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  1. “Well, yeah, I mean technically,” Swift said, toeing at a pile of coins, “but, well...” Trailing off, she glanced up at Glail, unsure how her innocent friend would take news of her past. “Look, Glail, you’d be shocked at things I used to do.” She straightened her jacket and poked at a nearby tapestry, deciding to just rip off the Band-Aid. “I’m kind of a kleptomaniac. As in, I steal things. Used to steal things. I mean, I still do, but nowadays it’s more of my boyfriend’s shirts and less of jewelry and coin. Plus, I’m like two weeks behind on rent and I haven’t picked up a side job to cover the-” She turned back to face Glail, suddenly aware she was rambling, biting her lip. “Right. So, uh, I just think that maybe things like this... I’m more used to them than you? And definitely more used to... how would you say it...” She snapped her fingers a few times, trying to find a more neutral term for crime, “bending the rules. Since I used to steal. A lot.” Clearing her throat, she concluded that she should get to the point. “So, if it makes you uncomfortable, then I’ll just leave all these fabulous riches here.” Or y’know, not tell you I’m taking some so that the theft doesn’t weigh heavily on your pure conscience. With that, she wondered, how did people actually live without being raised as outlaws? That lifestyle sounded so... boring. "Those tree-things were really mean! What did they think we were? We weren't that scary, were we?" “We were pretty scary, if I do say so myself.” Swift grinned. “I was going for a kind of undead vengeful soul vibe, d’you think I got that across?” Jabbering away to cover the clink of the coins, just in case her friend would try to stop her, she slipped a handful into her quiver, standing to retrieve some of her arrows, then returning to where Glail was sitting and stealthily taking another small handful. “What do you think Metalface is doing right now?” Don’t give up and leave the grownups behind don’t give up and leave the grownups behind don’t give up and leave the grownups behind. Peter trudged on behind Renarin as Kaiba and Utakata argued, and sighed at Hotaru’s failed attempts to stop them. Just then, a woman appeared and came up to them; Peter was glad for the distraction. She, Hotaru and Renarin had a short conversation, mostly sharing information amongst themselves with not a lot of helpfulness. Maybe splitting up wasn’t such a good idea. I mean, we haven’t found anything, and things have been... Peter looked over his shoulder. The argument behind them was getting worse, and Peter was almost about to turn around and snap at the two men to sort it out or so help me when Kaiba said-
  2. Standing beside her companion, an idea suddenly came to Swift, and she reached towards one of her wounds, rubbing some blood onto her hands. “So you think you can take us?” she said, in what she hoped was a menacing voice. “I’d like to see what you can try against shifters who have defeated Death!” She flared out her wings dramatically, raising her clawed fingers in her signature Halloween spooky pose. Gets Roland every time. “How can you possibly hope to combat the reincarnated?” Hoping that Glail was following her lead, her spirits lifted slightly as she saw a few Orcs jerk in fear and bolt. “Enough of this foolery! Attack them, you cowards!” One of the Orcs shouted at his comrades. Wide-eyed and angered (and a little bit spooked), the creatures charged at the girls, slashing their axes around viciously. “Come, my ghostly friend. Battle — and victory — awaits!” Before the Orcs reached them, Swift turned to Glail. “We can do this,” she said softly, hoping to reassure her. “We just gotta stick together.” Then the outlaw jumped away, fixing her attention on their assailants as two missed their strokes, and she simply leaned away to avoid the one of the others. The last hit, if only a glancing slide off her shoulder, only served to make her roll her eyes, and she grabbed two arrows out of her quiver. One she sent directly into the inaccurate Orc’s chest, and the horned creature bellowed loudly as she shot another at the one who had hit Glail. The soldiers fell back, yelling amongst themselves, and she smirked at the look of intimidation in their stances. “I told you,” she told them with a sigh, then raised her voice while trying to make it seem like she was talking to Glail. “It’s a shame we didn’t summon our undead zombie friends to eat their brains!” She held back laughter, hearing their scandalised shouts when they practically tripped over each other backpedaling out of the room. Once they were out of sight — and earshot; those guys were super noisy — she let out a huge breath and sank to the floor, tired, but victorious. “We did it.” She smiled up at her friend, who she thought must be similarly exhausted. There was a small clink, and she remembered just what chamber they were in. She looked at the giant piles of riches, then at Glail. Then back at the coins. Then back at Glail. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she said with a mischievous grin.
