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Cyclers © Pinkgothic & Shokomon: shoko.png firegem.png

Fiery Sparkflame Need a Winter from F Silver Tinsel x Winter, will wait until next winter

Wyspy Dreams Need a Chrono Xenowyrm from F Silver Tinsel x Chrono

Currently Inactive, PM me if you need me

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    Thank you to Isomanic!
    Thank you to all the countless people on the departure thread who have gifted things to me!
    My Trade Policy:
    Yes, I take and give IOUs. I will always honor my word no matter how long it takes. Feel free to PM me about trade. When fulfilling an IOU, if it is an egg I can breed I will PM first to make sure an egg slot is open. If the egg is a rare I cannot breed and another party has to give to me, I will PM you when I receive it. For rarer eggs (CB Gold, G2 Prize), I will keep it hidden and wait for the other person to PM me back for a link to make sure there is no viewbombing. Or, hide my scroll.Typically, I will give a 24-48 hour period for someone to pick up their IOU. If egg lock is the issue and their scroll is filled with valuable eggs (ex. 7 CB Golds ) I may hatch for them. If a member is inactive and cannot pick up their IOU, I understand they may be busy with real life but I will consider my IOU fulfilled and the IOU egg/hatchies are mine. I do make exceptions.
    IOU's I owe: none
    IOU's owed to me: none