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    I am breeding an army of Soulpeace Dragons with a supporting platoon of Ultraviolets. I am willing to breed any of my dragons (that will cooperate) in exchange for dragons that I don't have.

    Soulpeace Army:
    All applicants accepted. As of January 2015, Healing Hopes and Healthy Reverie are now retired from breeding as I have begun to care about lineages. The new foundation pair, Healing Hearts and Healing Lives, are second-gens from caveborn parents, male Whites and female Daydreams.

    Striped River Army:
    I will conquer the world with an army of Striped River dragons. I might start breeding them once I have several hundred adults.

    Calendar Project:
    A series of year-long stairstep projects beginning with a pair of caveborn Winter Seasonals in early January. The pair is test-bred as soon as both are grown to avoid rejections/lack of interest. If successful, this first egg may be given over to the Vampires to be bitten. The January pair are bred again on or shortly after the first of February, and the egg is influenced according to its year (even=male, odd=female). Then, a caveborn seasonal egg is caught and influenced to be the bred egg's mate. Once grown, the new pair is bred for compatibility, and successful eggs are vamped. Each month, the pattern continues. In the months of March, June, September, and December, the mate egg is not caught until after the equinox or solstice, when the Seasons change. The December pair are bred in January of the next year to produce the Culminations, and the Culminations of each year are bred to the Culminations of the next year to produce the Calendar Royalty, whose lineages will look like crowns. Ultimately, this project will take four years to complete.

    Culmination 2014, male line

    Culmination 2015, female line
    In progress

    Bubblemint Project:
    Inbreeding experiment, even-gen checker with male Waterhorse and female Mint. Will breed brother to sister for twelve generations or until I get bored, whichever comes last.

    Current generation: