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  1. Is it just me or can I not add my eggs into EATW? My scroll is unhidden and I was able to successfully add my scroll to another hatchery.
  2. Have: 4 Halloween Hatchies 3rd Gen Shadow Walker Hatchie, Checkere 2nd Gen Grave Hatchie 2nd Gen Despisis Hatchie 2nd Gen Caligene Hatchie Want: For all 4 Hatchies, I want only 2 CB Halloween Hatchie from Halloween Biome (or incuhatchable egg) I will add in another 8 hatchies (all 2nd gen) for one IOU of this year's halloween new release. PM me to work a deal out. Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d43564cb3cd857cff154fc1402b108e9
  3. I'm in! Hehe, congrats on 101! (Gosh that's impressive, I've tried ND's and failed)
  4. Can someone explain to me how the Delayed AR in AoND works? I want to try some neglected experiments but I leave for a 10 day vacation very soon. I read the instructions but I still don't get it.
  5. What! That's horrible! Sounds like it was done by the same person, gosh. I would be furious. I found a CB Summer Seasonal in the AP yesterday, and incuhatchable too. Then, I forgot to influence it for a breeding project where I needed it to be female. *facepalms*
  6. I seem to recall the other day a friend PM'd me and I was unable to receive the message, so it might not be just you. However, I had received a message perfectly a few days before.
  7. This little one: https://dragcave.net/lineage/opaLN is stubborn to gender so I can freeze it. Is this just a thing with Zyus, they are also slow to gender?
  8. Not sure if this is an appropriate question for here, but how do you change your username?
  9. Is there any way to delete posts anymore?
  10. What does display name history on my profile page mean?
  11. What is the current PM capacity limit? I got so lost on the PM page, hahaha.
  12. Yessssssss, although maybe not for Halloweens?
  13. How long does the revive option stay for a dead hatchie?
  14. It's sad that I've only been able to breed one of these, my suns were all female and I had one male Sensing And it seems the dragons for the pairings have all disappeared from the cave
  15. *points fingers* https://dragcave.net/lineage/uZxWv Why won't you gender!?
  16. Looks fun! So we have to breed the entry dragons on our scroll and then post it-do we have to keep and raise the dragons or can we gift/abandon/other stuff once you've checked off the entry?
  17. G o d d y s s I mean, sure I used a y but still... Also I got Sherl0ck Holmes
  18. Forgot to influence some CB hatchies for scroll goals, hopefully they gender correctly. Also I have 1001 total dragons, but only 980 grown dragons. Plus I'm hatchie locked. One of the few times when I'm hatchie locked and it's not the holidays. Thanks, incuhatchable AP!
  19. Finally got my first neglected! I feel safe posting because it's been stunned and currently low time, give it a click in my signature if you want.
  20. Ok, I used a lineage link. I've got an hour to see how many clicks I can get.
  21. Huh, Another question, is it against the rules to post your own growing dragons view or lineage links in your own signature?
  22. It was a Neglected Dragon, this one: https://dragcave.net/lineage/EuhJR . I had stunned it and put it in the AoND clinic because it comes off stun very late tonight. Mangrit, thanks for keeping an eye on it and PMing me! (Side note, why is she gaining clicks but not views...I thought stunned dragons couldn't get any stats?)
  23. Oh, huh, I changed my password.