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    [Last update: 12/04/'18]
    Hello yes, I'm one of the owners of a CB Prize (Gold Tinsel) and if you're interested in a Gen 2 Prize, please contact me! I can be notorious to get a hold of so if I'm not answering a PM here, feel free to send it again and I'll get right on it. Alternatively, shoot me a DM on twitter, as I'm much more likely to get to it quickly.

    I collect Spitfires & Flamingos ☼

    My wishlist here is currently being updated, so if you'd like more information, please feel welcome to contact me.

    (( NA: If I owe you a 2G Prize and haven't gotten around to contacting you yet, if you have contacted me but haven't received a reply, or if you've noticed that I simply haven't seemed to be attending to my scroll, please don't worry - I absolutely have NOT forgotten about my obligations! I'm going through some gnarly health issues right now and simply don't have the energy to focus on various things, including DC, at times. I feel pretty awful about this, and really hope to get Fitzy's breeding back on track ASAP, but I have been putting things off for too long which now need to take priority. Please don't worry! Thank you so, so much for reading this, and your patience. <3 ))

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Breeding list: CLOSED

    Please be respectful if you'd like a 2G Prize - the waiting list is not short, Fitzy is not always reliable at producing eggs, and I will be taking breaks from breeding for others from time to time in order to obtain some Prizes for myself. Feel free to ask about prizefails, if you're interested in them.

    He has four breeding partners only (Frill, White, Ridgewing (alt) & Lumina) and I have no plans of making exceptions. If you'd like a 2G from him, please make sure to mention which partner you're interested in beforehand, to both speed up the communication process and show me that you took the time to read this (thanks! <3)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Currently reconstructing my wishlist as I haven't updated in years, whoops!