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  1. It's best to try for zombie dragons at night, on the last day of the month, or even Halloween. (At least from what I've researched, and yet it's taken me years and I only got my first one tonight.) So technically you coooooould since it's still nighttime, but since you ended up missing 2 of the 3 advantages I'd suggest to hold off. ;3; Up to you. EDIT: Going off DC time, I mean. It's only 9PM for me right now on Halloween night but it's already November for DC.
  2. Ah, I managed to get the whole guardian life stone and that death thing but didn't get to experience the whole event. I was even speed reading and from what I saw the story was pretty great. >3< Glad I still got the badge too. Anyways, it's still Halloween for me but the event is over for DC, thank you to everyone who helped me in my last minute arrival. I at least got to breed some of my previous years eggs and got two of this years, whew. I panicked the moment I realized I hadn't gotten on DC in awhile and it was Halloween, glad I got at least SOMETHING out of it. x'D (Not to mention my one, and first ever Zombie. Apparently I bred them back in 2013, wow! Well, they'll surely stick around longer now, lmfao.)
  3. Omigosh I got my first ever Zombie after playing since- what... 2009? (I don't even know when I joined, lol, opps.) I'm so excited!!! Like- it's wrong to kill dragons but I just wanted zombies, dammit. x'D Glad I remembered the ratings go up majorly on Halloween since I just egg locked myself, have to use the last hour of the event wisely. EDIT: Sadly my ONLY Zombie since i'm not allowed to kill anymore, but i'm still thrilled I got one- period lol.
  4. Oh, thank you so much! I thought they were in the Halloween thing, thank god. You're my savior! ;3;
  5. Beginning to slowly freak out, I haven't found any of the new eggs and don't know what to look for with only an hour left. I don't think i'm going to get any of the new 2018 Halloween dragons unless someone is nice enough to give a spare? ;3; I'll keep hunting but i'm regretting forgetting up until literally the last minute. D'x Oof...
  6. Oh my, the adult is beautiful! I think it might make it to my favorites list... I love Ribbon Dancers, Wrapping-Wings, Solstices and Aegis's... But these new Garlands? Hm... If I had to pick one favorite of all the years prior, it would have to be 2015's Aegis Dragons. I liked how they were most beastly dragons yet captured the beauty and warmth of Christmas. (Though don't get me wrong, I love them all. x'D) Though I think the new Garlands are fighting the Aegis's for my top holiday favorite... Hmmmm, choices... Choices, lol. No, but we do have dragons made of magma which is... Kind of like fire? x'D It STARTS fires lol! But something like a Phoenix dragon? Nope, never saw one in all my years on dragon cave... Embers, Magmas and Hellfire Wyverns are the more ideal "Fire" dragons that come to mind. Oh, also the Falconiform Wyverns, though they're not made of fire, fire appears on their bodies... But no, no Phoenix dragons. x'D
  7. Nooo nooo. x'D Team fire! Everyone wants to see the fire bar now for at least one day! ;3; Team fire~ go team fire!~
  8. This is me EVERY time. I complete the whole puzzle to make a real puzzle piece shape- but the wrong one so my last piece doesn't fit... x'D D'x
  9. “Yes, it seems you are distracted,” Reed added in, his voice echoing in your mind. “You have been observing that bauble with incredible dedication for the past minute.” I have no idea why this made me smile so much- never mind. That's actually a lie. The idea of said player/person staring at a tree decoration is kind of funny. x'D "Once your eyes adjusted to the sunlight, you were shocked by what you saw." I didn't get very far in last years flash game, sadly. Wasn't the other place really tropical and all? If i'm right, then I wonder if it's snowing there and if things went backwards, lol...
  10. Nooooooooo I haven't ever seen fire win. x'D I wanna see fire for once... ;3;
  11. 98%, are we going to vote fire on the next chapter? I saw some people asking before, lol...
  12. Yeah, my family on Christmas day was even saying every year SOMEONE seems to be sick on the day. Guess it had been my turn. :/ (And yes! I remember reading somewhere that the harder ones contribute more, but the hard ones were taking so long for me to do I brought myself to medium. Thankfully, I do okay on those so i'm glad i'm doing a little more than the easy ones. x'D) Congrats! I already hatched like two batches of holiday eggs, a "Batch" being seven for me until I crack 1,000 dragons again. x'D (Killed too many trying to make zombies before the new amount was added, RIP. That's what I get for harming the poor things. -Though no, still not gonna stop. x'D I want zombies...) ...I just realized, how messed up do I have to be to say "I want zombies"? Aren't we all supposed to NOT want zombies to take over the world? Yikes, nope. Just realized I said that... x'D
  13. 89%, getting closer. Still coming back every 15min to submit one. Normally I finish one within the 15min i'm waiting, so I can just pop it in once the timers up...
  14. The bar is now 86%, yay! ;3; I already completed another puzzle, but it's just sitting there because i'm waiting for my timer to go off so I can actually submit it. x'D Should be 9:20pm my time when I can. (9:21pm in case because I don't want it to be SECONDS off and not count the thing lol.) That would just be 12:20/12:21am for DC seeing the site is three hours ahead of me... Hope the maintenance doesn't go off right when I want to submit, lol...
