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  1. A way ive found to make the mobile game work on apples is to click and hold the refresh button, until a message pops up saying “request desktop site.” Thats the ony way ive gotten to play it mobile. Hopefully it works for you too
  2. Ahhh!!! The “Request Desktop” trick works for the iphone too!! I can finally play!! Thank you!!!
  3. Mobile still doesnt work for me. Iphone 8. I cant click the game basically. I cant move the dragons, i cant hit the check mark or undo. Rotation, zoom, none of that works is there going to be a patch or something? I know i was able to do last years xmas event on my phone, and it looks to be the same program... i really dont have a PC available and id be really sad to miss out on my favorite holiday..
  4. Super excites for all this. Really desperately hoping the game becomes mobile friendly. My laptop is a breath away from actual hard drive death so my phone is all i have ;_;
  5. Sorry to post again. Fairly certain in these next few hours Im losing a friend. The one im living with. Makes things difficult. he treats me like ****. He claims he doesnt. He lays out this list of everything he says he does and i cant see it. So you did chores, good job? You did them because your crush was coming over. You made dinner? Congratz. Im glad you did it means i dont have to for the fifth night in a row. laughably thats about it. my top love language is touch. It matters to me. A lot. I NEED it. I need it to feel secure in friendships, in at least some degree. Any time i touch him he literally hisses or growls at me and yanks away. Which is an obvious massive depresser. so i try to compromise and tell him i need more words of affirmation. I cant think of any. Thanking me for doing something is not what i mean. I need to know you enjoy me being here. Just like he does with his other friends absolutely no issues. I try to even jokingly get him to say he loves me and he literally refuses and instead insults me. He thinks its fun and games. I dont. Ive told him this and he tells me stop being sensitive. i ask for quality time but even thats impossible. It doesnt feel like quality time if someone is constantly texting. Or if we just so happen to be sitting in the same room. That isnt necessarily quality time. Thats we literally live together and therefore have to occupy the same space. this all went to **** because he had a friend over. Thats fine. I asked initially if that means theyll be sleeping on the couch. He sends a question mark and i clarify ‘i assume they wont be in a hotel’ he says yes, theyre sleeping over. Okay. Cool. Again last night, after being clearly the odd man out and the awkward third wheel, i decide im going to turn in early since im tired from working a ten hour shift. I bring my extra pillow out and again make clear ‘hey heres a pillow for when you get situated. Theres spare blankets underneath right? Okay cool.” So sounds like everyones on same page. instead he breaks my comfort and shes in his room with him. I dont know her. I am admittedly paranoid but it makes me scared. It makes me feel unsafe to not have a person i dont know in a common area in view. he refuses to acknowledge hes done anything wrong and is basically telling me im in the wrong. Im overly jealous and controlling. Im literally just a roommate who attempted to establish one (1) boundary. im just. Exhausted. Moving down here was a huge mistake. I havent felt like his friend in a long time. I dont get anything i need anymore. As in to feel like a friend. And now hes apparently ready for ‘a screaming match’ tonight. i dont want that. I literally just want my best friend back. The one ive known for thirteen years. im just so tired.
  6. So it’s been a long, long time since I poked my head in here. Honestly since Ive poked into the forums at all. But I just need to say this. Because I’m. Anxious. Confused. Scared. But also a tiny bit.. excited? ive struggled with my gender for years now. And last year was both god f***** awful, but enlightening. Awful in that it definitely made me take steps backwards in this gender and mental health thing, but enlightening because of that exact reason. im not a girl. It made me realize that 110%. Im not. I may be afab, i may have breasts, i may have the female bits, but im not a girl. And these past few days i think i know what i am. i think im transmasc. A nonbinary transguy. A demiguy. Whatever label youd like. i want to transition. I want top surgery. I kind of even want the male bits. I am still very much a they/them person. But i really think i am trans. And thats terrifying. i want to come out to my mother by the end of the month. I want to start LIVING, not just getting by. You know? Im tired of just surviving day to day to day. I want to ENJOY life. I want to WANT to live, rather than the constant, nagging thought of wishing i could vanish. i am terrified of coming out. I dont think its going to go well. I am her only kid. Its just been us for 25 years. Just me and her. And extended family. But i need to. I need her to know im not happy as a woman. I hate being a woman. Not just for societal reasons but just everything that has to do with it. ....its still scary to say it. Im trans. Im ftm trans. Its terrifying. but it feels right. it feels more correct than saying i am only nonbinary. and so. Uh. Here i am. Nikki the transmasc who uses they/them pronouns. That’s chill right? And something hopefully a Gen X can understand??
  7. Sigh. I miss when the eggs and treats would both drop after five minutes. But this 15 minute interval makes it impossible. I only have seven eggs left, but if it takes fifteen minutes I will not get them all. I’ve worked the last three days. Thirty six hours. Not including driving. We really either need more days, or shorter drop intervals. Edit: in the hour’s time, i managed to get four. 😒 fifteen minutes ended up being my drop time despite checking far more often. Sighhh.
  8. ..that explains a lot as I'm an AP hunter and rarely go in the biomes ^^;;;; thank you. Got eaten this year unfortunately
  9. Basically, exactly as the title says. Could someone link me? Or am I somehow the only mobile user having this problem...? I dont see a link or anything for the event anywhere
  10. Oh man, I'm so excited! I REMEMBER these hybrids from the request board!! They have been one of my log standing wants since i joined the forums years ago <3333
  11. Shoot :/ I guess I'm going to have to deal with knowing my date is incorrect. I really would prefer to see "Oldest dragon from 2010" rather than "Joined 2010." But alas. I'm in the minority. Just another reason I can kick fifteen yr old me for letting all of those eggs die in 2008 and 2009 because of not knowing about hatcheries
  12. I actually do NOT support this. I joined in December of 08 (I still have my original email), but my first dragon did not grow up until May 2010 (hard to make things grow when you don't know about hatcheries ) I personally prefer my four year range. I would rather know my correct date is in that range, than being told "You joined in 2010" when I know that's wrong.
