked like flying fish? A purple-haired man slid onto the ground with a small yelp. The others in his group talked amongst themselves. A blonde girl in a kimono was standing with a couple, who were from the village, by the looks of it. Maybe I should ask them for help. They didn’t look dangerous, so Lloyd cautiously walked toward the small group with the fish. “Hello? If anyone can answer me, where is this place, and how did I get here?” he asked carefully as he approached.
  4. Hello everyone! Popped in to post for RP and of course I had to drop by my favourite forum games gang Hope everyone’s doing good ❤️
  5. Swift just made it past the guard creatures in the shadows; they scuttled back, shooting arrows at her which she narrowly dodged. Running almost at full speed, she heard Glail pelting after her — "SWIIIFT! Wait for me!" — and slowed to let her friend catch up. “Isn’t this great?! I haven’t done something fun in a while!” she shouted gleefully to the blue wolf. Together they dashed through the castle, passing various rooms and hallways. As they reached a huge chamber, she skidded to a halt, holding out a hand to attempt to help Glail do the same. The large, dragonlike creature who inhabited the room didn’t look too happy. "Now by the gods.... Where did you two come from, and how did you make it here....?" it snarled; a scaly tail lashed as it (he?) spoke. Swift smirked, then widened her eyes in what Suzy dubbed ‘mocking teacher mode’. “Hmm. Well, you see, the human body has these two limbs or appendages called legs. Those are attached to feet, which I use to walk or run, and that is how we came here,” she explained. “As to where we came from, I would prefer to keep the to myself, as you will surely understand. Now, it looks like you’re in a snit, would you care to tell us why?” She smirked up at the dragon. “Magic? Cool! I met a magician once. Strange. He did really cool stuff, like teleporting. When he did, there were these glowy orange circles and he went like this—” Peter imitated Stephen Strange’s gestures, not realising as he did that Riza and the others might think he was calling the sorcerer strange instead of telling them his name. Carefully he got into the bubble, sitting in the middle. Ned won’t believe I sat in a magic bubble, he thought ecstatically while the bubble blower talked to the robot. "I'm not sure what east is, but I'm hoping it's a little safer than here, I hope. I personally don't trust this place, it seemed safe at first but with those weird creatures.... No. We need to get moving as soon as possible, and as for why all of us? ....I mean. We're not from here, wouldn't it make sense for us to go elsewhere and look for answers?I mean if we all wanna go home..." “Which we do,” Peter added pragmatically, approving of the man’s many-worded reply. “You’re right. Eastward! He pointed in the direction indicated by the others, flushing slightly red when the bubble did nothing in response.
  6. Peter was slightly disappointed that none of them could help him — in his past experience, there had always been a clear objective and how to get about doing it. Hibiki was quick to apologise, even though none of this was her fault. "...no, I don't think any of us know where we are. It's great that you're from a place I recognize, but... I've never actually been to New York, and even if I had, I wouldn't know where it is from here. Gomen'nasai - I'm sorry, Peter-san." Her friend spoke up then, making it clear what he preferred to be called. Peter gave Hibiki a tentative pat on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find a way to get back to our homes,” he reassured her, then added a quick hello to the card man. “And nice to meet you too, Mr. Kaiba!” As he spoke, another new person appeared and introduced himself. Peter sifted through his words to find the most important parts: "Hello there! Sorry if I'm startling you. I'm Ryo Howard. I overheard you guys talking so I thought I'd say hi. I ended up around here some hours ago and I have no idea where I am or how I got here. To top that off, a lot of my stuff isn't working properly... does any of you have any idea what's going on?" The new Ryo guy had things that needed fixing?! “I can help with that!” Peter blurted. “I love fixing things! Just let me know how it works and if you need any special materials to fix it, and we can see if anyone has any of those. Then I can take your stuff apart — if you don’t mind, of course — and see if I can fix it, which I would love to and then we can get going; Mr. Kaiba here really wants to move already, and I don’t really wanna offend him, so we can go and find out how to get back home.” He smiled again at the end of his rambling, hoping Ryo would feel welcome to this new group even though he himself had just gotten here. His attention was then drawn to the pipe man’s bubbles. “Whoa! How do you do that? Can I try? Is this a sort of plastic, or is it, like, some advanced technology from where you come from?” Curious, he reached out and poked the bubble. “Also, yeah! Let’s go,” he added to Kaiba, his attention everywhere at once.
