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    Hello, my name is Absyrtus, a girl who likes dragons. Not entirely sure what to put here, so a few things about my scroll;

    ****Looking for the names "Corvus" or "Corvidae". Will catch, hatch or trade for ANY DRAGON for these names!****

    -- I will breed on request! Just PM me if you see a couple that you would like offspring from, depending on the couple I will require nothing in return.

    -- I accept IOUs, but it's rare that I will offer an IOU. I don't like being in debt. ;p

    -- I am obsessed with deceased lineages and am breeding them all the time. Please feel free to request a deceased lineage from me. If you have rare dragons with messy lineages, please PM me. I would love to make a trade and make a deceased lineage out of them.

    -- Will catch CB dragons on request.

    -- If you see a Golden Wyvern egg on my scroll, PM me, and I will more than likely give it to you for free. I often impulse click on them because they are rare when I don't really need them.

    -- I post trade offers often on EATW, if I say I have a trade up, look there.

    Wishlist: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&st=900&#entry8432767
    Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Absyrtus