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  1. I can grab your PM link from your post. (But if you want to know how to get it, just pretend to PM yourself by click the ✉️ Message link in one of your own posts)
  2. I pass. I have enough scrolls to trawl through over at the TGT. X_X
  3. Listers needed to be removed QueenErica - Gold (Reached their limit) LiquidCake - Alt Black (Yes, frozen hatchlings do count) sweetthing - All lists (hidden scroll)
  4. I wish we had something that highlighted dragons by breed. That way noone needs to worry about getting their scroll messy by visitors. But both visitors and owner can still see how many of a certain breed there is on a scroll.
  5. Bodily autonomy doesn't have anything to do with when life begins. It has to do with the physical body. As long as someone is using someone else's body, that someone has to give permission first, otherwise I see it as rape. The development of artificial wombs is still too early. If it comes to the point where eggs can be fertilized in a petri dish and moved directly to the artificial womb, then A: those babies are very much wanted and B: noone else's body were used. If it still need someone getting impregnated, then that someone has the final say in who gets to use their womb.
  6. Newborns have bodily autonomy since they aren't physically attached inside someone else's body. Hence why there's a (huge) difference between abortion and infenticide.
  7. i can tell you this is the same post from here that link is from this chat no other post so your wrong. I gave you a link to a post from 2015. How am I wrong?
  8. Laryal, you have been getting answers for several years now. Please read what we tell you. LINK to old post
  9. Which just prove that the video on that page is a lie. Late abortions mean they induce labour and get the fetus out whole and not in pieces. Though late abortions means that there is something wrong with either the fetus or the mother. Usually it means the choice of letting the fetus die at week 24 or letting a child die at week 40. Or letting the woman die and kill both. Most abortions take place before week 10 and women are willing to risk their lives to get them. There are several pages online that sell abortion pills and there used to be whole wards on most hospitals that were
  10. This page doesn't make any sense at all. First the nurse said that the baby's heart were beating, then there's a video of a late abortion where they slice and dice the fetus before getting it out. I keep hearing about late abortions with induced labour where a preemie is left to die but I also keep hearing about the frequent slicing and dicing. Which is it? You can't have both, that's impossible. Not only in USA. Here's a collection of stories from doctors and nurses that had to deal with anti-abortionists that wanted an abortion themselves.
  11. We keep track of them for you. If you look at page one of this thread you see all gifts listed. After a couple of ages they end up on Google Drive where you can find out how many you have gifted by digging up your name.
  12. Well, it depends on 'real life' so it can be anything from once per month to more often. ^^' So if you want to work on Purple Siyats I suggest you do it now. 😅
  13. Oh geez, I completely forgot what year it is. Time to think something up.
  14. Yes, I keep fighting the forum software everytime I post something. >.< But I DID say you don't get rid of us that easy. 😜 Facebook can't divide posts into subgroups (such as trading/gifting, help, general dragon talk) like here so I doubt it. But I do hope TJ finds something better in the near future. ^^'
  15. This FB group is not about members who dislike this forum. It's about members who like Dragon Cave, period. (And dragons in general.) Even TJ is a member. But there are other, smaller FB groups/pages so you might still be right. Anyone can make a group or page about anything on Facebook. That's how Facebook works. Someone creates a group or a page about something you like and you become a member/follower of that group/page. It can be about everything: cats, knitting, cars, comics, news, jokes, airplanes, celebrities, and much much more. It can be in general or certain k
  16. Speaking of Discord; is there more places where members meet outside this forum? We know about Facebook. If there are several places, it might be no wonder why things seems so quiet over here.
  17. This is the reason why I don't post much anymore. I really don't like this new forum. Yesterday I updated TGT and managed to delete two hours work while fighting the forum software. Some of us are both here and on Facebook. So you don't get rid of us that easy.
  18. This thread works like this: You figure out what dragons you want and ask to be added to those lists. We have some rules you need to be familiar with and follow. These rules and how to get on our lists is posted on page one of this thread. I know it's a wall of text but you can start with the headline So you want to get a dragon.... and read all text down to the next blue headline. Asking directly for gifts in the thread is considered begging and isn't allowed. We only accept list requests. ^^' Take your time, no need to rush. Study how everybody else is doing and check with y
  19. Don't you mean Alien with capital A? I think giving birth is what Chestbursters are all about.
  20. No, a guest is someone you want to have there. An intruder is someone you don't want to have there. Compare a uterus with a home. You have a home, so by your logic you should accept someone moving in. Eat your food and sleep in your bed. Your home is made for someone to live there, right. Have a lock on your door? Doesn't matter since contraceptions fail and you end up with someone living in your home/uterus anyway.
  21. Tricky questions: What is the difference between a guest and an intruder? Both of them are in someone's home. What is the difference between a lover and a rapist? Both of them are having sex with someone. What is the difference between a fetus and an unborn child? Both are in someone's uterus.
  22. It works for 90 to 99%. Imagine one million women on birthcontrol and 1%-10% get pregnant anyway. That's a lot of unwanted pregnancies. Abortion should never be forced upon anyone who doesn't want one. The thing is this: You wanted your son. Not everybody want what's inside of them. You think abortion=killing YOUR baby. Every abortion that occur in the world is NOT about your baby, it's about every women desperate enough to seek one. And you do know that making abortion illegal will not make them go away? It's easy to order abortion pills online and call
  23. In US there are laws that give people the right to kill intruders in their home. But they can't kill intruders in their own bodies??
  24. I recognize this woman. I have debated with her about another article about vaccin. She's an antivaxxer and her reading comprehension is not the best. She misread things that are pretty obvious for the rest of us and no, she didn't have any proof about her claims about "poison in vaccin". This time she couldn't wrap her head around that "other family members" could mean kids when I wrote that the kid who died played with other family members with only one adult at home.