  3. Fanfics... all the fanfics... how is Peter Parker always an adorable smol bean... help I love him...
  4. Through the halls we go With blue laguz today Angering a dragon Almost-dying all the way, hey! Swift thought up an altered rendition of Jingle Bells as she ran behind Glail and the other dog, her mood much improved since they’d left the previous chamber. Following the blue dog as it charged into a new room, she looked up to see... lots and lots of loot! It seemed this was a treasure room; as she looked around in awe, she couldn’t stop herself from tripping into a pile of jewelry. “Oof!” Scrambling to her feet and back to Glail’s side, she gaped at all the riches. Holy finger lickin’ good, Kentucky fried . I’ve literally never seen so many expensive thingies in one place! Mentally running the numbers on just the stuff that she could see, she realised she could... she could... “I could buy Regina’s old Evil Queen castle with all this!” she blurted, then added in a murmur, “We’re going to be set for life.” A bang behind them dragged her attention away, and the archer turned to see nine Orcs trapping them in the room. “Well, that’s not good,” she said, her voice sounding way calmer than she felt. “Think we can take them?” she asked Glail; normally she would have charged straight at the opposing creatures without consultation, but now, tired and bleeding, she took a moment to think strategically (a first for her) and decided running in recklessly wasn’t the best idea. They have numbers, we don’t. They have axes, we have one axe and a couple flying murder sticks. This was going to be a tricky one. “Maybe we should attack from farther away?” she suggested hesitantly to her friend, not wanting to admit what was really going through her mind — she didn’t quite know what to do.
  5. “Heck yeah!” Swift yelled as this time, both of her arrows hit their mark, the first thunking into her target’s shoulder (though it didn’t seem to affect him all that much) and the second burying itself into the Orc’s neck, making him emit a cry of pain. Detecting a blur of motion from behind her, she whipped around to see two Orcs aiming at her. The first, the one who seemed to be significantly weakened, shot a bolt toward the archer, but all she had to do was sidestep to avoid it. Getting tired, are we? Even as she had the thought, she spied her friend darting away from the fight, and she didn’t want to lose her in the big castle. Snatching a couple of her used arrows up from the floor, she turned at a cry from Glail. "SWIFT! Let's go!" The laguz ran away from Malefor to where the other blue dog was, and Swift noticed Ionhazard reaching out to combat the dragon... And snapping him up in his mouth? Well, that’s definitely unusual. Time to go, I guess. She went to follow her friend, first reaching back into her quiver to check if- Wait! It’s gone! Where is it? Stopping short, she yanked at the leather holder until she held it in her hands, rifling through her weapons. “Oh no. No. No no no nonononono!” Darting back, away from Glail and the dog, to where she had made her stand at first, she hauled the fallen Orc up and shoved him aside, blowing her breath out in relief as she spotted and picked up her cherished silver arrow. “Okay. Now we can go,” she said to her allies as she returned to them, not sure if she managed to hide her momentary panic. Her father had left that arrow to her, after he’d won it in an archery contest run by none other than the Sheriff himself, which was probably one of the ways Robin had rubbed success in his face. Just another trait he passed down to her. Shaking her head, she started to run down the long hallway. “What’re you waiting for? Let’s go!” "Sorry, I don't. I don't even know where that is." He doesn’t know where Ninjago is. Ninjago. The biggest and most widely known country in the whole realm. Dumbstruck, Lloyd simply blinked at the man. “I-” Before he could continue, one of the other men came over and, after a brief pause, did something healing to the one he had been talking to. Interesting. I’ll have to ask Mystake if she’s heard of ‘Surgebinding’. He started to say something to the first man, but he was again interrupted by the villagers, Redd and Leigh, who started some kind of presentation. By the looks on the other’s faces, they recognised some of the ‘sector villains’ who were mentioned and shown, though there were none Lloyd knew. Maybe it would be best to wait and absorb all the new information before asking the man more about where he was from, and why he didn’t know where Ninjago was. I just hope the other ninjas are doing okay without me.