  15. It says we have to fill up the bar of the previous days event to get the next chapter. So I guess the next chapter unlocks, but no one is allowed to read it until we truly work for it. ;3;
  16. Just completed another puzzle and voted. Now to wait another 15 minutes... EDIT: Nevermind! Got them, yay! ;3;
  17. I'm voting for fire too, though this is an interesting idea, guys. x'D The fact that we might be voting one or the other- but it still shows as the same color? I also like the idea the option is there just to get people to play more. x'D I've completed two "Hard" puzzles myself, never even clicked the other ones I can do lol. But maybe I should, I keep thinking i'd complete one then end up with one piece that doesn't fit, and then having no idea how to rearrange it to work lol. So that's basically only one puzzle a day when I can be doing a lot more lol, ugh oh. Maybe I should lower my standards a bit and go do some easier ones, perhaps i'd be more of a contributor help lol.
  18. WARNING: Might be a little gross, but I tried to keep it as term friendly, not gross as possible. If anyone reads this, read at your own risk! Oh I am now, ty. I hope I stay that way though. I know it might seem a little silly to only be sick for 24 hours but ugh... Well, it may be a little gross- so let's just say I ate something yesterday my body did NOT like me doing. x'D Nope, not allergies... Just food that did not agree with me this time for some reason. Annnnnd after "Rejecting" it I felt a lot better. x'D Soundslessgrossthatway,whew. But thank you! x'D Though now I have a bathroom to clean, pretty sure moms happy about that though. x.x She wanted me to clean the tub anyways, so I guess it's more reason than ever to do it for her now. Labor she doesn't have to do, lucky duck! x'D ...Now if only I could actually eat some food and get off a one day liquid diet... That would be nice, especially on such a warm and cheerful holiday, lol.
  19. Snjbsdfjhbfsdfsd when you try to breed thinking "It's still Christmas!" then remember Dragon Cave is three hours ahead of you, which is why your holiday dragons rejected each other. x'D Whoops, awe man... I was hoping to breed for others but I've been sick all day as well as with the family doing actual CHRISTMAS things- that I totally forgot/didn't get to get on Dragon Cave in time. x'D I just want to take the chance now to thank everyone who DID breed in time, i'm collecting a few extra "Past year" non CB eggs because of you guys to make sure I have five of each of the previous years. ;3; (With the... Little one CB exceptions to each breed thanks to TJ adding the brief holiday biome, which was nice.~)
  20. This made Reed’s leafy wings flutter. “Ah, yes, of course,” he chimed in. “That other human boy, Avery, was it? He was also with us those years back. It is good to know the two of you have kept in touch. Is he also here?” OMG LOL I forgot all about Avery. x'D I remember when he was introduced, I got SO CONFUSED wondering why the forums kept saying my name last year. x'D "You could not contain your smile knowing that all of you would be able to see each other again, this time under less dire circumstances. Just so long as Avery does stop by, that is." Oi, I just did. Here I am. x'D Oh darn, you wanted a dude? Whoops, sorry. Only a female Avery is in the room. *Suffles away* Btw, I solved a puzzle just now and it's 4am, so glad my sleepy brain could feel smart doing that hard leveled puzzle. -3- (Took like 4-8min though lol) Merry Christmas everyone! ;3;
  21. It's like a TV cliffhanger... "TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT IF YOU WON YOUR EGG OR HAD BUTTER FINGERS..." I was actually just about to edit my post AGAIN realizing the site just briefly went down... But man, i'd die if I got stuck in your situation. ;~:
  22. I just got my second CB Holly, talk about panic clicking. So I don't know if this is nessisarily true. ;3; I think it just depends on how fast you can refresh the page, how fast your computer is and reaction time and/or panic clicking. ;3; With that said, i'm also out of everyone's hair who is Holly hunting. With these two CB eggs, it means I know how five hollies total. (Three messy adults from previous years. ;3; ) I wish everyone luck, and who knows... Maybe i'll look into holiday gifting after all. ;3; Especially with the scary sickness going around killing a few of peoples poor babies. ;~: Awe, how cute! ;3; Now that I think about it... That is kind of a good pairing, sense Hollies can't be pure. ;3; My oldest is from 2012, it looks like... A 6th messy gen, but at the time I didn't care and with how hard CB hollies are now that they've even returned to being CB? Yeah, i'm happy with my three older messy ones. -3- They're like the messy elders to my cave born new babies. *Wiggles fingers* Ooooo, elder knowledge! x'D Omg, I just had a funny idea... What if Hollie's really were just red dragons dressed up for the season? x'D Ahhh haha, that'd be so cute and yet oddly funny. x'D
  23. I can somewhat relate only my messiest Holly is only gen 18. Yet for some odd reason your comment has... Made me want a 25th gen Holly. Omigosh- have you started the sudden new trend of WANTING non CB hollies? x'D But don't cha' know? You ARE a Holly Hero. x'D
  24. *GASP* I just panic clicked a Holly and got it. My first CB holly seeing I wasn't around back in 2007! ;3; Just one more CB Holly and I can be out of everyone's hair for the others hunting... As for the comment above. ;3; ^^^ Agreed! DC has always had an amazing community from the many years I've been on this game... I love how generous people are and though I likely don't do it enough, I do love helping out others as well. Sadly I don't have many rare eggs or pures, so it's nice when people tell me "Messy lineages are okay!" because then I can see myself doing my happy dance as I breed a sad little messy of a breed they at least didn't have. x'D
  25. I didn't think being two days off of egg hunts would put me so out of sorts... I just completely loaded up the holiday biome page on the 5th minute and STARED at a Holly before I realized I had to click the egg... No duh it was already taken with that poor 10 second reaction time. x'D EDIT: Yikes! I keep doing it. x'D I'm about to just say "Screw this" because I still have two days (Technically one and 30 minutes, close to midnight here...) before xmas and it seems i'm pretty brain dead right now. If I don't shape up then I think i'll pick this up tomorrow. x'D