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  1. Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all safe and healthy ^~^ The X-Mas 2019 hatchlings look so cute !! Thanks TJ and all who contributed to the holiday event!
  2. Whoa, I haven't been available to a regular release in years! *happy tears* Thanks TJ and good luck everyone! Edit 1: I cannot believe I'm first page! Also, locked for the night with 2/Jungle, (tough grab!), 3/Coast, and 3/Desert. Night everyone!
  3. Happy Halloween and good luck catching, everyone!! 🎃
  4. Woo! Love that this is back :3 Thank you TJ and all Spriters!!
  5. Merry Christmas Drag Cave!!! Just looking at the new game, I never feel a shortage of amazement for all of the things that this site does for the holidays!!!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Dragon Cave <3
  7. I'm remembering the release of Dino Cave right now ... I hope this egg is real and here to stay because I should have been getting ready for work by now
  8. Absolutely amazing work this year Dragcave always outdoes itself Thanks TJ and all spriters involved!!
  9. Such lovely dragons, and wow, what a description on these They remind me of Anubis.. perhaps because of their colors
  10. I have double from both the Coast and Desert at the moment, so I'm hoping that I can resolve that in a few hours . I want at least one from each biome as well ~
  11. Thanks TJ and everyone who has contributed! Happy Halloween everyone !!
  12. Woo! This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Halloween has come again! Edit: Aw, I used my first potion on my first original Pink dragon. I haven't seen the original pink egg in years!
  13. Thanks @Tehya Faye! Suddenly, that sounds so familiar; I completely forgot that.
  14. Just curious: Was there ever a reason why the biomes were ordered with links ending with 5 (Alpine), 1 (Coast), 2 (Desert), 3 (Forest), 4 (Jungle), and 6 (Volcano)? I realize that they are alphabetically in order, but the numbers just never matched up
  15. Such beautiful eggs and hatchies *o* I wonder if they will be as beautiful as the blusangs/brines ~
  16. Thanks That's comforting, if anything.
  17. Is Eggs Around the World officially gone?
  18. Beautiful adults! I'm 4 days late to find out about the release o.o I wonder what luck I will have since all other eggs are mixed in..
  19. I intentionally/unintentionally summoned my third GoN After my history of [bad] luck, I jokingly thought I would attempt another summon with a female Magma while I was refreshing in the Jungle for another Gemshard egg Edit: And now I'm finally locked with a Gemshard egg
  20. Almost 4am, but finally finished Thanks TJ and all spriters who were involved!
  21. I just saw the Harry Potter egg for the first time Life has just been made better
  22. I think the egg with the goldfish inside is just the cutest x) (I'm very behind, but it's my most recent egg haha)