  6. Uh oh. I just ate a whole bowl of beancurd (which I thought tasted a bit tart) and my mom tried some of my sister’s and said it had gone sour... I guess I’ll see what happens Hey Spirit!
  7. No rain here today either, though I think it looks like it might? I dunno, I’m crummy at predicting the weather And a few art-ish Marvel things I did this week. I live on soundtracks. And art. And Marvel.
  8. Heyy everyone In honor of Chadwick, today we rewatched Black Panther.
  9. Ahh. I shall express my gratitude and slight surprise at such a revelation.
  10. Hey peeps! I would like to be able to respond to things with “gasps in British”, but unfortunately I’m not British. 🤔
  11. I may be missing something obvious here, but I bred two Celestial dragons and got four eggs but it says I can only keep one? I don’t have any other growing dragons though. 😕
  12. Lagie: I’m good! Still burrowing deep into my writing pile
  13. What happens if a kettle is left on forever? Does it explode? But if it explodes it won’t be on forever... 🤔
  14. To Peter, Utakata seemed somewhat nervous. As he asked the blue-robed man if he was alright, the latter nodded and muttered, “Sorry, I just..... need to back away from this group. I-I’m fine. Um.... Excuse me.” Peter was glad he was okay, but he’d hoped that there would be a chance to make friends. Maybe he has social anxiety or something. Poor guy. Although, since who knew what would happen next, they might start apart and end up buddies, like in MJ’s case. Ah, MJ. The very thought of her sent Peter into a state of ecstasy. Who would’ve thought a few years ago that they’d be how they were now, in a brilliantly healthy dating relationship while in high school in New York. Oh. New York. As he dragged himself back to the present, he heard the other young man — his name was... um... Ryo! Yes, now he remembered — say something. "Hey, Peter, was it? Back before we left I didn't really have time to ask but I heard you mention something about wanting to get back to New York. Does that mean you're from an earth before the meteor impact in 2043?" Peter blinked at the white-silver-haired boy blankly, all brain cells working in hyperspeed to try and process what he had just heard. Meteor? What- There’s a meteor hitting the earth in twenty years?! Oh no I gotta tell Mr. Fury! He has to get all the remaining Avengers assembled and heaven knows it takes a while for that. Oh MAN now I need to go home to do that but how can I-?!??!!?!?!!!? In short, Peter was inwardly and silently panicking. He realised he was still staring at Ryo, had been for a solid half minute. “Oh. I mean, the-- That’s... very worrying. In that case, I mean, I really really need to go home and warn everyone even though it’s, um, only 2023 where I’m from, when I got here, I mean.” He was aware he’d just used the phrase ‘I mean’ twice in one sentence and the whole thing sounded stupid, but it was the best he could do while trying not to shriek like Aunt May when someone dropped a plate. At that very moment, he glanced over at Kaiba and froze. He was talking to someone, and not making any jabs at Utakata or anyone else, but that wasn’t what had Peter looking like a deer in headlights. The man was talking to a life-size Lego. Now doubly or even triply confused and shocked, Peter went perfectly still. First I get lost in this place while swinging on my previously trustworthy web-shooters — ones that I built myself!