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  1. Thanks TJ and spriters, Happy Halloween!
  2. Oh, such beautiful colors! Time to egglock myself again.
  3. No one seems to be talking about the mobile version of the new layout, and I have to say, it has some serious problems. Aside from the front page being glitched: The new lineage page looks terrible and confusing without the grid lines:
  4. The new mobile layout is glitched:
  5. Those blue eggs are so lovely! I got two blues and two orange ones, and I'll try for two more blues after my Striped River pair hatches.
  6. Oh, gosh, such cute cranky babies! Can't wait to see what these boys grow into.
  7. Darn this year's wonderful new releases; I had to change my plans. I'm definitely breeding Miss Heartsteal with Mister Aegis. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time deciding whether to breed Madam Heartsteal with a Waterhorse (my original plan), a Nhiostrife, or a blue or silver Lunar Herald. I do know I'm not going to use a Bleeding Moon, after all. ETA: Nevermind. I'm definitely going to mate her to a Chrono Xenowyrm.
  8. These eggs are so beautiful! The hatchling's face is a little funny, though.
  9. Main post Updates: I'll be spending November breeding Reds, since I ran out during the Halloween event. The Soulpeace Army seems to have fizzled out. The Striped River Pharmacy is still going strong, even though I'm neglecting them for Reds right now. The Bubblemint project is, likewise, being neglected for Reds. The Calendar project, on the other hand, waits for no mage, so Lady November and her two potential consorts are growing right now. Lastly, I need to update my holiday breeding spreadsheets. I still haven't gotten my PinkXSkywing inbred lineage (tentatively called Daybreak, for now) started yet. I'm going to wait until I've got twelve generations of Bubblemint, first.
  10. The Caligenes are pretty, though I probably won't be hoarding them. They don't really fit my scroll theme, but I'm looking forward to seeing what people breed them with.
  11. *Sigh* A lovely wall of incuhatchable eggs, and I've run out of Reds. I thought I had enough; guess what I'll be breeding all November long? At least my new Halloween eggs have hatched.
  12. Well, that's my four eggs. I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up. I've also gotten my full set of bred zombies; next year I'll work on CB zombies so I can have the differentiated tombstones. One Zombie Fodder hatchling refused to die! I had to dip into my actual hatchlings, it was very traumatic. ETA: If they've got antlers, perhaps they're drakes?
  13. Ouch, lagmonster... Wow, these eggs look so creepy!
  14. I don't like this idea one bit. I like the DC forums because I can come in, speak my mind, and leave, without having to really interact with people. Social media, of which friending is part, has an inherent expectation of constant social interaction, which aggravates my anxiety. That's why I like tumblr, where I can just reblog stuff that rolls across my dash, and why I'm avoiding my Facebook and Instagram accounts, where people keep trying to talk to me.
  15. Full support! I always like to know what happens to eggs and hatchlings I give up, and at least some of my zombie fodders' breeders might want to know, too.
  16. Love these dragons; the Silver Lunars are definitely my favorites! I just need two more pairs, and my initial breeding goal will be met. Then I can get back to hoarding Striped Rivers, since I finally got all my Halloween mates lined up. That, and let my Reds and Pinks rest up for the Halloween breeding. And Zombies! I forgot about the Zombie fodder!
  17. Well, I'm not egglocked, but I think I'll stop at three pairs. The equinox is in two days, and I need autumn eggs from September for my Calendar lineage.
  18. I give up. I'll check back in an hour or so. I haven't even seen a Silver Lunar.
  19. I have no eggs right now, so I'm going to egglock myself when the Silver Lunars drop. I want at least eight pairs.
  20. Assuming the silver Lunars drop on the 21st, it's going to be very hard to not egglock myself with them. The equinox is on the 23rd, and I need at least two cb Autumn eggs born in September (a mate and a refusal backup) for my Calender lineage.
  21. Eeep!! Omigosh, I forgot all about the zombies! Thank you for the reminder! Yet another reason to not hate waiting for the silver lunars.
  22. Well, at least it's giving me time to get those last few mates for my Halloween dragons... Still bummed about no silvers.
  23. Well, that's me egglocked, and with an odd number of Indigoes, too. Here's hoping I can get one more once my two Bronzes hatch. I'm liking the blue second best, after the Silver.