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  1. This little eggie has a great code... and an amazing lineage. Thank you so much for that beauty, Tjenni!
  2. This one is going to be put on a pedestal... http://dragcave.net/lineage/QgYxq Thank you to whoever bred it!
  3. A few days ago I accidentally offered the wrong Pyralspite on a trade. So, instead of offering an Alpine Pyralspite, I offered a Volcano one. No wonder I didn't get the trade. ;p
  4. Yay, Christmas! I didn't even know it started tonight. u_n
  5. I just posted a trade on EATW of three dino hatchlings. I accidentally hit "transfer" instead of "trade" when I was making the trade link, and, long story short, someone has three free new dinos. Oh well, enjoy!
  6. I copied Saynna's layout/template, if that isn't OK then just tell me to take it down. But Spessartines look absolutely awesome with Desipis, I think I might breed this:
  7. Woah, that Silver X Winter combination is stunning!
  8. I gave my Desipises a variety of names, but Paranorium and Empty Hells are my favorites. They seemed fitting.
  9. Thank you RainStar13! I'll be able to breed it next year for a pretty purebred 4th gen.
  10. Congrats to everyone who got a zombie! Two successes and three failures. One male and one female. Good year! <3 Good luck everyone!
  11. I just wanted to thank you for making that post. I fell in love with that lineage so I checked it's father's progeny to see if it had any siblings that might be in the AP... Yeesssss.... Either way, thank you bluemonkey9455 for that beautiful line!
  12. Haha, just picked up this pretty myself. Thank you to tikigurl191!
  13. I learned that you had to put two spaces after a sentence, too. Now I just do it habitually, and whenever I submit a description I get a bunch of people telling me I shouldn't. Oh well, it's too ingrained in my mind for me to stop. Either way, I don't believe most people put double spaces after a sentence anymore. Until about 2 years ago I didn't either really.
  14. Voted...I really hope Azure Glacewings move on.
  15. How'd I ever find this beauty? Thanks to Sarabande for that one!
  16. So, I decided I wanted some zombie dragons this year...Hopefully it goes well! Successfully killed this Paper Dragon and this female Frostbite Dragon. I tried to get a male Gray dragon, but he dodged. Hopefully I can kill him and a few others so I'm ready for Halloween.
  17. Trio eggs are definitely more common than Blusangs...At least Magmas are. Magmas have become so common I'm not even picking them up anymore. Thunders are also seeming pretty common, they drop pretty darn often. Only one I haven't seen in a while are CB Ice dragons, but I rarely hunt in the Alpine since there are always so many people. I think Silvers and Green Coppers are more rare than Blusangs though, even though I've seen a ton of Silvers, at least 5 in the past two days. EDIT;; In fact, I just caught yet another CB Silver. I think CB Silvers are probably going down in their rarity.
  18. I'm having this exact same problem lately. I offered a few hatchlings for a CB Silver egg, and the offer sat for 48+ hours before the egg hatched. And, I had another offer of hatchlings that was up for 48 hours that just ended a few minutes ago because my now low-time hatchlings got view-bombed. I'd say after about 36 hours you should probably just decline. It's better to just decline than miss a bunch of other trades, or have dragons you don't want grow up on your scroll.
  19. Just caught a Green Copper in the Coast an hour or so ago. =)
  20. Caught a CB Silver in the Alpine just now after seeing it, clicking away, and clicking back. I don't understand how I managed to catch that...
  21. Woah, nice catch! This Purple Dragon I traded for sure has moxie. ;p
  22. I feel like Coppers have been dropping a lot more frequently in the Forest lately...I saw at least four yesterday, managed to miss all of them. ;p
  23. A Gold and a Magma dragon? At the same time?! Witchcraft! I seem to have incredible luck about seeing multiple rare dragons at a time.
  24. Quick question. Would this lineage be worth anything, or no? I figure it wouldn't since it'd be hard to continue the lineage, but I'd like to get another opinion on it.
  25. Congrats to the guy who picked up the Gold Dragon in the Volcano just now! ;o; It seems like Golds are dropping more often.