— then I see weird monster rams and help strange people fight them off, then I rode in a magic bubble and came to a village with a lava lake and now there’s a huge Lego man?! Man, this whole day is strange and way, WAY out of my league. I wanna go home. To his slight embarrassment, he now felt a little like crying, and he was sure his distress showed on his face; he felt himself frowning and hoped no one noticed, looking down at the ground. He felt so out of place here that he didn’t even want to talk to the Lego. More Orcs were charging towards Swift and Glail; she noticed with frustration that her attacks weren’t doing much damage, and had to suppress a yelp to avoid scaring her friend as another bolt grazed her across the shoulder, ripping her beloved leather jacket. “Hey!” she yelled at the offending creature, furious, and shot an arrow at him, the shaft aiming true at his chest, but he managed to slide out of the way in time. She scoffed in disbelief. “Dude! How do you dodge that?! Really!” Dodging another bolt, she spotted an axe coming towards her out of the corner of her eye. Pushing off the nearest thing that looked like it could be used as a step (which turned out to be the dead Orc she’d shot) she launched herself into the air and flipped out of the axe’s path. Landing with practiced agility (well, at least she hadn’t lost her landing skills), she flipped her head back up, hair whipping away from her face, and narrowed her eyes at her attacker, stringing more arrows onto her bow. “Damn. Damn damn damn damn damn!” Swift snapped as not one, not two, but all three of her projectiles ended up missing their mark. “This is ridiculous!” she blurted, not believing at all what was happening. “I’m Sarah ‘Swift’ Hood!! I’ve never done this bad in a fight in my whole life, not even when I was three! I threw a kitchen knife at the Sheriff of Nottingham at that age!” She was on the verge of losing it and charging head-on at the dragon when she spotted Glail take out one of their enemies. These things are beatable! I guess, she added unhappily as she looked at all the other Orcs. Then a blur caught her eye. A canine figure, smaller than Glail but still large for your average dog (after all, the laguz was about the size of a frickin’ tiger), had leapt down into the fray, knife held between its teeth, and slashed at an Orc. That action indicated that it was on their side, and Swift gave a brief huff of approval. She was then taken by surprise when giant claws stabbed through the roof and peeled it back, the concrete crumbling and disintegrating like ash between one’s fingers. "HIIII IOOONY!" Glail called out happily. “About time! Couldn’t you have done that earlier?” Swift shouted up at the robot, secretly pretty glad at the simple fact that he’d shown up to get them out. Or at least, she assumed that’s what he was there to do. Debris showered down onto the Orcs below, and Swift felt a grim satisfaction at the discord in their ranks. Just then, the dog slashed its knife at another of the Orcs and barked out a command in a language she recognised as, well, Dog as he pelted towards the door. "Run!" With only a split second of hesitation, Swift grabbed a blood-stained arrow from the floor and, wiping it on a nearby fallen Orc, shoved it back into her quiver and followed. “C’mon, Glail! We’re getting outta here before all Mally Mal’s forces are on our tails!” Lloyd nodded as the man stated Lightning as the dragon’s element. “Ohh. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Nice to meet a fellow Elemental Master. One of my friends masters Lightning, too,” he remarked after a moment of thought. But, he reminded himself, he couldn’t be too friendly with these people too quick — Harumi’s betrayal was still fresh in his mind. But he could ask them some questions. “And would you know how to get to, say, Ninjago from here?” he said in what he hoped was a casual, conversational tone. Lloyd didn’t want to make it overly obvious that he was lost and needed help, and he also didn’t know whether anyone here could be trusted, even though they seemed like overall decent people. As Master Wu had taught him, one could never be too careful.
