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  1. I need to get started on making breakfast before my fellow house dwellers get grumpy.. ._. I wasn't here for very long but it was nice briefly talking to you all.
  2. @Soiled - Yeah, I'm considering going to school for something related to space, like Astrophysics or something. But I probably won't because I'm lazy and don't feel like going to college for that long when I'm already pretty set.
  3. ^I'd buy Google and live in their main office. It's nice there. @Spirit - Yeah, luckily I work for myself so it's a bit easier than other people in the same profession.
  4. If I could get paid for browsing forums and getting on DC, I'd be rich Oh, and bye Geometry! ^^
  5. Eleven! I wonder what the highest number people have gotten to...
  6. Er.. compulsive Though I can be impulsive, too... Also, on the subject of school/work... Luckily I've gotten all my necessary schooling done ^^ but now I go on jobs doing IT, and it's not the most difficult job in the world but wiring and installs can drag on and get tiring ^^'
  7. I plan on making cinnamon pancakes with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup ^^
  8. Hello everyone ^^ I've just started posting frequently on here but I already really love forums and posting is so much fun! So... Hi! My name is Holocast, and I'm an impulsive poster!
  9. Within the past two days I was lucky enough to find a Green Dino Egg and a CB Red Dorsal Dragon. I literally stayed up last night determined to get a dino egg and managed to get one at around 3AM lol It was totally worth it because it's my very first dino <3 EDIT: Omg and I literally just got my first Cheese Dragon! O_O
  10. Shrimp Jambalaya with a yummy layered salad :3
  11. The newly added picture at the end of the story is so lovely <3
  12. Yay Valentine buddies Yeah the seashell is really pretty, definitely one of my favorites. Also, that is one super fancy whisker o: I like it.
  13. Yep! That's the end of the event ^^
  14. You have to go back and click on the people who need to receive their gifts ^^
  15. Did you try redoing the days you missed items?
  16. I finally have both of my adult Mutamores <3 They're so gorgeous.