  7. Hey hey everyone How’s y’all doing? Also, I have decided that I’m going to be semi-active here on DCF — I’ll pop back in maybe once a week and continue posting in RPs and stuff, but otherwise I’ll be elsewhere.
  8. From the looks of things, there wasn’t any way they could go without being chased by the guards — and maybe even incinerated by Ionhazard, whom Swift had officially dubbed ‘Metalface’ in her head. "Leaving is not an option," he’d snarled at the two wolves as soon as she’d suggested it. Who programmed him to be grumpy? Well, in any case, that takes care of one of our options. She also made a mental note to find out whether the occupants of this castle were affiliated with him, since he seemed determined to get them in there and it didn’t look all that safe. Before she could say anything, though, a loud shout echoed in the stone walls. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT-" she heard the voice boom, with a few other words she couldn’t make out. Glail looked at her, round blue eyes wide. "You hear that too right?! Do you think we made someone mad? Maybe we needed to knock first?" “Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe we should have,” she agreed. "Show yourselves! Come out, intruders of the Dark Master's temple, or be struck down!" "Oh, who's that?" Glail responded as cheerfully as always; Swift put a paw on her face. Really, Glail? I need to give this girl a crash course on combat and general sneaking around. The laguz then looked at the ground as if she’d read her thoughts. "I-I mean, we should be nice first, right?" Swift nuzzled her comfortingly. “Don’t worry. I’ll teach you another way to do things later.” Meanwhile, one of the invisible enemies replied in a confused-sounding explanation. "The... the Dark Master! You know, Lord Malefor?! Ruler of Sector 2?!" "Sector 2?" She could see that her friend didn’t know what they meant either, and leaned closer as she asked another question, more stealthily this time. "I don't know about a guy named 'Dark Master'... he doesn't sound nice." Swift nodded in agreement. “Usually people’s names go with who or what they are, like the Dark One or the Saviour. So I’m betting this Dark Master is a villain, or he’s on the bad side, anyway.” Whoever he was, she didn’t really feel like being brought to anyone’s leader today, so she shifted to human, shouting back at the shadows. “Well, you can rest assured, we’re not here to cause trouble. And you can remember this day as the day you almost caught Swift, the daughter of Robin Hood.” She bowed mockingly, Jack Sparrow-style, and took off down the hall, trying to dart past whoever was in the shadows. Peter was delighted that all the people here seemed nice, and not hostile at all, except for the small argument between the guy with the pipe and the man Nice Lady Hibiki had been talking to earlier. The latter had shaken his hand and introduced herself — "I'm Hibiki! It's nice to meet you, Peter-san!" — as had another lady, Riza Hawkeye. ”Cool name. I actually know a guy called Hawkeye.” He paused. “Well, that’s his alias, anyway,” he amended. “Nice to meet you both. Also, do any of you know where we are, because I really need to get back to New York and my aunt‘s gonna kill me if I’m late for dinner again. I have a science experiment I need to work on, and I gotta study for midterms again because of the Blip and—” Peter stopped. Oh, right. They probably don’t know about the effects of the Blip on Midtown; looks like they come from different places. “So anyway,” he continued out loud, ”I really have to get home. If anyone knows where we are, that would be great, then I can just get on my way.” He gave the others a cheerful smile, the one MJ always rolled her eyes at and said looked stuck on his face like a gecko to the ceiling.
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  14. I just love her songs and I don’t even know why ❤️
  15. *rolls back in* Classy: I think it’s a little different — if I recall correctly it’s just banana cake is more cakey and dense and bread is more bready and light? edit: Nope, looks like it’s almost the same:
  16. Ooh cute mice and cranes Lagie! So pretty and squishyful Swifty has been a bad poster lately... I blame it on rewatching Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy over two days. *noms bacon and eggs* Banana cake anyone?
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