  13. I know this egg. I SWEAR i know this egg. Why does this egg look sO FAMILIAR???? Thank you TJ so much for all of these features. Thank you team for your constant work to keep this game wonderful. As a side note tho, I also appear to still be gold trophy despite having 1000+ dragons. Is it just being slow to roll out? Alsoalso, i picked up a BLUE EGG in the DESERT.
  14. What are you even mad about. You told me to tell you no when I want to. Literally told me to. So if youre mad about something you 100% knew I would say no to, and then I did say no, and youre mad about that. No. You dont get to be angry about that. That is childish and it makes me beyond angry. Everything was obviously a joke. One you instigated. You do not. Get to be angry. At me for that. So either man up and respond to the flapjacking text, or I am going to play your own game and start ignoring you. This compounding on my being stressed, my depression kicking back in to full swing, and other dumb things means that I am now wound tight enough the fact I can't find my sweatshirt has me wanting to smash things to tiny pieces. I hate being irrationally angry.
  15. I have been flirting with my crush nearly all day and just sent an incredibly risque message and now i'm just sitting here eternally screaming like why did this start happening i have no idea if they even know i still have a crush on them what if this backfires i'm going to feel so dumb but what if it doesnt back fire im just going to continue screaming considering i think it did backfire but im scared to check ahahahahahahaha ignore me plz im just trying to shout at the anonymous void edit: yup it was ignored and conversation has continued like nothing happened hahahahaha why is it even after a full day of flirting that got my hopes up it aint true did i misinterpret i mustve except he literally made it sound so clear cut and just ahahahah ignore me this is fine edit2:AND NOW WE'RE BACK TO FLIRTING HEAVEN HELP ME WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON
  16. Holy cow, my first time ever catching a release within a minute of drop! Thank you TJ and spriters! The eggs look lovely I'm excited <33 "This striped egg has a warm glow" = Coast "This egg seems quite harmless" = Desert, Volcano
  17. Thank you TJ and spriters! I managed to get all 56/56 this year, something I don't believe I've accomplished the past two
  18. I'm talking about the egg with the gray fedora hat, and the egg itself seems to be a deep red with four black lines on it. i didnt see Freddy because Freddy's shirt lines are horizontal i thought? and these lines are vertical. but i may also just be seeing a reference I want to see thank you guys for the input!
  19. Can someone confirm with me that the red egg with the hat is meant to be a reference to Ardyn from FFXV? Because it REALLY looks like him but I'm never confident ;;
  20. Just caught the Ardyn egg and I'm insanely happy there seems to be FFXV references now i just HOPE there's a Prompto egg <3333 Happy Easter everyone, and thank you spriters!
  21. I do want to say that I'm sorry I only come on here to vent. I don't mean to be selfish to this thread, I really don't. But most often, I come here because I A: know it's a safe place from anyone else I know, and B: when I come here, I'm often emotionally exhausted and therefore... Just dont have the energy to try and help. Which sounds terrible but it's the best explanation Ive got. The crush saga with me continues however... I still wish I could delete this crush from existence. Having a crush on your best friend can be such a terrible thing when they dont feel the same. Before I had been able to pretend maybe it wasnt a crush, or it wasnt as strong as I thought. But it is. Ive now dreamt about kissing them, dating them, and just... It makes it more painful, you know? They knew I had a crush on them months ago, I told them last year and for a while there a few months later we had crushes on each other. Things happened, their crush disappeared, and then... It was never talked about again. There was no closure for me at least. I want to bring it up. But at the same time, I don't. I don't want to risk losing this friendship because I mention that I still have this crippling crush on them. It's going to sound weird, but in a few months I'm also hopefully moving to live with them and another friend. I love them both so so dearly, and am so super excited to live with them. Im also honestly worried because.. I know theyre super affectionate. I am too. And it's going to be great! Because none of my friends where I currently live are physically affectionate. Not even hugs. It's exhausting. I havent been hugged in almost seven months. That isnt an exaggeration I literally have not been hugged in Seven Months. .... (Depression, anxiety, gender tw) I just wish life could get itself in order with me. My depression and anxiety have been really bad lately, which helps approximately none of this. I'm trying to get on my feet but it's so hard. I'm taking a secret loan out from a friend to finish paying off a college class, I'm hiding my sexuality from my family, and I am struggling SO MUCH with my gender it's disheartening. I dont know what I am anymore. Part of me wonders if I am honestly trans. I want to be a guy so, so badly, for so many reasons. But at the same time, part of me screams I can't be. (End tw) .... I dunno I'll stop now. Thank you guys for being here, even if I am just trying to scream at this secret void. I hope you're all doing okay, and that things get better for all of you <33
  22. I personally adore how the fire gems are done. Hellfires have been my favorite breed ever since their release (hence why I have 100+ of them), and the fact that the Fire Gems have very similar scale shading makes me so so SO happy. I'm not positive how I feel about the green male's wing, especially that... blobby area where all of his wing fingers connect. But I love the red male, and blue female.
  23. That's if the eggs actually change by hour, and are not on an 8 hour cycle (or some other cycle), to allow all colors to be found during the day We'll have to wait and see what happens in the coming hours. Wish I was able to make room on my scroll, but alas. I'll have to be content with two blue stripes and two blue veins for a day
  24. Crap I wasn't expecting a release! Of course it's while I've already got eggies @-@ Still, super excited about this! Thank you TJ!