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  1. Omg >3< That's awesome! For some reason I thought it was a limited time :'D Thank you!
  2. Thanks @MessengerDragon ^^ Does anyone know how long this is going on for? o: Maybe I missed it in the main post...
  3. I grabbed this, I'll be sure to keep Thuwed in its name ^^ Thank you!
  4. I got these! They're such a beautiful lineage, thank you <3
  5. I grabbed this <3 thank you, it will be well taken care of.
  6. I managed to grab one ^^ Hopefully I can get another so I can have a male and female All these new releases are super awesome! Thank you DC team <3
  7. Ohhhh interesting o: I had no idea that could happen! Thanks ^^
  8. I was curious, how come some people have different colored baskets? o: My BF just started collecting the easter eggs and his is lime green color, but mine is yellow green. Is it dependent on how many eggs you have or how many dragons you have or something else? o: I was just curious. It's our first easter on here so not sure about things quite yet.
  9. Bloodborne. Most exhilarating and rage inducing game I've ever played I love it so much.
  10. What's a fair trade for a CB seasonal dragon? Specifically Spring. Like, the highest rarity.
  11. Thank you a lot both of you ^^
  12. Hi ^^ What's the thread where I can ask about trading? Like, what a reasonable trade is for certain eggs and whatnot.
  13. My favorite one is the one with the heart beat monitor on it ^^ It's such a simple animation but I love it! Also I'm in love with the mettaton egg It makes me giggle.
  14. Just thought I'd throw in that I experience similar problems with the default layout. It goes really slow at the most inconvenient times, mostly when the cave gets that refresher every 5 minutes and I'm trying to hunt for eggs. My internet speeds and computer are definitely not the problem, but when I switch to the 1960's layout it runs much smoother. I am using Chrome, so not sure how that would fit in.
  15. I really really like the Potato Pygmy O: I hope that's released some day, I would collect so many of those <3
  16. So like, there was a sudden influx of the orange eggs Suddenly like 10 in a row showed up. Not complaining though, that was the only kind I needed since I already managed to get three Sapphires.
  17. I luckily managed to find a seasonal, but I was unfortunately sick the day the new releases came out so I wasn't on my computer D: Why is it that I'm always so good at finding rare eggs when I'm not looking for them? I just want a pair of each egg ;_; I mean, I know if I sit there and dedicate myself to finding them, I'll eventually be able to click one before someone else does. It's just so difficult sometimes @@ Oh well, I'll get them some day~ ^^
  18. Hopefully I'll be able to get some soon :c was sick the day they were released ^^'
  19. Frozen Waterfall Took it while I was going on a hike. It was so pretty with all the snow!
  20. ♥ Holocast's Wishlist ♥ ~Priority CB Silver x2 (Male & Female) CB Gold x2 (Male & Female) Ice (Preferably Male, but it doesn't have to be) Cheese x2 Chicken x3 Paper x2 One of each Dino besides Green and Red Neglected (I know I'll probably never get one, but I can always dream <3) Non-Priority Alt Black x2 (Male & Female) Alt Green x2 (Male & Female) Alt Undine (Male) CB Blusang Lindwurm CB Coppers Geode x2 (Male & Female) Pink (Preferably Female) Red x2 (Male & Female) Shallow Water x2 (Male & Female)
  21. Honey biscuits and homemade deer chili o: It was delicious.
  22. What about like, chicken or paper dragons? o_o or should I just offer and see what happens? Can you tell I'm new to this
  23. What could I get for a Gaia Xenowyrm hatchling that's Cave Born?