  15. *rolls around* Don’t mind me, I’m just going to sing Back in Black to myself over here. https://youtube.com/watch?v=gc9gnUtatI4
  16. Swift was mad. Really mad. Apparently her long break had taken a toll on her combat skills, and she wasn’t doing so good in this fight. First, she let out a grunt as one of the crossbow bolts got her in the arm, and she had to almost jump out of the way of an axe swing. Then she was hit with another wave of pain as one of the other axes embedded itself in her leg. “Dammit!” she growled, jerking away from the weapon; looking up, the crossbow Orc who had shot her looked cruelly pleased, and he was right next to her so, furious, she nocked an arrow onto her bow and let it go at him. It sank into his forehead with a thunk. The Orc fell, and she felt the slightest hint of satisfaction, even though she knew she probably shouldn’t. Whirling around, she kicked her good leg at the one who had axed her, but he managed to lean away so the blow merely glanced off his side. And then she shot another arrow at the axe who had missed, but he dodged as well. Damn, outlaw, you should have bloody practiced, not let yourself get soft just ‘cause there were no evil wizards attacking you. Now she was almost as mad at herself as she was at their enemies, and she backed away, accidentally bumping into Glail as the monsters kept coming. Blood trickling from her wounds, she looked back and forth for an opportunity to go on the offense while she reached for another arrow. “C’mon. We can do this. We just have to... keep... going...” she said in between heavy breaths, trying to build her own courage as well as her friend’s. If I don’t up my game to what it usually is in the next wave, I might be dead. And a disappointment to my parents and extended framily. She glared defiantly at Malefor. “Is that the best you can do?” she shouted.
  17. With most of them (except, of course, Kaiba) travelling in Utakata’s bubbles, they had arrived at a village. Apparently the bubble-blower had forgotten to warn everyone before he popped the floating orbs, because Riza thumped onto the ground unceremoniously, cursing under her breath and then standing up to slap Utakata across the face. The dark-haired man had just recovered from the hit when a blonde girl appeared out of nowhere to tackle him to the ground — she seemed happy to see him until she, too, slapped him. Disembarking from his dragon, Kaiba started laughing, and Peter thought he would’ve looked rather pleasant doing it if it hadn’t been directed at a friend. Peter himself had landed neatly in his signature pose, accustomed to sudden jerks and falls by now, and glanced at Kaiba. Well, not everyone can get along, not even the Avengers. But I guess I can try to make them friends. Eventually. He walked over to Utakata. “Are you okay?” he asked. Uta looked okay, but who knew how much those slaps had hurt; Riza was one tough lady. Meanwhile, Lloyd had been admiring the dragon — until it suddenly disappeared, into a small device, no less! Eager to know more about it, he went to where the laughing stranger stood. “Excuse me,” he said, “but which element does your dragon master?” He’d thought it was an Ice elemental, but the blue on it might have represented Lightning, too. Master Wu had told him tales about dragons and their elements before, but he’d never seen one in real life, only illustrations, so he wasn’t sure. As the green ninja waited for the man to stop laughing, he glanced over to another of the people, a teenager like him, who was checking on the twice-hit, seemingly dazed man. Much like Cole or maybe Jay would have done, he thought approvingly. I do question his choice of clothing, though. Might talk to him later. The other boy was dressed in a skintight red and black suit, nothing like his ninja garb. Then again, most of the other people were dressed strangely; the only familiar-looking clothes Lloyd noticed was Aymeric’s, which somewhat resembled Pixal’s mech. This whole situation is strange, but something we can do is band together and find a way home. He would’ve nodded in determination, but he was still standing next to the laughing man, and it would probably have been weird and out of context. Glail hadn’t responded, but with a growl from Malefor — "I have had enough of this. Do away with them immediately," — the Orcs were closing in around her and Swift. The outlaw grinned. Despite the fact that I’m probably realms away from Storybrooke — or maybe adding to that fun — and that Glail and I are travelling with a giant murderous robot, this is one of the best days ever. She stepped closer to her friend. “I hope you’re having as much fun as I am, because it looks like we’re about to be attacked,” she told her calmly. “But no worries, we can take ‘em. Just get ready to bring it.” Drawing an arrow from her quiver, she strung it onto her bow and aimed at the nearest Orc. “You ready?” She prepared herself to charge.