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  1. ^Plushies would be so fun. I'd buy like ten. It is sad to see the store closing, I liked a lot of the shirts o: but alas, it happens and will give way to something new ^^
  2. Oh yeah I know ^^ 'tis what I meant by it keeping DC free. I read that nifty link a few pages back about it. It works for people who have busy schedules, and it works for people who have a lot of time on their hands. It's just an overall great idea that I definitely support over raffles. That way, less drama for the Mods to deal with, less people who get upset about not getting prizes, and an overall happier community.
  3. I'm still new here compared to a lot of you guys but, I've read most of this thread and even if I've never experienced this "Raffle Madness", it does sound like something that needs to be altered. I like that whole Store idea - it keeps DC a free website, which is the main factor that people enjoy about it, and it'll keep people coming back and give them a goal to achieve. Plus, no more complaints about not having CB prizes, since they would have an opportunity to get some. But, again, just my humble opinion formed from everything I've read on here. I don't know the true trials of Raffles since I was never around for one. ^^
  4. I need to get started on making breakfast before my fellow house dwellers get grumpy.. ._. I wasn't here for very long but it was nice briefly talking to you all.
  5. @Soiled - Yeah, I'm considering going to school for something related to space, like Astrophysics or something. But I probably won't because I'm lazy and don't feel like going to college for that long when I'm already pretty set.
  6. ^I'd buy Google and live in their main office. It's nice there. @Spirit - Yeah, luckily I work for myself so it's a bit easier than other people in the same profession.
  7. If I could get paid for browsing forums and getting on DC, I'd be rich Oh, and bye Geometry! ^^
  8. Eleven! I wonder what the highest number people have gotten to...
  9. Er.. compulsive Though I can be impulsive, too... Also, on the subject of school/work... Luckily I've gotten all my necessary schooling done ^^ but now I go on jobs doing IT, and it's not the most difficult job in the world but wiring and installs can drag on and get tiring ^^'
  10. I plan on making cinnamon pancakes with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup ^^
  11. Hello everyone ^^ I've just started posting frequently on here but I already really love forums and posting is so much fun! So... Hi! My name is Holocast, and I'm an impulsive poster!
  12. Within the past two days I was lucky enough to find a Green Dino Egg and a CB Red Dorsal Dragon. I literally stayed up last night determined to get a dino egg and managed to get one at around 3AM lol It was totally worth it because it's my very first dino <3 EDIT: Omg and I literally just got my first Cheese Dragon! O_O
  13. Shrimp Jambalaya with a yummy layered salad :3
  14. The newly added picture at the end of the story is so lovely <3
  15. Yay Valentine buddies Yeah the seashell is really pretty, definitely one of my favorites. Also, that is one super fancy whisker o: I like it.
  16. Yep! That's the end of the event ^^